Petition for Habeas Corpus of ALABANG BOYS junked by CA

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I just read on the news that the Court of Appeals rejected the petition for Habeas Corpus for the Alabang boys who are currently detained in the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

In the 11 page decision by Associate Justice Monina Senarosa of the Special 13th Division Court of Appeals they reiterated that there is valid and just cause for the detainment of Richard Brodett, Jorge Joseph and Joseph Tecson because they have not finished court proceedings for the said men. The court was not convinced for the need to release the Alabang boys because it has been earlier given the same verdict under the Department of Justice because of the complaint of PDEA last month.

The said case is under automatic review of the Secretary of Justice and does not have binding, effective decisions without their approval. This procedure will be not done anymore if they force the court to decide on the case so most probably they would need to stay there for the duration of the case. Some things can't be bought by rich people huh?!


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