Baron Geisler Enters NOT GUILTY Plea

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Baron was just a kid when I last met him. That was a party years ago of a common friend. It was his Ang TV days I think so he was kinda "the fat kid" then. I was doing the debut of a good high school friend and she was with Baron's brother if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, that was a long time ago and a long shot from what he's doing right now. A lot of things happened like PBB and the cigarette and alcohol addiction... a few rumors of drug use... and his house burning to the ground. Today, its his word versus the daughter of William Martinez and Yayo Aguila. He's charged formally now with Acts of Lasciviousness and is punishable of getting jailed for a few years I think. This was because apparently there was an incident where he touched the young ladies' bumpers. I hate to say the B word hehe.

Well according to news reports he just entered a NOT GUILTY plea before the Makati City Metropolitan Trial Court. Now I don't know who's telling the truth but as long as the girl in the story was offended and felt abused then I guess its her right to defend herself right? I hope if he's guilty then he be put to jail but if he's not then I hope they all move on with their lives.


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