Feel Beautiful Inside and Out

Friday, February 06, 2009

I just got in from the gym and a lot of people were there in a Friday afternoon. I guess they also are like me shedding those extra pounds gained over the holidays. Yeah it’s already February and the weight is still there. Nobody could take it off in a week of course because just like ordinary people we still have to eat. Yo-yo diets abound the regimen of guys and gals who spend hours there but I’m quite optimistic that I’ll still be losing a lot once I get serious about it.

We’ve been seeing posts here in my site lately about medical procedures to make people look good. I’ve got nothing against it really but maybe in a conservative point of view I would not want to meddle with what God has already given me. Sometimes though I keep thinking about the money I spend each month for the gym. What if I just save that money and once I get into 6 digits try other options like liposuction and some non surgical procedure to trim down. I still see Mom’s in the gym that had their nose jobs and you know what done to them. As far as I’m concerned as long as they don’t look silly and it would help them be youthful looking then I’m okay with that. There are those who take it too far to the point of addiction, but that’s just plain dangerous and I would not recommend anyone to do that.

The government is even endorsing medical tourism that includes surgical enhancements. This is also good for the economy because it would cost relatively 90% cheaper here than if you do it in the United States. But of course you should always do it where you’re confident and feel safe. Like the botox new hampshire clinics offers; if you live in the vicinity and know local doctors that can do it for you then by all means do it there. Nobody would want to end up in a fly by night hospital that has no experience whatsoever with these complicated surgeries. These are major operations by the way because it does not only need local anesthesia; it makes use of general anesthesia and needs a couple of months or weeks to recover. Make sure you know what you are doing if you plan to go under the knife. Check out the best doctors and surgeons at http://www.plasticsurgerypa.com and avail their state of the art plastic surgery services. The result is always going to be permanent and you know that. I also wish that no matter what people do to their physical appearance, they should always stay beautiful inside and out.


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