Carnie Wilson Hosts The Newly Wed Game

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I remember singing along with the Wilson Phillips back in the days where I found them truly mesmerizing. They sound so good together and the songs were just making me and my friends remember everything. This also was played numerous times in Videoke bars we went to and I have this same particular video in my PSP playing almost everyday.

This was released in the early 90's and if you didn't have their music playing among the greatest of the late 80's singers, then you are considered a loser then. I don't consider their sound new wave but it was together with that genre. This was surely feel good music back then and I watched their concerts in videos because MTV was booming then. We didn't really get MTV asia or MTV Philippines until later on. Almost 80 percent of our MTV's were all from the US and Europe which probably is one of the reasons why we are at par with their talents today. Carlie Wilson of the Wilson Phillips will be hosting The Newly Wed Game which was established in the 1960's. This was the show millions in the US watched because of the couples who participated in it almost knew each other until they were asked about it. I'll surely be looking out for episodes of this because I love Wilson Phillips, and I love the show's re runs. You can even tell who she is on the video and see that a lot has changed but she's still that beautiful voice behind Wilson Phillips. I wonder what happened with the other ones.


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