Outlook Nightmare

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've been using Microsoft Outlook 2002 in our office since that is the only email client allowed on our company computers. Together with the slow booting Windows 2000, it was a normal day in the office... that's what I thought. This is the first thing that I do once I sit down and concentrate on office work. I checked my mails thinking it was just the usual things I'm going to do that night, but I was wrong. Opening up my computer prompted already an error that the connecting to the mail server timed out. Then another unusual error that related to some rules I made on filters and that just let me press the x button on it. It automatically opened my inbox then I was wondering why I was only looking at 7 new emails. OMG! Wait! Where are the rest of my emails? I know I had about 200MB worth of emails the last time I checked. That was the last time I saw it, now its all gone.

I'm looking at a bare screen where none of my important office emails, personal mails, files, and bills is showing up. I frantically ran to our Management Systems Information Department and asked people there who can recover my files but when they checked their servers, they didn't see a thing too. Everything was gone and the logs indicated that I deleted it, but that did not happen obviously. I don't know if it was a glitch or a system error but I was mad. They were not ably to retrieve anything. I don't backup my files on my computer because that was sort of temporary and the same department deletes them regularly. Now I don't have anything but the ones I still have in my Sent Items Folder. I lost my electronic receipts and transaction records that I had in my other folders too. Four long years of documents are lost in just one click. It's just not a good day for me. I know I'll cry this out later on. See how painful it is for not backing up files? Imagine that! Online Backups would have been more convenient. Kill me now because my life expectancy just shortened 10 more years.



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2ngaw said...

Hehehe :D kaya ako brod natuto na ako, dahil minsan mismong hard disk ko ang nasira, lahat ng source code ng gawa kong system para sa kumpanya eh andun lahat...

Alam mo ba iniisip ko habang naghahanap ako ng solusyon? taena ire-reprogram ko lahat ng system ng kumpanya na gawa ko, eh 3 years na ako nun dito...buti na lang naayos pa hard disk ko...simula nun, todo backup na ako, hirap na...