What have Filipinos been looking for online?

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Things are very tough these days and getting savings through online shopping have been really easy especially these days when people can't go out, and the only way we could transact is online. I've been using Carousell for a couple of years now. In the app, I've had really good finds especially the film photography products I adore. I also found several chairs, bar tables and computer products in the app which makes things easier for me especially when I look for users who are quite near me so it would be easy and safer to transact. People have been also getting cars and real estate properties here since it's still doing the same things they've been doing in OLX which was originally their platform. I'm so glad this existed especially during the pandemic.

Carousell was also quite nice when they waived fees for some of the transactions especially for the automotive market. That in itself is a huge help especially for businesses who are also suffering economically. They also launched #ChooseToCare which is a fundraiser for the benefit of Lung Center of the Philippines. They also held The Great Property Sale so they could give discounts and more relief for people who were finding homes during the pandemic.

What's great is that Kantar research revealed that 80% of Filipinos are actually okay with re-gifting. These days, Filipinos are apparently searching more for iPhone and Samsung, gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch or PS4, desinger brands like Louis Vuitton or fast fashion items from Zara. They are also looking for Macbooks from Apple, notebooks from Asus, while some look for second hand cars like BMW and Toyota. With some of the items in Carousell being pre loved or second hand, it would be a nice place to find these mobile phones, laptops, bags or stuff you need around the house. If you haven't tried Carousell yet, or perhaps want to sell something too, go download it off Google Play and the App Store, because it's convenient to find stuff there.

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