People Are Raving About "Busy Nurse Coffee"

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Being overweight, skin issues, kidney stones, these are just some of the things that 23-year-old Mariyah Besiate of Bacnotan, La Union, Camille Del Rosario(31) of Cabanatuan City and Helen Mejia of San Vicente, Agoo La Union had to gone through and suffered for years.

These days, they're living a completely different life because Mariyah and Camille has now lost a lot of weight + their skin is glowing while Helen already got rid of her kidney stones without surgery. What's common with these three ladies? They just religiously drink this product called "Busy Nurse 20 in 1 Coffee Mix". It's a whitening and slimming coffee that has got Gluthathione, collagen (hence the effect), with healthy ingredients such as acai berries, aloe vera, coffee, collagen, grape seed, Green Tea, Goji Berry, Garcinia Cambogia, Inulin Fiber, Lemon, L- Carnitine, Mangosteen, Moringa, non dairy creamer, spirulina, senna leaves, stevia leaves, turmeric and vitamin C. It is developed and owned by entrepreneur Ms. Rose Yap Zamora. The ladies swear by its efficacy and they have been rid of other ailments and issues til now because they've been taking it regularly.

This product has already been featured in ABS CBN shows like “Swak na Swak Ang Good Vibes Show ng Bayan” and "My Puhunan" which is hosted by Karen Davila. She was also interviewed by Korina Sanchez for the same and has won countless awards for it. If you want to know more about the product, they also have their official facebook page called Busy Nurse Shopline Main and their YouTube channel Busynurse Shopline Official. Testimonies from their customers and references about these products can be seen in these channels. You may also purchase these on the same Facebook page or their authorized resellers around the country; you too can lose weight and get flawless skin.


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