American Idol 2009 First 3 Finalists

Thursday, February 19, 2009

This girl performed nicely this round!
I watched this a while ago and I was not impressed with the other two guys but Alexis Grace was awesome. She had her own style and voice that is quite similar to Kelly Clarkson and I bet she's going to be a strong contender in this competition. Alexis Grace is a 21-year-old single mother from Memphis, Tennessee. I saw her parents sitting in the sidelines crying after she was announced as the first finalist.

Together with Alexis Grace was Michael Sarver, the full bodied 27-year-old oil rig worker from Jasper, Texas. I did not like his particular performance but he was voted still as one of the best. I mean a lot would have been better than him to tell you frankly like that Indian guy. In any case, they probably would come back for the wild card round come March 5 I guess. The rest of them would only be chosen through votes but all in all I was not impressed with their overall performance. The group was mediocre as far as I'm concerned.


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