I know what I got myself into...

Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been thinking so hard these days that I literally forget things at home. I don't know what to do anymore about my personal problems but I try so hard to concentrate on my job and gym so I don't lose it. Yeah the jolly ol me is also vulnerable, nobody knew because they think I'm strong outside...literally but I try not to shoulder things too much or I'll have a heart attack sooner than I think.

I'm taking time to rest but what happened this morning at gym was already a norm for me. If I get into trouble with my life I usually run. Yes I run until I almost run out of breath. I set the treadmill high that if I trip I'm surely going to get my face slammed on the machine. I am so lazy running before but I ran so hard so when it gets dangerous I'll be thinking about that instead of my problems. This is much like a suicide attempt but thinking about it, who died of running on a treadmill? Let me know! ^_^

I don't know if I should deal with this today because the more that I spend time thinking about it, I think the problem is getting worse. Maybe later this evening I'll try my best to talk to her. You know how these things go... I'm not sure what to say anymore. I'll let you know if things turn out okay soon.


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