What 5G Means For YOU

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

This phone is 5G ready!

Everybody is rushing to adapt to the technology of 5G and not all countries have been able to make headway in actually putting up necessary hardware for it. It also takes manpower, tons of investments as permanent structures will be put in place so we can get speeds up even in far flung places.These days, it's more of a necessity as tech becomes a driving force in the economy. This ain't different in the Philippines of course. Homes, payments, even transportation is dependent on connection. The smartphone has become a pretty powerful tool to stay informed, and connected to the world. Although these days, we know there are tons of Filipinos who are still oblivious of what it can do. If all 5G implementation gets done in the country, it'll be totally different. One asks, what would it really benefit the ordinary Juan?

Think of 5G as a new band that would be able to do faster speeds, carry higher bandwidth and have really low latency versus what we use now which is 4G. Think of it as a solution to lags and delays as it can make your connection super smooth and fast. It will change your current digital experience.

 Here are some examples of what 5G enables us to do:

You can send and receive things instantly

Low latency means you get things faster than ever. Text messages, photos, videos, would get much less buffering when you're connected to it. You can make your video calls and chat seamless, with little to no trouble doing it. The same goes for downloads even for huge files, it'll take a shorter amount of time which is so good for people who want to share their stories. This goes the same to content creators too.

You'll be Buffer Free!

End users have consumed content on the internet at an all time high. As we all become confined to our homes because of the pandemic, this would be very useful. Your video streaming platforms, your video sites, all get little to no lag even at higher video quality. It can accomodate huge files even on wireless connections, a thing that people need even at work, studying or play. You would be able to stream with no interruptions, no more waiting at times, which is so good right?

Gaming like there's no tomorrow!

If you're the type that hates lags, dragging, dropped packets and all that mumbo jumbo that happens right in a middle of a game, then this is good news. The deal is, you won't experience that anymore in a perfect day. That alone is just humongous news right? Now that also does wonders for your online games, your reaction time, your ability to point a gun virtually, and just about any task you need to do. It can make or break a win, and no gamer would want to be in the receiving end of that word called defeat.

More Smart Devices

The huge speed, bandwidth upgrades and very low latencycan get your smart and IOT devices connected for more reasons that one. The ability to network, connect and see data faster will get you more flexibility so you can take charge of your own home.

See 5G take over the market supported devices

The 5G phenomenon will make users switch to even better hardware so they can support the standard. The vivo V20 Pro has this copped with its sleek and stylish design. The Vivo V20 Pro also did it in its thinnest form, so imagine how that would be for those who would want to switch, a capable phone that is affordable, doesn't that sound so right?

It also carries a 7nm octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor that can do 5G connection. No more struggles in dead spots like stairs, enclosed areas and zones. It's already available in Shopee and Lazada. You can also get it in Vivo concept stores across the country. You may check vivoglobal.ph if you want to know more about it.


Who Will Maris Racal Choose on "Stay In Love"?

Monday, November 23, 2020

As part of TV5's new throng of shows in the primetime todo lineup, Maris Racal, Kokoy De Santos and Marc David will star in this romcom called Stay In Love. In a press conference hosted by Cornerstone this evening, we got to ask a few questions from them.

Direk Rod Marmol was also there to talk about the project and he says "Stay In Love is one of the hardest things to shoot because it is a comedy. From the get go, I reminded them to have fun with the character, with the set, and I think they have done that in every scene they were in. I'm also blessed to have a team that worked so hard to make this an enjoyable one."



Although new in the industry, this is Marc David's biggest break. He plays Hero, a very helpful person. He's ready to save Diding in any situation. Marc says "I was grateful to be chosen by my management (Cornerstone) to do this as my first project. When I read the script, this wasn't too far from who I am as a person. I was nervous, but it was easier for me because we had those similarities. This is my first time, it was nice to be more comfortable to do other things so I could be better.

Kokoy De Santos on the other hand has already worked with Maris in past projects. For him, he's got an advantage because he wasn't too shy anymore when in a scene with Maris. He plays Dodong, another guy who's very romantic and as he describes "I'm very malandi, but very sincere". Kokoy adds "I had to detach myself from my previous role (hello Gavreel), what helped most is the people I worked with to make the character work."

Maris Racal plays Diding, a provincial girl who goes to Manila and is very innocent. She also worked as a maid to make ends meet. She says "When I got news about this show, I felt really game about this project. To know that I'm going to have a lead role and do this, it's not the typical yaya, not a stepping stone, but she wants to dream, she grew up knowing she wants to do this because she wasn't that optimistic. I have moments like that, I don't know if you watched The Office, I pegged my character around her and it is a large contribution for the show. I needed to be comfortable with Marc, he is very deep, I needed conversations and we got to talk about life. Kokoy on the other hand and I have had the chance to work before, he is very confident, I would be direct with what I want, I make sure that I give all, the love you think the person deserves so I don't have regrets."

They were all so amazingly so receptive of how they like each other. Maris can like someone like Kokoy, she also can end up with someone like Marc. The boys also shared their amusement of Maris' personality. She's very bubbly, smart, and beautiful. I couldn't blame them if they would fancy each other in the near future, but for now let's watch their story unfold on Stay In Love because pretty soon, Diding will belong to someone. You have to choose who you are rooting for too. This shows every Tuesday at 9:30PM on TV5!


Enchong Dee Talks About Sun Life's Negosyante Starter Pack

Enchong Dee is in the prime of his life, his career is on top, his businesses flourish, and he still wants more. He also helps people behind the scenes, helps his family and others. He's the perfect guy imho, I wouldn't be surprised he's going to be even more successful in the coming years.

Enchong talked to us during a press conference after his live session and he shares "We have a lot of ways to save our car, bikes, property and we need income generating investments. At 4,000 a month, you can now save your business, you can use it for your business too. For me, I would advise people at my age to make an investment that is very close to your heart. When you are young, when you are still healthy, there is more room to grow. I am in the business of real estate, restaurants and others. I don't promote them as much and I don't think I have bankrupt businesses because I still have them open. I am very thankful that none of us have been affected in Bicol. I am always praying to make me a bridge to help people in 2020, my heart really bleeds with people that have been affected by the pandemic and the typhoons. I still want to put up another business despite the things happening, maybe a farm to table concept if it is possible. I see food as a necessity, we need it, we want it and in the country we need that. Passion isn't enough but it's good that it is there. We need a lot to succeed, but it's a nice first step. It's a shrimp business, we don't have sustainable farming and I am going to explore that with new technology. I want to have a facility that won't be affected by typhoons and hope we would be able to survive. In my restaurants, we didn't have movements and since there were not much sales, we needed to cook them so we strengthened online payments and couriers so we can keep up with the times and systems. I graduated developmental studies in La Salle but my love for doing business was from my parents. I used to sell instant noodles and corned beef to my team mates, I learned at an early age that no matter how small my earnings were it was a good experience. When I was already working I used the same system in my businesses, when I have earned in show business, I already knew where it would go, to a business of course."

Enchong also talked about security and says "It is important to have a backup plan. It safeguards my business, it safeguards my future. We need to do that because we can't expect things like this pandemic. We practiced a contingency fund for our business, if we need another one, I added the Negosyante Starter Pack so I can insert my personal funds when I needed it. You have to have that clear vision of what you will achieve. All the things you do, you have to folow that goal no matter what happens in your business. In our company, we told them about the situation, transparency to let them see the state of the business. They understood the situation and they had clear mindset about what was happening if their salaries was a little delayed. We were all going through it, they worked hard, they got average daily sales and achieved it. I said earlier about passion, I told them about what I did in my case. When you're so tired from work you can still go to your business. Sit down with your business partners and seek where you can help, it makes you a real part of the business and not just wait for dividends so you can be a part of future businesses with them too, so you can grow more. I want to build a business in Naga, in Bicol to open up more opportunities in that part of the country. I want to have my own game show, my own biopic, I will pray for that. Business and pleasure can mix, if you do good in business, you can enjoy it when it grows. It will come to a point when you will rest and you won't have those worries when you don't have work. For me, you don't cross the line, it has to be clear that you are going there to work and it's not a relationship. If I would give an advise for my contemporaries, just work. Business is not a thing that can be hurried, it doesn't work that way, you need to do two to three good businesses that earn rather than a lot of restaurants in one go and some of them won't earn. Behind every successful man is a woman, it may help but you have to know if you're inspired because of it or have their support, it is a case to case basis. It will help."

He tells us some of his celebrity friends also ask him about doing business but he says "Sometimes when I get to see my friends asking me questions about business, I tell them about it. But most often that not, they don't follow through. I hope they turn it to action because they know when I get into something I make sure it is very secure."

I asked him about his other policies and Enchong answered "Yes I have three different policies in SunLife, I have Health, I have Negosyante Starter Pack and Life Insurance. I am so secured because SunLife is my partner. I have a goal to try new things in businesses, but I have to educate myself each time I do that. To know who my business partner is, timing and location, which is what I do every time I venture into different things. It feels good to consistently treat yourself as a student, so you learn things even more."

Ms. Len Arboleda adds "Sunlife is in the business of Life Insurance. There are other types of non life insurance which can cover risks on the business itself. We cover individuals only."

The Negosyante Starter Pack combines Sun MaxiLink 100 which is an investment linked life insurance and the Sun Life Prosperity Achiever 2028 Fund which grows capital. You should talk to an advisor so you know which one would fit you. This would be a really great plan for new entrepreneurs who want to have security so you can fund future projects and have some extra for instances of emergencies. If you want to know more, they have information about it on www.sunlife.com.ph. 

They're good at this.


LianHua Qingwen Now Available in the PH

Just got off the press conference of LianHua Qingwen, a traditional Chinese medicine which was recently approved by the FDA in the Philippines. This is not a treatment for COVID-19 but as indicated on FDA release "This is a traditionally used herbal product which helps remove heat-toxin invasion of the lungs, including symptoms such as fever, aversion to cold, muscle soreness, stuffy and runny nose."

This is manufactured by Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd in China. Yin Ling Chang, Dr. Cong Wei and Philippine Archipelago's Philip Tan-Gatue were present in the occasion.

Yilin Pharma's Vice President Zhang Yunling says "Our company has a 28 year history and 10000 employees. It is one of the 500 top companies in China and in 2019 we have won the technology innovation award. Lianhua Qingwen continues to expand in the global market and has been in Canada, Mozambique, Romania, Thailand, Ecuador, Singapore and a lot more countries has also approved this traditional Chinese medicine. It has been promoted in different aspects and treatments overseas. We are using modern technology to promote traditional chinese medicine while remaining to have good safety measures. This has also been published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology and research has proved this improves conditions from light COVID-19 symptoms. Currently, 9 ANDA products have been approved in the US market and soon in other countries.This approval in the Philippines and our partnership in Philippine Archipelago will help a lot of Filipino citizens."


Dr. Cong Wei the President TCM Division of Yiling Medical Research Institute remarks "TCM has rich clinical practice and theoretical summaries in the treatment of epidemics. They also have played an important role in the treatment of epidemics, based on syndrome differentiation and has unique advantages in the treatment of emerging infectious diseases. It takes a long time to research and develop drugs and vaccines. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years, we have combined the treatment done of Epidemic Warm Diseases from Qing Dynasty and the Cold Damage from Han Dynasty in these Lianhua Qingwen Capsules. This has been proven effective in fighting influenza, and treatment costs are lower. LHQW also inhibits weightloss, improves condition of inflamed lungs. IT also significantly improves clinical symptoms and clinical cure rate. It also shows good trend in the reduction of severe cases according to studies. From 2008 to 2020, this has been recommended by China's authorities for efficacy over 20 times."


Philip Nino Tan Gatue, Clinical Assistant Professor of the UP College of Medicine says "Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete Chinese Medical System. It has its own theories to health, pathology, physiology, diagnostics and treatment. It has various modalities such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, manual manipulation, and breathing exercises. Herbs are seldom used alone, it is used in combination with other herbs. A chief herb, a deputy herb to strengthen the chi, an assistant herb to mediate side effects and an envoy herb that leads to the desired area of effect. We have 13 ingredients, but we have to find the active ingredients. We know the molecules, we know the genes that affect things, but we have to match which affects the formula. The SARS experience was a good point in the integration of Chinese and western medicine. COVID-19 has external invasion of wind heat, constrained Qi and fire in the lungs, Deficiency in vital Qi, dampness, heat, fluid/pus (toxin) and blood stasis."

The LianHua Qingwen will be sold in select Southstar Drug Branches nationwide. They will be available in Mercury Drug and Watsons soon. Make sure you only purchase them in legal channels because they won't be able to promise efficacy if you don't get it from the right source. It costs Php 288 per box (SRP) and check the box as it is in English. The instructions will also be in English including the leaflets, the blister pack as well. The box will contain the generic name, the label and barcode, you will see if it is registered there otherwise they will be illegal. This could help a lot of people certainly especially those who have symptoms. But of course you have to get tested by Doctors still.


PayMaya Launches #PayMayAguinaldo this Season!

PayMaya just announced their very own aguinaldo this Christmas season as they launch their biggest giveaway and promos. They dub it as "PayMayaguinaldo" and will reward you with lots of things including 1 Million pesos and weekly prizes of 285,000 pesos which is unprecedented in the e-wallet industry in the country. In a nutshell, you have to use the services like QR so you can win prizes via their raffle. They also encourage you to pay in restuarants, establishments via PayMaya because the more you use it, the more entries you get.

 Mark Dee of PayMaya's Growth division says "We have come to learn that Filipinos capacity to give is endless and we are evolving the way we are doing things are changing. Celebrating Christmas this year is going to be different, some traditions will have a new normal twist. Ninongs and Ninangs out there, we can't escape our inaanaks as there is now PayMaya. To pay bills, buy load, PayMayaguinaldo will get you 1 million of prizes. You can get Balik Bayad now when you scan to pay, but you will also get 1 raffle entry per transaction in the PayMayaguinaldo Christmas Store on the PayMaya App. You will get these deals only during the Christmas season. We have raised 30 million for COVID and Typhoon relief to over 40 organizations. We are also donating 1 Million for Gawad Kalinga and if you Scan To Pay with PayMaya, you will also benefit the same orgnanization this year. Weekly prizes of over 285,000 will be given away, so if you still don't have a PayMaya this is a good day to have one."

Raymond Villanueva of PayMaya QR Ecosystems says "There is a lot of things happening today. For starters, we can't all go to the mall because of COVID, and we support Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat and using cashless transactions, you are not only making yourself safe, but also helping the economy recover. We want your experience #BetterQR by giving you more rewarding promos. If you #ScanToPay in SM, you can win one of 100 motorcycles they are giving away. Megaworld on the other hand will get you 200 cashback in every 2000 accumulated purchase via PayMaya QR. Rockwell Powerplant and Santolan Town Plaza will aslo have exclusive perks and promos aside from the Balik Bayad Promo. We still have a lot in store for you this Christmas."

Christmas will still be happening in the country. During the beginning of the year, they were already promising they will be giving more rewards and this is their culminating event where they feel everybody wins. COVID-19 is still here, and contactless payments will help make us all safe from the virus.Now for KathNiel plans, I asked if they will be part of their campaigns this season, they told me a huge YES and it will come in the right time as part of their efforts in promoting cashless payments. I'm so happy I've got PayMaya, you should have one too. It's very convenient, very safe and it can win you so much more plus the cashback.


Changing TV5 Primetime Landscape with "PRIMETIME TODO"

Sunday, November 22, 2020

I was in the TV5 studios this Saturday because of a show I'm taping with a couple of fun stars, and hopefully I'd be able to tell you all about that soon. 

 I was able to see and hear them laugh and get interviewed next door because TV5 is launching new shows as part of their primetime block. They properly call it Primetime Todo and I loved what I saw there! We were resting in the dressing room when I heard a familiar voice, it was Kris Bernal and she's part of the show "Ate ng Ate Ko". She was invited by APT Entertainment to do this and work with Jake Cuenca, Tonton Gutierrez, Joem Bascon, Kim Last and Phil Noble. She said "When APT Entertainment reached out, I was hesitant at first because it was a different environment. I also questioned myself if I'm doing the right thing but when I read the script, the character was so complex and I knew how acting is my passion and life, I knew then I wanted to do true to life characters on TV. I'll do it! I want to thank TV5 for the warm welcome, I hope my fans would appreciate it. Ate ng Ate Ko will be the strict Ate, the baby sister will be a little complicated, this is about family and love, so watch out for that every Monday night starting this November 23!"


No doubt these are original and exciting content and this is in partnership with CignalTV too as they will be showing this on the Cignal Play App. 



I am eagerly excited about the next one which is STAY IN LOVE which stars Maris Racal, Kokoy De Santos, Pooh, Ruffa Gutierrez, Ashley Colet, Bobby Andrews and is Directed by Ron Marmol and will show Tuesdays. This is a lighthearted romcom, where Maris' character will be struggling in life but hey, why not have love in it right?

Ashley says "I play Vannah, a very tough cookie and daughter of Ms. Ruffa. She has sickness, she has heavy load, which will be unveiled in the coming weeks."

Pooh plays Dencio the strict Mayordomo and you will see if you will love him or hate him in the show. Bobby Andrews is the love interest of Ms. Ruffa, he is also the father of Kokoy in the show. David plays Hero, another love interest of Maris and he might steal her from Kokoy De Santos' character. Ms Ruffa is a little flamboyant, eccentric in this one. Kokoy says "I play Dodong, I only want one thing and it is be swooned by Diding". Maris added "I play Diding and wanted to work in the home of Ms. Ruffa, she is very funny, sometimes serious, she is trying to look for her own path."

Direk says "My Mom is Diding, she had to work hard for my family. I want to make this showcase how colorful their lives are even though they are ordinary people. It has heart, a peek into the lives of rich people who we all thought are well put together, they always need the help of the people around them and that includes household help. Of course I am excited and grateful how this all turned out, we want to show how God blessed us to have an entire show deliver. Kokoy has a different flavor, it plays differently for the character he's playing."



Kokoy says "I think if you expect the kalat that you see in other projects I will give that. I think I might spoil things if I tell you more about him so please make sure you watch the show. This is different because of the circumstances, I have worked with Maris before and this time, it's going to be fun. In terms of prep, I think it is the same. It's not like work for me, if another comes, I will do it and just base my process with the character I'm playing. There will be very nice scenes soon, you will see that in the show. I think there is no difference between doing BL and this, it's the same, it's because of love. Cai knows about this project so I don't think this is a problem, this is just work as usual."

Ms. Ruffa says "I'm thankful for the clothes that I have from Ms. Tessa Prieto. I had to be different because she's so full of life, from a very bad life but succeeded because of her perfume business. She had to do a lot of things to get accepted by the society. Stay in Love and the other shows I'm doing is just a fun set, with them I get to see comedians, more young ones, more matured ones, it's a mix but the work is at ease. There are strict protocols, these are done to make sure everyone is safe. It's psychologically draining to be away from home in like three weeks. You miss your bed, you accept the situation, but what is good is that you get to be close in the set. It's just a happy feeling, because you love your job and you do it for your family. Doing mature roles is just natural, I think it is okay to do Mother roles as I am a real Mom in real life. It's just a role I'm playing. Herbert is a friend, a good friend since back then, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work in different networks. During this time I have the ability to support my family, my kids." She also announced during the presscon that she is officially single in real life.



Maris added "I was so happy to learn that I'm working with Kokoy, we were a love team before and I had so much fun back then, and he is like naturally his character in this show. Diding actually has the same personality, but our goals are different. We are just naturally innocent, and I'm from Davao, it's like the same experience. Being a kasambahay is also different because I needed to follow rules in a very strict household."

Stay In Love will start airing next week, on a Tuesday. Primtime Todo also has other shows like Bella Bandida with Ryza Cenon doing action, Kagat ng Dilim which is a horror flick, plus Carpool which is more of a drama/suspense show. You'll have all November to love these shows on the primtime block of TV5, go enjoy Primetime Todo!


Vivo V20 Carries Android 11 OS

Vivo got their V20 Series launched a couple weeks ago and together with it was the highly anticipated Android 11. An OS I have yet so see in handsets. They already have gotten the device 5G capability plus industry leading auto eye-autofocus technology which follows faces and puts them on focus, a must when taking videos and photos too.

Android 11 has tons of privacy features and has that in the heart of its system. Messaging and notifications are also easier. It also works more efficient as apps have been made to function faster too. Vivo is also the first one to load this on their phones, the Vivo V20.  The OS has better predictive messaging features, voice control, Android auto and smart home support. The operating system also uses bubbles so you can multitask between apps, which makes it easier to work on a mobile interface. They also streamlined processes in the OS, taking less clicks to move and operate different applications.

Why  the Vivo V20?

Not all Android devices can carry this OS and with it on the V20, you can maximize function and capability because the hardware can handle it. Equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor, you get to have HDR quality gaming and entertainment. It also performs quite fast, benchmarks are high so performance wise, you get multi core performance when needed and that’s not all. The Vivo V20 also has a whopping 64MP rear and 44MP selfie camera. It can also shoot videos at the  same time so it would be a very handy phone for Vloggers. The OS is also available in the Vivo V20 SE and V20 Pro, so you’ve got tons of things to look forward to if you own these smartphones.

The Vivo V20 series is available on the Shopee and Lazada app (they have official stores) and also their Vivo concept stores nationwide. Check vivoglobal.ph for more information about the phones. I’d like to have one very soon.


ALDEN RICHARDS for Alden's Reality Concert

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Your boy and Asia's Multimedia Star Alden Richards is about to hold his virtual reality concert entitled "Alden's Reality", a one of a kind online concert where you'll feel you are there with him. I'm a little excited to see how this will pan out because the technology he's using is quite different.

During the blogcon this afternoon, Alden remarks "Yes I've been busy and  yes, I can't wait for December 8. It has nothing to do with my gaming, but I was planning to have a concert in Araneta this January and I thought about the safety of the people watching. I was a bit sad that won't push through, this wasn't in the plans but we didn't find any alternative way to show it to people while maintaining it to be in line with the safety protocols of the government. Of course, your safety is still our priority. We can't do mass gatherings, around March Direk Pao pitched this to me and GMA and they presented it to be a VR concert. Initially, I wasn't so sure about it but direk presented it very well, let's give it a shot! To highlight my 10 years in the industry, I would like to be part of this new technology and new experience as well. I told them, we'll take the risk... because I see it is very promising, so I'll see you on December 8. Direk didn't want me to just sit and do the show, I had to conceptualize, Direk wanted me to be part of it every step of the way. It felt like I had passion to do the production numbers, I felt I had to make it beautiful. (plays with Butchoy his dog)"

 "Of course it is very difficult to do everything digital, but we have to produce concerts online. I already have done two concerts and this is very different, aside from the concept, the way we are doing it is not conventional. There are pre recorded contents of the concert and when I saw parts of it the other day, I felt given the current situation, there's a promising platform for concert goers even at the comforts of your home. It's difficult to not be in front of the people you are performing too, but we can't really do much for the safety of people. I just think of them, and the outcome of the performance is not half baked. It's my 10th year and it sparks a milestone for my career."

"Last stream I made was a charity stream for the victims of Typhoon Ulysses, we were able to raise around 200K from that and next week we'll prepare for that. I'm happy we were able to raise that much, my supporters are so good, I'd really like to thank the good people who are really so generous in donating for that cause. I want it to also be the one to prepare it all, my team at AR gaming, will deliver by next week. Tomorrow we will start repacking."

Direk Pao adds "The AR concept was a play on Alden's initials. Just so people don't get confused, we did some creative liberties, it is a show, a 360 degree thing. It was hard to conceptualize it as it is a different medium. This is one of the first things done like this in the country. Other Directors are helping me, everyone knows I'm a live director so with this thing, I sought help from veteran GMA directors. Christian gave me a call a few months ago telling me about the limited resources they have doing online content and it wasn't great, we had to improve this and get a really good platform so people can connect like in a live concert. We are giving an alternative, we had to figure out a way to present these to people stuck at home, to make it feel like Araneta, MOA, the other venues, it would be a nice break from sitting down on a laptop. The audience hopefully will like it."

Alden added "Everything that you will see in the concert will be what I went through in 10 years, the people I meet, that have given me unconditional love and support. My success can't be celebrated with me alone, it is always best shared, I offer this for the people who have supported me more than anything. This is also going to be a first, where I'll be releasing a single where I have to sing and dance, and this is one of my favorites. This new single is going to be just chill, but will be worth your time. I have my heart and mind in that, I never addressed the audience in general, I'll be talking to you when I'll be doing this concert. My single is a collab between Flip Music and GMA Music. I had to think if it is going to be in English and Tagalog, but really it sounded better in English. The title is "Going Crazy" and will be launched on the same date."

He adds "The first time I did something public was during Alakdana, I wasn't a good dancer then but I was a bit confident about singing, the Cebuanos were really very supportive and there's this unknown energy from the audience that felt I had to be at my best, that was a good experience. I have really come so far, before I had so many dreams, I had so many aspirations, because of the support and projects, the recognition, I wanted to go back to that Alden who was dreaming. It is a very different reality and I don't want to let go, it keeps me sane and my feet on the ground. I wouldn't be where I am today without that."

 He thanked the Lord God, his Mom, myself for not giving up. He says "If I had let go of this back then I wouldn't be where I am right now, I owe this to people who have supported me all these years."

Alden says "It's on December 8, thank you and I'm very excited, this is a new experience we want to give you. Go get tickets on GMANetwork.com/synergy."

Tickets are still selling hot, almost sold out so if you haven't got a ticket yet, please do and see Alden on his concert.


Married Guy Matteo Guidicelli Swears By Newlywed Starter Pack of Sun Life

Friday, November 20, 2020

Matteo was so fine during our Zoom meeting, telling us about his Sun Life journey now that he's married to Sarah Geronimo.

Matteo just got married, and yes, he's got plans for that. He's getting it from Sun Life too and calls it the Newly Wed Bundle. We talked about it over a Zoom meeting this evening and it was nice to see the man again after a few months of not seeing each other (feeling close lol).

Did things change?

Matte says "Yes, as I'm budgeting for two people already and you are thinking about beds, your household staff and I enjoy it every single day. I enjoy every moment with my wife. Trust is very important and I think you and your partner should never hide anything, so you become better people together. When I go to work today, it is for my family and my future. My wife is my priority, it is important to have that mindset when you're starting, to be transparent and to start saving right away. To have an investment portfolio with Sun Life, you can discuss that perfectly for your needs."

What do they splurge on?

"We did buy a huge TV, I'll have that on my Youtube video this week. We've been also good plantitos and plantitas. We splurge on plants these days."

How do they spend?

A good balance is important. To make your wife happy is also important, but of course common sense, not OA, a balance with each other. We tell each other if we need it or not. We always put each other in reality.


Every single day of being boyfriend and girlfriend, to realize and breathe see that we are husband and wife, working together, it puts a smile on my face seeing that.

Being in Sun Life

Working with them for 5 or 6 years, they educated me that the earlier possible time to invest, the better. If I invested a couple of years ago, it would have been very big. Save a lot, invest, your money will grow.

Len Arboleda of Sun Life says "Matt really practices it. It really a lifetime partnership with Sun Life and we have seen that through the years where he's been with us."


I think it's very important for us to always talk about our finances. Investing wise, we have to make sure we do it with good companies, not to scammers, to do it with a legit company and telling your advisor what you want to achieve.

9 Months with Sarah

It's a blessing, to find someone like her, I am very thankful. Sarah is very talented in baking too, if ever it begins like a business, please buy one ha!

Having Kids

Pray for it next week. We don't know yet, we're not rushing but in God's time it will happen. Diko pa alam how much, the more the merrier!

With Sun Life you feel secure, it's very important. You can start with 5,000 pesos and it will earn in the next few years. When you have kids, you have a fund for them, so we do invest in the right things.


The restaurant is okay. I had two branches so it is challenging. I had to find ways to make it well, we're not doing great but we are surviving because there are people going to our restaurants still.

Do it with passion, do it with love, focus on the things we love doing. We want money to grow, invest, be smart on how you do things and do it with passion. There are great companies out there but I chose Sun Life. My Dad showed me things by example so he didn't have to sit me down and plan things.

Church Wedding

Baka, when the time is right. I hope a vaccine arrives so we can do it. I really hope so.


These rescuers and government workers, they are just there for the service of the Filipino people. To receive criticism despite doing their jobs, I don't feel bad, I feel good for what they do, I feel bad with the people who don't understand what it feels to be there. They deserve so much credits.

Newly Wed Bundle (What does the newly wed bundle have? What do you like about it?)

The starter pack is for individuals, each one should be covered. You have to have a separate one for yourself and your wife.

You seem to always have a plan, how do you keep yourself be random, like not everything is planned/ becominng spontaneous.

"I think that is very important with me and Sarah. Yes I have a plan for everything but I do make an effort to do things that are random, thanks for reminding me to do that."

This is not a perfect world. What mistakes have you had in the past and what have you learned from them?

Yes I have had mistakes, nothing in particular but I always make it a point to not do it again in case I get to encounter problems like them again. I learn from them, I think that is important.

Having passion and starting a ton of businesses is hard but when it works, you'll reap a lot of benefits. Work with trusted partners, work with the honest ones and enjoy it. Matteo is a good example of it and he's been doing it with Sun Life for a couple of years, maybe it's time you talk to them via bit.ly/advisormatch or their website sunlife.com.ph or the official Sun Life Philippines Facebook page. Oh by the way, Matteo is also going to be on an I Feel U Christmas Special on December 6, and Masked Singer Pilipinas every Saturday on TV5. See him there!


Inigo Pascual Shares Experience in BOYETTE: Not A Girl, Yet

Zaijian Jaranilla is starring in a coming of age film produced by Star Cinema called BOYETTE: Not A Girl, Yet which will show on November 27 via KTX.PH and the iWant TFC app, CIGNAL and SkyCable Pay Per View channels on the same date.

Inigo Pascual plays Charles, a jock who will be Zaijian Jaranilla's love interest in the film. Zaijian will try to woo him by joining his dance crew and acting like a straight guy, will this become a love story or will it be utter disaster? That remains to be seen. 

Inigo got caught in traffic, but he obliged doing the blogcon while on the road

Inigo says "I am Charles, he's my best friend and we grew up together. I transferred when we were kids and just saw each other in college. I didn't know he was already Boyette, and initially I only knew him as Boyet, these are two different things. We then are going to discover how he was able to find out who he really is. I just enjoyed this really, it was not heavy, but there is a conflict because Charles is a homophobe. Direk Jumbo made it easy for me because he gave us freedom on what we could do as well. I enjoyed the locked in taping, it was safe for us. We did swab tests before, during and after. You kinda didn't go far with your character. We were able to immerse and become really close."

"Ever since the start, I didn't see anything bad being Piolo's son. It was a blessing for me, I can show who I am, my talent, to make my own name. I had my own thing that I want to do, I had the chance to explore and I didn't get to worry about that because he is really my Dad. I'm proud of him really."

He added "There were plans, a lot of them got cancelled because of the pandemic. I feel like things had to change because of it and for me, all I wanted to do is share what I have. I was able to release and share my music to everyone. I felt one day that I wanted to do a project, and the offer came a few days after. They assured us it was safe and protocols were observed. I just enjoyed acting, to explore it more, together with my music with Tarsier and of course local music. Before Boyette, we didn't have to talk about network wars, I'm personally against that. As long as we entertain people, I'm all for that. For me, I grew up not judging people, everyone has their own preference. They are human, and there is always a common ground. I've had friends who came out to me, they trust me that much, I comfort them and tell them there's nothing wrong with that."

"During work, we had two days off in a week and we used that to bond quite frequently. We had to do that too because we had to have that eagerness to hang out with him. I learned a lot from that kid even if he's younger than me. We didn't have air in between us, we just had a fun time doing it. I miss the classroom setting, I just don't miss the homework. For me, getting noticed by LGBT or anyone for that matter, I feel happy. If they look at me like I'm their crush, I'm quite okay with it, nothing really wrong about that. When I'm alone, I write songs and the pandemic time was pretty productive for me. I also did some projects and shows in between aside from Boyette. This is my reunion movie with Mariz. There was a moment where we were just talking to each other, and she shared her music with me, I cherished that moment. Whatever we talked about during that time, we understood each other, and I really miss that. This is the first time I saw her that she's not trying to impress people, she was so comfortable and confident and I was so happy to see that. This is the first time I've seen her like that while we were making a comedy film. We also roam around even if we had days off and we enjoyed that part. To clear things, we did go through things as a love team and as a pair. I can't say that much, it was 2 or 3 years working with each other and... (he stops)... (When he was asked if she is attracted to Mariz) When you see her, it's hard not to be at awe with what she is doing. I do think about having relationships but if in a lockdown, that is hard. I long for physical contact, I'm a hugger and it is a bit hard to do that in this time. Charles has so much experience, he had to hide things and not everyone sees his troubles. It was easy to do his character because in a way I can relate to him being happy, being a dancer, and how he doesn't choose his friends. I can't say we're like the same person, because I'm not a homophobe. If I were given the role of Boyette, it would be challenging to do that. It was such a beautiful thing to do a role that has been real for our Director, it is his life story."

It was nice to see Inigo a little uncomfortable answering stuff like that. It felt real and sincere. I hope fans get to see their film BOYETTE: Not A Girl, Yet because it is in some way, a good representation of who they are as artists now. We all have that friend, or people we know who are also like Boyette, Inigo also told us we should know their plight. To see their struggle, to show how they love, and make sure they know there is nothing wrong with that.


What Does 5G Mean for Smartphones Now?

Head of Vivo Communication Research Institute Qin Fei

Times have indeed changed and with the recent release of 5G bands this year, what does it mean for the smartphone industry? In a recent article written by the Head of Vivo Communication Research Institute Qin Fei, he mentioned several things that would probably happen in the next few years as the ownership of smartphones will eventually reach up to 50 percent this 2020 (despite pandemic fears) and a huge 70% come 2025. He also said that the way we look at smartphones now will change with the arrival of 5G. People will be accessing the internet more on these handsets, so the need for a better and faster connection is not far behind. 5G connections can also improve and increase the consumption of content.  The higher speeds mean we would get quality videos, more immersive gaming experiences. It can also be used for health applications, building smart cities and even make automated transport a possibility if implemented well.

Vivo sees that the smartphone will become a central device which will enable users to utilize it for information and services. They also earmarked how Southeast Asia gets about 93% of its traffic from smartphones and about 63% on desktops, which would mean there’s a huge market in these channels and will need handsets that can do functions that would help that happen. This also means smartphone manufacturers need to rethink and re-imagine their approach and design.

Change with 5G

It will change the way we do things, especially the development of smart devices. Since it is 5G, its capacity to carry even bigger data can make tons of things possible and not just remain with switches. This could also change core elements of smartphones. This may hasten manufacturers to dish out even bigger screens, curved or bendable ones, or maybe make it super light in the next 5 or 10 years. Vivo has even changed some of their displays recently, putting the actual camera on the screen instead of the notches they did in the past. In the future, improvement in the processors and memory while remaining in small factor can make phones carry even more powerful cameras which can take better photos and videos which could rival even the human eye.

The future is AI

Change will happen on how the smartphone displays, sound and touch. In the near future, it will have the most change among other features of phones. It will get input and interface all done via hand gestures, audio commands and multi touch. AI also will get to benefit those who would want to utilize smartphone features as it becomes a primordial part of changing settings, optimizing hardware for gaming functions or even in taking photos. Vivo already started sharing the technology with engineers via mentorship, international conferences and collaborations, so they could change their approach and use this new band in applications that could take the smartphone game in different levels.

These are exciting times as there will be huge changes in the coming years. Change will also be abrupt, and challenges in the technology will be identified fast. 5G has come a long way since its inception in 2016, and growth will happen as standards get developed. Developers, phone manufacturers and users will be part of this, and Vivo has been there to support and realize it.


Discounts Abound as 7 Eleven Gets Launched on SHOPEE

As I was writing this, I almost got my jaw dropped when I saw that 7-Eleven is on Shopee.

Oh yes, it's true! I couldn't say I would be fine just knowing that and I'm sure, I'll be trying this out in the next couple of days. 7-Eleven is still the undisputed leader in the convenience store industry in the country. I couldn't tell how many times the nearby branch has saved me from midnight parties, but they have it all. Aside from the usual groceries, they've got things that you would need at home from something as small as candy, to school and office supplies. The good thing is, they're 24 hours. If the need for food arise, they've got tons of stuff that I could eat. I love how it's also hot, fresh, fast like I cooked things in my own kitchen. I'm glad they're offering even more these days, the variety alone is crazy.

Since they are launching in Shopee, they're practically giving discounts on your usual fare in 7-Eleven. I love the Crunch Time Fried Chicken as it is hot, crisp and juicy. They also have Chicken Nuggets which are pretty good for a snack, but who's even asking why not have it all right?

 To make it easier for you, you can spot the Official 7-Eleven Shopee store here. I also made arrangements for you to enjoy the lovely chicken they have, it's Crunch Time!

CLiQQ by 7-Eleven Official Shopee Store


Crunch Time Chicken Nuggets Ala Carte (5 pcs)


Crunch Carrier Chicken (6 pcs)


1 pc Crunch Time Fried Chicken Rice Meal


2 pc Crunch Time Fried Chicken Rice Meal



I'm also surprised the prices there are even way cheaper than in the actual store. Deals are hard to find, but they make it available for you online and that's a good thing. All you've got to do now is download the Shopee app on Google Play or the App Store. It only takes a few minutes to check out and pay. Then you just have to wait at home for the delivery, or you can claim it on the actual store if you prefer. You can also use discount vouchers and coins too to get less the actual price. You've never had that happen in the past, I guess with the way things are in the pandemic things are changing. This is good news!


Southern France Living in Tagaytay Highlands: PROVENCE

Thursday, November 19, 2020

I’ve always dreamed of living in South France. It’s not that snotty rich feeling that is fleeting, more of a little mix of French and Mediterranean as its proximity to the sea changes things. I also dream of a calm breeze, where seaside restaurants abound, and the only thing I hear is my glass of wine clink and the smell of freshly baked croissant permeate the landscape as it is done next door. I also want to see the quaint shabby chic houses, miles of vineyards and olive groves. To live simply amongst warm gentle people, they’ve also got a culture of Spanish in the mix as the border is quite close… oh I would love to live like that here.


I’ve been to Tagaytay Highlands. That awesome place reminds me of Europe and the ambiance of different countries. I’ve heard they’re putting out more luxurious residential concepts and one of them is called PROVENCE. An apt word to describe that region, they’re making huge lots into these dreamy communities all in this world class mountain resort. Now you don’t have to go out of the country and leave your loved ones behind, because you can do it in the Philippines. You get a tropical country (which you can also go to anytime of the day) and the ambiance and homes just like in the South of France, isn’t that amazing?

In Provence, you get a prime location on a gentle southbound slope. In it, you can stroll along the scenic road of Lakeside Fairways Drive where you can marvel at the lush and floral landscapes, amidst unobstructed views of Taal Lake and its surrounding mountains, one of which is Mt. Makiling. The units at Provence are designed with old French architecture and ambiance in mind. They use elements like wood, stones, and wooden shutters in soft pastel colors. The property also has a 3.8-meter-wide promenade, filled with flowery shrubs and trees. They also have the Parc Central which has got an infinity pool, another for kids so residents can just lounge and escape with Tagaytay's scenic views. This is such a postcard worthy location; you would want to live in it the same way as you would do in the South of France.


This is a low-density community with only 14 lots per hectare. Provence only has 119 lots and is very limited. Spaces are also from 240 to 451 square meters, more than enough for a huge family. It also comes with facilities for rest and recreation, which is why some wouldn’t leave their homes and enjoy a very cool climate in the mountains of Tagaytay. 


If you want to own a Highlands home, please call +632 75052422 and +63917 5150158. You can also visit their website www.tagaytayhighlands.com of follow their social pages Tagaytay Highlands on FB, and @tagaytayhighlandsofficial on IG.


Vivo V20 Series Boasts ULTIMATE Selfie Camera

Wednesday, November 18, 2020



After getting released last October 31, users have been seeing the value of the new Vivo V20 series. The smartphone has been able to impress, with new things being discovered by users after its official launch. It looks like the phone has so much features to play with and yes, these phones pack a pretty huge combo of hardware which current owners adore.

The lovely Vivo V20 and V20 Pro has got a 44MP front cameras. Imagine what that would get when taking your selfies, your images would be huge, details would be crisp and clear. The videos would also become that good, vloggers would find this a refreshing alternative to their huge cameras. It is also convenient to carry around, making you take your workflow at an easy pace but never disregard quality. After uploading them, quality wise, you’ll really stand out, you get to #BeTheFocus and stay ahead of the competition.

It's in the details

Because the Vivo V20 and V20 Pro has a 44MP front camera, that only means that you can have a lot of detail on the images. With this above standard camera sensor, you can get crisp shots and wether photos or videos. You can simply crop if needed, especially if you take photos in crowded areas. If you want to take away unnecessary clutter in a shot, that can be easily done. Aside from that, the selfies have AI Face beauty features, which can make you a little bit better than usual when you have imperfections you want to improve.

It also has Night Scene options so when you do have to take photos in low light conditions, it would be easy to see details. It won't be awkward to take shots in parties or occasions. The phone can also take real 4K videos, which means shooting, editing your vlogs will be a cinch. That would be good for aspiring or professional content creators. The possibilities are endless.

Shooting Videos with Reactions

These days, vlogging requires content that need reactions real time. Those reactions channels have sprouted up like mushroom because viewers want real emotions, and if you can catch that on video while taking a video, wouldn't that be awesome? The Vivo V20 series can actually do that. No more editing and putting hours of editing time to sync two videos on top of another. This can record footage from the back and front cameras at the same time. Now I haven't seen that done yet by other phone manufacturers; it's a real refreshing feature for a phone.

Aside from that, the vivo V20 series has the steadiface video feature. It locks on subjects and stays on focus, a thing that vloggers would actually be problematic with. Now you have something to battle those dizzying footages you take when in motion, you can also take slow motion videos with the front camera if you need to. It can take your creative mind places where you've never had with your video cameras, plus imagine the things you can do with that in cinematic shots. That's a whole lot of features for a smartphone.

You can #BeTheFocus with the vivo V20 series. If you want to have them, it’s all available in Lazada and Shopee.  You can also get them at Vivo concept stores nationwide. You can get more information about the phones at vivoglobal.ph. It’s all there!


Merrell Holiday Rush Sale on Shopee Takes up to 70% OFF on Ladies’ Shoes & Sandals



Having a Merrell would always be synonymous with love for outdoors. I think I got a pair a couple years ago but it got lost somewhere, but what I felt when I had it was how tough it was even on tough terrain. Imagine how sharp rocks are while hiking, spelunking, climbing, and all that stuff you do outside. It provided protection, comfort, even in those rugged situations and I’m glad to have seen it work quite well despite that. 


This time however, they’re treating the ladies in Shopee as they bring several of their best selling shoes via their Merrell Holiday Rush Sale which can get them up to 70% OFF its regular price, something women would love so they can take these shoes places. I know, it is kinda crazy how they just give these high performance shoes away like that, you get premium and tough pairs for a fraction of a cost. I mean, that clearly doesn’t come everyday so if you’re looking for shoes these days, Merrell has good offers. To make it even easier for you, let's check out these items!


Merrell PH Official Shopee Store


Merrell  Women Footwear AROUND TOWN CITY LACE KNIT


Merrell Women Footwear 1SIX8 Linna Strap AC+




Merrell Women Footwear Around Town Sunvue Post



The Around Town Lace Knit is light and airy, which means you get to walk for miles without making your footwear a burden. Design has mesh on top front and sides so chances are, it won’t get smelly in different conditions. The Linna Strap AC+ on the other hand is one tough sandal. Pretty light too because of its material. Same with the Around Town Sunvue Post which has even better straps which are more on the formal side, you can take it out on casual walks without worrying it wouldn’t be presentable on normal days. Quality and nice designs have always been a Merrell trademark, are there other reasons not to own one?

You better download the Shopee app now on Google Play or the App Store because there’s a lot of discounts from Merrell coming. Aside from that, Shopee also gives out free shipping and additional discount vouchers. All you have to do is pay for it, and wait at the comforts of your home.

Need I say more?


How To Help Typhoon Ulysses and Rolly Victims

Sunday, November 15, 2020

It was so heartbreaking to see people fleeing, stuck in their roofs or crossing mud filled waters in the island of Luzon which all happened this month. People are still suffering so I wanted to just help those who would like to extend a hand and give information about these avenues where you can help donate clothes, food, water, funds so they could all recover.

 Our friends from Bloggers United are collating funds and also selling their personal stuff (preloved and brand new) to raise funds for this cause. Here are their details, Paul Pax and Ana are good blogger friends and they've been doing other causes even before this happened. If you want to help, this would be a good place to start!

Aside from that, there are several partner organizations that PayMaya has been working with for Typhoon Relief which you can find via https://donate.paymaya.com/collections/typhoon-relief 



You can donate as low as 50 pesos, but if you have more, please do donate as much as you can. These organizations have been doing it for years and they can channel your donations to where it is needed. If you haven't downloaded the PayMaya app yet, please do on Google Play or the App Store. Use my code 2JH7062 so you can get 50 pesos for free, you can use that to donate to these organizations too. I'll do the same if ever you sign up. If you use these QR codes to donate via their partner organizations, you will get a notification in the contact details you have provided regarding your successful donation.

If you prefer donating clean clothes, blankets, face masks, alcohol, bottled water, hygeine kits for women, toiletries, canned goods, flashlights, cleaning materials, you may opt to bring them here in Quezon City where an aircraft is bringing 500kgs of goods to Tuguegarao come Monday.You may contact Danica via 09566692843 then coordinate bringing your donations to #41 Maliksi St., Namoco Grand Residence, Brgy. Pinyahan, Diliman in Quezon City.

It is also world kindness day, so if you want to make someone's day even brighter, you can use the PayMaya app for a lot of other things. I would suggest you do donate to local churches, organizations of people you know. Southern Luzon, Marikina, Rizal and Cagayan still needs a lot of things especially potable water. 


GMA Kapuso Foundation also needs donations, you can course it through these channels and they will help victims of the Luzon typhoons.



Please donate as much as you can, they need our help.