Friends and Portals

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It’s a great day today and I’ve been finding ways to keep updated with my online friends. I just got excited about new blog portals I joined where you can add your web sites so everyone who has the same interest as you are. They all would be able to know about what you are writing because you simply add in your feeds there. Joining the service is a cinch and this is all for free too.

I chose world current events because my site is a little general and I also discuss anything that interests me. I’ll make sure my other friends would join too so they know where I stand in today’s issues. You already know that I am an avid fan of US politics, Local and World government politics, product reviews, movie reviews, site reviews, the economy, entertainment and whatever interests me. I like to talk about anything under the sun so make sure you join me there too!

Simply click the link here or on the widget above so you can check out and choose to add your blog. Make sure you take note of your feeds and icons so it would look attractive if people are viewing your content okay? Add widgets to your site so they your viewers know how your online friends are doing too. It’s important to get in touch so let’s do this for old time’s sake! Do it now!



Anonymous said...

nice review..keep it up, enjoy blogging

meylia said...

nice review..keep it up, enjoy blogging