Youth Show KAIBIGAN: The Series to Air on GMA

Friday, December 04, 2020

The good looking guys and gals of KAIBIGAN the Series.


This December 5th, at 8:45am, a new youth series will premiere on GMA. It's called KAIBIGAN the Series, a show that talks about friendship, relationships, the effects of the pandemic. It's based on a movie with the same name and jumps off where that ended. The movie had a stellar cast including Stephen Baldwin, Tirso Cruz III, Jean Garcia, Lani Mercado, Boots Anson-Roa,Cesar Montano and other stars. This time however it'll revolve on the stories of characters portrayed by twins Jesse Perkins and Christian Perkins, GMA star Lianne Valentin and YouTuber Janina Vela.


They play the role of David Santos, Jake Anderson, Kylie Kino and Anna Torres. During the blog conference, they took time telling us more about their individual characters and their journey through life and the goodness of the human spirit. Kylie is more of the fun, perky, enthusiastic type while Anna is the more reserved, serious, bubbly at times, but still very country girl. David on the other hand is the God fearing, straight A student, who also had the time to be a jock, a star player in school and stays blessed all the time. Jake is the more free spirited one, always in the arts, but didn't do quite well in the last school he went to. These 4 will become friends, their lives intertwined, and suddenly needed each other when the COVID-19 health crisis happened.

It's actually nice that they deviced a way to actually make the story very current, discussing matters people their age would go through with things like anxiety, depression, personal and romantic relationships, family problems, honesty and their faith.

As Perkinspiredflix CEO Tarny Perkins puts it, he says "The derivative of this was 5 years of work with the Department of Education, it discusses how my sons were advocates of how to live without drinking, no drugs, no bullying, and felt there was a huge gap that needs to be filled in education in the country. This also teaches companiionship, love, all those things. It spurred the creation of the movie which came out last year and it showcased what families and kids were going through. It gave alternatives to worldly vices, and when we showed it on Good Friday on GMA, there was a huge call for a "good" kind of series. So we got together and saw the opportunity to do this. There was a need to reach out to the youth. That's when the series came about. We're so blessed that we're doing this conference. With my wife Thess, we began this as a family journey and we hope you see the real derivative, it's all about family and all about youth."

Daniel Dowell adds "We made this company to provide content but it had to be values oriented, has to be family friendly, it must be faith based and God glorifying. It was our vision, it answered the question "How can we change the values of this next generation". Culture is being transitioned where kids are being more and more disrespectful to their parents, being affected by drugs, where most of the time they end up in a hospital or worse death. We wanted to put up something that young people would see something different; see something that would really help them navigate through life whatever challenges are brought to them. KAIBIGAN the Series is about 4 friends that are interacting in this time of pandemic. How can they encourage each other? How can they be of help? How can they support one another in this lockdown. God willing we will be able to put out more movies, more series that would be able to reflect the same values and become bigger in the next few months or years."

Now make sure you watch the first episode happening this December 5, at 8:45am on GMA. See how they will make the first step, the first journey through life and how they could teach others that it's possible to succeed with goodness in their heart, live life with respect and become better individuals too. Again, this is produced under Perkinspiredflix.


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