Take Me Out of the Dark

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I've been a fan of third person shooting games. I do very well in them most of the time. Since it started in the late 90's the country has produced some of the world's best gamers. Some of them even were battling it out on the world cyber games representing the Philippines versus the rest of the world. With the reality games kicking in, people have been setting up war games here and outside the metro. I've been to several places in the outskirts of Manila to attend events. Their gears were outstanding. Some of them even carried true to life air powered hand guns and long rifles.

Protective gears were not far because they came complete with chest plates, body armor and helmets. In the dark, some of them used urban warfare devices like night vision goggles. In the heavy forest, it was a little useless because they had to depend on low light. Rich kids had these devices flown from the US or Europe. They now use thermal imaging to compensate for the loss of light and have them detect body heat instead. That was extremely useful for this terrain. If they threw in a flash bang grenade, it would probably have blinded us all. The setting was great, the terrain was nice and the players were having fun. Professional or not, its a great thing to check these devices at http://www.opticsplanet.net if you want to be ahead of the pack. They even offer free UPS postage on orders over $29.95. Can you see me now?!


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