Things You Can Do While Under Enhanced Community Quarantine

Friday, April 03, 2020

This is my attempt to at least make you smile 😉😊

COVID-19 is here and we're all under Enhanced Community Quarantine. Our sole duty as citizens is to stay at home to stop the spread of the virus. But I'm sure you're all either BORED, ANXIOUS, STRESSED, WORRIED, UPSET, ANGRY, HUNGRY and YOU'RE NOT OKAY.

I'm here to tell you first, IT'S OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY. I learned that while listening to Jessie J years ago, the lyrics would just hit you... it's okay to cry, to grieve, to be depressed, and you'll get through that eventually.

*Albeit extremely polarized politics is in the way, and no help is being given by my own barangay (some did) or city, I always look at social media and ask people, to continue to be critical so help can be pushed for people who need it, we need to do that as much as we can. You should too!*

Since we are confined to the four corners of our homes, I wrote down things that actually pleased me during this period.


If you have friends, family, or know someone who are still working while we are in quarantine, say THANK YOU because they need it. They are risking their lives out there, spare them from further stress and make them feel your love even in your own little way.


If you have extras, don't hesitate to be human, don't hesitate to be kind and give what you can for those who need it most. GMA has Healing Hearts where their artists perform for you on livestream and ask for donations, and proceeds go to Kapuso Foundation that directly help the needy. Aside from that, get in touch with the Office of the Vice President so they too can help medical personnel go to the hospitals and procure PPE's for them so they'll be safe as they treat those who are getting sick. PayMaya also has a cashless donation channel via the app, simply choose from organizations you wanna help at and do it on the Pay Bills section of your PayMaya app. They already raised almost 8 Million pesos through that which will go to Unicef, Caritas Manila, PLDT Smart Foundation, PGH Foundation and more. Smart, TNT and Sun retailers are also still in operations so you get calls, texts and internet even under these conditions. Private corporations including the MVP group also have done relief efforts with their Tulong Kapatid CSR arm which includes help for health workers to provide them with PPE's and medical supplies. Shopee also did the same and have gotten 3,000 test kits and 100,000 surgical masks for frontliners, but I have my reservations with the politician they channeled this to. GCash on the other hand has pooled over Php 18.14 Million to help support frontline workers and provide assistance for those affected with the pandemic. They will buy medical gears and supplies and the others will be channeled to organizations such as Caritas Manila, ABS-CBN Foundation, Globe BridgeComm, Generation Hope, Hapag Asa Foundation, Red Cross, World Vision and UNICEF. You can donate through the Pay Bills function of your GCash app. I'm so happy private corporations are doing their part.

Which reminds me, Century Pacific Food Inc. (makers of Century Tuna) donated 1M packs of assorted canned goods and milk through the National Government and partner local government units. They're very good people.


To make you strong and encourage you in these trying times, Star Magic Artists have joined to make “Believe” which is an inspirational music video which includes Piolo Pascual, Maja Salvador, Jolina Magdangal, Enchong Dee , Yeng Constantino, Inigo Pascual, Shaina Magdayao, Vina Morales, Dimples Romana and lovely Liza Soberano. Some Covid-19 survivors and patients also are included, that’s just heartwarming to know.

ABS-CBN will also be staging a digital concert series called "ALL MUSIC: Artists At Home Sessions". Over 60 of them including Lani Misalucha, Jake Zyrus, YouTuber Karl Zarate, Janine Berdin, my favorite Hashtag Ryle Santiago and more will be performing to benefit the Pantawid Ng Pag-Ibig Program which they have put up. Donations can be done with their ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc - Sagip Kapamilya bank accounts BPI Peso Account 3051-11-55-88, Metrobank 6363636-08808-1, and other channels. 


Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli just joined the roster of endorsers for TNT. Maine Mendoza is also going to be MYX Celebrity DJ this April. (Aba VJ Maine! - She has a new single out called Isa Pa With Feelings) iFlix has a new K-Drama called "When The Weather Is Fine" which they stream express from Korea. It stars Park Min-Young and Seo Kang-Joon (a love story in their old hometown) so they could find love and healing. Gay guys and gals are going crazy over a new BL Thai series called 2gether starring Bright Vachirawit Chivaree and Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn who play lovers, one is Rockstar and Campus Crush Sarawat and a male Cheerleader Tine. 

Anyway, I only wish you all stay at home and attend to your parents. Love them, also your family even if their political sides are different than yours. Pray, we all need to get through this and hope normalcy happens soon. Stay sane!


Matteo Guidicelli and UNIQLO Sport Utility Wear

Thursday, April 02, 2020

UNIQLO just came out with new Sports Utility Wear that jazzes up your run of the mill everyday clothes and turn them to efficient and technologically advanced workout clothes. Now that's good news for people on the go or young professionals who workout before and after office hours as it will be doubly convenient to do so.
If you're the type who sweats profusely, feel sticky with your current ones and need a change everytime you do things, they've come out with UNIQLO Dry Ex which prevents these from happening and with its design, make you move comfortably in strainous or regular gym sessions. They also do good because they incorporate polyester fibers from PET bottles and upcycle them so you get a quick drying polo shirt, no odor too. 

Felt cute so I wore this mesh fibered shirt for a Bamboo bike tour around BGC. It was a bit dangerous, but I enjoyed it!

There were a lot of choices from Women's Dry Ex Crew Neck Shirts, Women's Airism UV Cut Jackets, Women's Airism Soft Leggings, Men's Full Zip Hoodies and Dry Ex Shorts, they've made it with quality in mind and yes, it's comfy.

You may also check out the whole collection using the UNIQLO Mobile App, I have taken advantage of the 300 coupon welcome gift and bought around 3k worth of clothes which I use for workout at home.

Guys and gals took to the floor and worked out with celebrities and models plus Matteo Guidicelli. I was overjoyed he remembered me from previous events. They got so intense with that session.

Now go head to UNIQLO after the lockdown of Manila. We need to get back in shape when life goes back to normal.

Cheers! Hope you all stay safe!


An Afternoon with The Asterisk Artist Management

Monday, March 30, 2020

This happened a few weeks ago before the lockdowns in Manila happened. A new breed of artists will grace television, commercials and film this 2020 as Asterisk Artist Management finally was launched at the Water Balance Events Place in Muntinlupa City. The agency is headed by Kristian Kabigting. Kristian is no stranger in the industry and has helped countless artists land jobs and projects in different networks. He's basically putting this into good use as he now formalizes everything, and in hindsight help these artists to get where they need to be. I felt the reason why he's doing this, he believes in them and that I think counts.

By the way, Water Balance Events Place is pretty nice. It's got a pool, several rooms to sleep in and a few function rooms. Look it up on their social channels if you need a place to celebrate your birthdays or events.

Before we did the press conference, we waited a bit and took naps as they got ready. Their artists are a mix of old and new faces, some pretty good ones from film outfits and regulars of commercials, so you probably have seen some of them. We got the chance to talk to Z Mejia, Nico Nicolas, Enzo Santiago and former Girltrend Kamille Filoteo in the dressing room to get to know them a little better.

When they started the program, they introduced them one by one, Princess Manaloto, Hannah Balahadia, Ronan Bearis, Carl Saliente, Nina Flores, Karissa Toliongco, Ivan Morriel, Sam Cafranca, Hillary Tan, Miguel Diokno, Ayumi Takezawa, Z Mejia, Christine Lim, Darwin Yu, Nico Nicolas, Enzo Santiago, Axel Torres and Kamille Filoteo.

The Asterisk will also be producing concerts and fan meets of international artists including Thai Actors Off Tumcial and Gun Atthapan on May 2020. Their event arm Asterisk Events is headed by Aian Ylagan. They are also in the plans to produce digital content via Asterisk Digital TV on YouTube headed by Nicole Din. They also have Asterisk Digital Entertainment Inc which is also under Asterisk DTV of Ms. Ma.Theresa Clift. Now these promising actors and actresses will have their own projects, the chance to also work beyond their channels and be involved with projects where their passion starts. This is a huge gamble for Kristian and the Asterisk group but from the looks of it, it's very doable. Here's part of the interview we did with the artists, with some really good info on how they started and their plans when the ball starts rolling.

Here's where they told us about why they joined The Asterisk!

Did you know that Axel Torres actually auditioned for GLORIOUS?!

They have around 30 artists that can go to different networks, which means there are lots of opportunities in store for them.

Congratulations to all the artists, to Kristian and his new venture! There is nowhere to go but up!



Thursday, March 19, 2020

We spent the afternoon marveling at how generous Dunkin’ is to have been able to put up a big concert at Araneta Coliseum with the most popular boy group in the Philippines today SB19. They’re no endorsers yet but they coined them presentors in a one of a kind show at the big dome. This is part of Dunkin’ Day where they show appreciation to their loyal customers by giving them free donuts and lotsa discounts on that day. Unfortunately, all of these will be moved to a later date but don’t fret with the postponement (amidst the COVID19 concern), they promise it will be a big one!

They call it GIVE IN TO SB19, a mix of entertainment numbers with Kpop and Ppop songs all performed by the boys. They trained under Korean entertainment company ShowBT and recently got the nod of International Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart. Sejun, Stell, Ken, Josh and Justin would like you to be there, so make sure you got your tickets okay?! Oh and they also revealed vouchers for VIP seats were gone in 3 minutes!

Here’s some of the highlights of the press conference and a couple of photos which you’ll love!

Is SB19 sweet?!

What do they think of the A’Tins?

How did SB19 start?

How do they take care of their skin?

Someone tried to ask them about their girlfriends, this happened:

They got overwhelmed seeing their billboards

About the concert being postponed to a later date!

So for announcements and dates of the actual show, make sure to follow Dunkin’s social media channels and the SB19 official accounts because they will also announce it there. 

See you all soon A’Tin!


I'll be there! :)


HELP Caritas Manila Provide Ligtas COVID-19 Kits to Poor Families Through GCASH

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Since the entire Luzon is under Enhanced Community Quarantine (Lockdown) from March 17 to April 12, a lot of people have no access to public transportation and tasked to stay inside homes. The Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases intensified efforts to identify and isolate confirmed Covid-19 cases in NCR and that has affected poor families Luzon wide. The need to purchase food and basic protection needs against COVID-19 has been so hard these couple of days and a lot of them have been deprived of livelihood especially those who only have earnings day to day to put food on the table.

Caritas Manila, the lead social service arm of the Archdiocese of Manila just recently launched their "LIGTAS COVID-19" campaign which aims to provide Caritas Ligtas COVID-19 kits and Caritas Manna food bags to 6,000 poor families in the NCR. This has been a priority to augment barangay and local government efforts as there are still thousands of families left to fend for themselves as the capital faces a lockdown to put a curb in the spreading of the virus.

Each 2000 Peso donation goes to purchase Caritas LIGTAS COVID-19 kits for a family of 5. It includes:

1 liter of 70% ethyl alcohol
5 handy bottles of 30 ml alcohol
5 washable face masks
1 liter of antibacterial liquid soap
1 box of 100 tablets of vitamin C with zinc
A pair of reusable gloves
1 liter of liquid bleach
3 pieces of cleaning cloth
Eco bag

While the 700 Pesos worth of Caritas Manna bag for families contain:

5 kilos of rice
munggo beans
9 assorted canned goods
2 packs of Caritas Margins kalabasa/malunggay noodles
1/4 pack of sugar and salt
Eco bag

For those who would like to help Caritas Manila, you can simply donate any amount through GCash. Simply scan the QR code above in your GCash app and you can donate as low as 1 peso to help protect these families from COVID-19. YOU can help.


SvelTi Aesthetic Centre Outs LAVIEEN Machine

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

SvelTi Aesthetic Centre just opened its doors to bloggers this afternoon as they leveled up with services as they acquire new LAVIEEN Machine.

Ms. JM Matias, SvelT'i Operations Manager says 'We are a little tight today, but I would  to personally like to thank you all for coming. Most of skin problems we encounter in our clinics involve deep acne scars and we now have something to address it, this is Lavieen, it's skin rebirth. This would be best for Pigmentation."

Dr Rowena Aguilar-Joven adds "How long is the healing period? They always ask that. People are so afraid of procedures, this is the first of our BB Lasers. This is a machine with a 1927mm Thulium laser to target pigment lesions or photo damaged skin. Lavieen can be used in sub ablative mode, to target the junction between the epidermis and dermis. Coagulation and denaturalization mainly for whitening but with less downtime. No more fear of not going out and live a normal life like when you do other fractional lasers. Clinical trials show epithelial cells remain, have thermal effect of upper dermis, it would be best for skin rejuvenation. Pigment problems are cured, pores reduced and elasticity in your skin improves. On the day of treatment you'll get slight swelling, scab formation on second day, elimination of scab on third day and after 5 days you're all done. Scabbing are as small as dots of a ballpen, and it would dry out after a few days."

Here's how they did part of the procedure:

She adds "We also call this the BB Laser, at the same time it reduces fine wrinkles and large pores."

According to panelists who have undergone the procedure, you will see results right after it. You come in and in a few minutes you're done. Some patients who suffer from Melasma, enlargment of pores, look like they have BB cream without using it. It's like getting three results in one. They also do organic and fruit based facials, contouring, all you have to do is ask.

SvelTi Aesthetic Centres are found in 61 Timog Avenue in Quezon City and the other one at the GF of the Millennium Building in Ortigas Center Pasig.