Marites Allen: Thrive in 2021 Year of the Metal OX

Monday, December 07, 2020

We just got off the online preview of Marites Allen's Feng Shui Webinar which is going to happen this December 19th 2020. This is going to all happen online and will start around 9AM London (5PM Philippine Time).

A couple of us actually asked her about what happened during the last few months because the pandemic was obviously not foreseen, but she immediately dispelled it by facts saying "We didn't see the pandemic coming, we are not fortune tellers, we are Feng Shui masters. It could have been prevented by man in the beginning (makes total sense!)."

She further shared what the Year of the Metal Ox meant for all of us this 2021 and said "There was really a lot of people who didn't do well during the pandemic. This year, metal elements, earth elements is good, the optimism is a little absent. There will be doubts, not much trust, so people should save up and spend on things that matter. Economic structure is shaky, third quarter will show a little improvement but next year is a year of vaccination. It will take a lot of time to process and do things, but with the Filipino attitude, we will always get along no matter how far this pandemic will take."

About detractors she said "Honestly, I am too busy to worry about people who doubt feng shui. I am quite connected with my clients, the expertise of Feng Shui matters only means that we're not fortune tellers. If they doubt, it doesn't really matter to me."

She further shared optimism by saying "It's gonna be a while before people would trust traveling, or get back to normal. In the course of history, we have had pandemics, people die and suffered, but a lot survived. Nothing is new, it is just how people live with it. We all were never prepared for this even billionaires didn't see a magnitude like this. The lock-down in London isn't that strict, it's how people use their time. There is still so much opportunity in 2021."

Lucky Sectors: East, North East Rabbit, Ox and Tiger, Horse is Victory.

Sheep, Monkey will face arguments. Robbery star is on Boar. 

She adds "2021 will bring a lot of misunderstanding for couples. You can get the 2021 planner and almanac to guide you this year. Before the year ends, the energy is shifting so much, when December 21 starts, I'd like you to make a gratitude list so you can achieve good health, make sure you get a fortune plant. We are going to be still busy for this year. The webinar is going to be virtual, we used to do it face to face. What is different is that there is going to be a lot of videos to explain things, we will have models showcasing our Frigga items. It will be a lot different."

For Earth Horses like me, she bids these good news and said "It is good news for 2021, you have the victory star.  You really have to change if you get in that condition. Those who are the year of the sheep are going to have to work double time this year."

To further understand more about these, make sure you get your tickets via or 09209509390. She will be also with King of Talk Boy Abunda on this date so make sure you get your tickets secured before that date!


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