Rin and the Rox ROCKS ELLEN DEGENERES' SHOW! \\m//

Friday, February 06, 2009

OMG Rin and the Rox just performed in Ellen Degeneres' show. Man! This was cool enough on youtube and now they performed in her show this would probably be getting bigger raves much like the talented Charice got attention with Oprah and that composer guy! (sorry i forgot while writing this).

Geeze I just can't get over it, now even Ellen is sending them both to the Grammy Awards rubbing elbows with the best in the Music Industry like Rihanna and Madonna hehehe. They even performed here in the famous comfort room Ellen does pranks on with viewers. Its a good thing they've been given this big break. Look at the acoustics in that room! Good thing they practiced a lot and now they're already in that show for the whole world to see! Filipinos are really making raves abroad! I just wish my bad luck for this year runs out before I run out of money.... where did that come from?! heheh

Rin and the Rox ROCKS for me! Watch em ayt! ^_^


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