Paws for a Cause

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm an animal lover and on times that I have nothing to do I even take care of the pets that some of my friends lend me. I don't oblige them to get me anything in return because the sheer enjoyment of unconditional love from these creatures is to die for. I'm also an animal rights advocate and I don't want to promote some Filipino rituals that came as far as killing these furry pets and have them be eaten together with local beers and toxic drinks in the Northern part of the Philippines.

Rumor also has it that some of our cats were even made into Chinese steamed buns. Now that is just appalling. This should never be practiced and we should always think about the welfare of these animals since some of us even treat them as part of our family. I also see some Hollywood celebrities going to their birthday suits instead of using fur in most of their clothes. There are people who already us foe fur in most of their fashionable clothes and that we should really be pro active in purchasing only clothes with the same material than those which are not. Some of the animals that they get this from are almost extinct so we should really care for them before it's too late. We need to do it so that our children and theirs would at least be able to see it. Sometimes it's impossible but we need to do our share to at least take the glam out of these naturally grown fibers and furs. They need protection now more than ever.

I've got pets too named after Barbie and Ken. They are prairie rabbits and they are both cute and cuddly. My wife also had them run around parks on some instances but I'm a little afraid that they might go astray. I need to keep them in cages like these so they'll be safe from harm. I plan to buy this for only $51 at and show them off to friends that taking care of pets is easy. Part of the sales they get will be given to animal rescue shelters all throughout the United States to help save homeless and lost animals in need. That's just so neat because they also have program called Dog Supplies for a Cause which can be supported by ordinary consumers like you and me. Get them and purchase these products so homeless pets can get a home of their own. Get them now!


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