The Need to Look Good

Monday, February 02, 2009

I passed by a kiosk I usually go to when I pass by the mall. I almost got most of their earrings already and I've amassed almost every design they have too. I was only planning to buy the silver cleaner which I often use for my necklace and studs but I saw a new one on their shelves. I don't want to sound blasphemous but I got the one which looked like a cross. It was also oxidized which made parts of it black. I would probably get that paired up with another set of earrings because I usually wear different ones for the left and the right.

I try to look good at this day and age because I would probably need to do so because my wife might leave me if I looked like a Dad already ha-ha! I'm not that well dressed as much as I want to be but I try to at least look presentable. That’s why when I can wear fashion jewelry, I do it as much as I can. That also includes formal occasions because even if I wear a suit I would probably need a silver stud and a rock to slightly glisten when people look at me.

I’ll clean my other ones too so when I wear something next week I’d be able to cope with my attire. I will have to think of something new and better so I wouldn’t look rubbish come February. That’s the time I’ll be spending on dates and dinners of course! For the single ladies out there, you better check out because they have the latest. Don't say I did not tell you alright?!


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