Jose Mari Chan and Nico Bolzico in Crazy Collab to Double the Holiday

Thursday, December 03, 2020

The year has been crazy and what better way to do even crazier but by putting the cherry on top, a crazy collaboration between Father Christmas Jose Mari Chan and the crazy man from South America Nico Bolzico.

They call it “Remix in Our Hearts” and yes, it's all unpredictable as they say. They got together courtesy of Lay's. For those who don't know, Lay's Chips has been extra visible nowadays in groceries, convenience stores. I still get mine in the large bags because the small ones don't match the big boy LOL. 

Anyway, it's pretty hard to describe this all so I'm doing the best thing next to sliced bread. I'm putting the video below so you can see for yourself how crazy this is.

Now I'm sure Jose Mari Chan and Nico Bolzico made your Christmas a little bearable. Just like them, you too can double the holiday flavor + double up on the #LaysOnHolidays with the new Lay’s Duo Packs. Now you can have your potato chip fix and enjoy them in different flavors, I prefer the Classic, but can always mix and match with the Barbecue, Sour Cream and Onion, and Cheddar and Sour Cream flavors. Now with the duo pack, I can have it all in one sitting or just enjoy a bag if I'm already full. Imagine the things you can do now online, or perhaps if you have friends and family at home, snack up and double up, make this year still memorable. 2021 is not far behind so let's make this month count.

This only costs Php246 (Buy 2, save Php40). Check it out on physical stores or online via Shopee and Lazada. I want to have this every time I have a movie night at home, let's double up with the Lay's Duo Pack!


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