Gina Lopez Partners with Nat Geo

Friday, February 15, 2019

It’s the third season of Gina Lopez’ G Diaries and this time, they’re going international with a partnership with no less than National Geographic Channel, sounds fun? It is!

This new season will feature the 8 communities she introduced in the past events (remember Quest for LOVE?), a project she called I LOVE (Investments in Loving Organizations or Village Economies). NAT GEO will take part in Creating a Planet in Balance to dip their hand in championing communities to make them sustainable agricultural, fishery, forestry and eco tourism sites by including them in their broadcast and digital assets to promote awareness elsewhere in the world. I LOVE sites currently include Benguet, Sorsogon, Zamboanga, South Cotabato, Tawi Tawi, Maguindanao and Bukidnon. Present at the occasion was Ms. Gina Lopez and FOX International SVP and GM Jude Turcuato as they signed a MOA of partnership. This means you will see G Diaries through Nat Geo.

They are also working with PDP (People Design Places) Architects, ESCA Inc. and IIEE (Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers), Wilcon, UP Mountaineers, Powermac, and they want to tell the story of the Filipino people. She says “We want people, we want change agents, so they can work with 8 government institutes, other organizations that can do things for our country. What we can bring to the picture is prove it. I hope you get to watch it on March 3.”

Can’t wait to see this happen soon. It will start on March 3, 2019 and they need people to watch.


Show Love Through Paymaya

Thursday, February 14, 2019

It’s Valentines Day today and I already felt it when I rode a Grab car this morning. As soon as I sat down, the driver asked “You don’t have a date today Sir? You’re the fourth passenger that doesn’t have a date today sir.” and I was like WHAT!???

Anyway, there’s a lot of other things you can do to express love through convenient ways with Paymaya.

- If you purchase prepaid load before the 15th, you get cashbacks of Php 50

- If you purchase 500 worth and up of goodies, you’ll get 20% cashback up to Php 300, but again, do it before the 15th! Use PM12OFF in Zalora and you could get 12% more on top of that.

- If you purchase stuff through #ScanToPay Paymaya QR codes, you’ll get the chance to get 1%, 10% or even 100% randomly (had done this and it’s like magic!)

- Order Dominos or Shakeys Pizza, stay at home and chill.

Download the Paymaya App today and discover how much convenience you’ll get this Valentines day. I sure did pay that Grabcar ride with Paymaya through the MVP card. I got a rebate countless times and I feel it’s normal.


The ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333 Burgundy Red and How Your Valentine Dreams Can Come True

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

This week was awesome, not because I was just in a vacation but I got to spend much needed bonding time with my Mom in Singapore. I'm a travelling man, straight from the can. I also work in any place just as long as there is internet connection so I do require a bit of computing power that can do regular office stuff, photo editing and a little video on the side. 

ASUS has come out with their ZenBook line and it has been one of the most sought after notebooks this side of the world. With it's powerful hardware equipped to liken most office capable laptop computers, it presents so much more being the world's smallest 13", 14" and 15" laptop computer, plus it is considerably the lightest too in form factor. While other hardware would suffer mostly in other brands, they maintained to fit everything in this ZenBook including a 3D IR camera up top of the screen. Now they also have released a 13", 14" and 15" version in Burgundy Red, in one of the most fashionable looks they could ever dish out of their coffers. The new color would be perfect for female executives, power dressers, even men who fancy this color too without sacrificing their needs of a capable laptop computer to do general office work, video and photos, while being so handy all throughout the metro or their travel destinations.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333 Burgundy Red

This has got an 8th Gen i5 chip (for the 13 inch) but has an 8th Gen i7 chip for the 14 and 15 inch ones and a 8 GB of RAM. It has almost the same hardware as recent previously released ZenBooks but just differs in the paint job. Metallic and concentric in the front and standard finishing underneath, it looks expensive when I took it out for a spin. At 0.55 inches and about 1.2 kg, I bet you can carry it around with ease even with just the laptop sleeve. The keyboard also has backlights perfect for those dark nights you often slave away typing for deadlines. The HDMI ports, USB A and USB Type C 3.1 ports, transfer of data from devices would be a cinch. Now if you're fond of spreadsheets, you need a viable solution to typing numbers right? Well the new ZenBooks has number pads on the actual track pad which lights up like magic when long pressed for a second. The thing also lasts a long time detached from its power cable, you could carry it around and it'll feel like a tablet at times, but you're really getting the whole deal. 

Now for the lovers out there, ASUS is giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to get something really special this Valentine's day. It won't be for YOU, but your special someone. Go visit the ASUS Facebook page and look for the pinned post. You may read the mechanics and follow it to get a chance to win a brand new ASUS ZenBook for them. Just go to and tell your story on the original post here, then attach your photo on it. Make it the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone and who knows, you might just win that laptop of your dreams!

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The Good Performance and Looks of ZenFone Max Pro M2

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

It's time to consider solid phone performance and good looks, this is the new Zenfone Max Pro M2

Blogging everyday takes so much work and if you were in my shoes, I'm quite sure about 80% of you would quit doing this because of the sheer amount of articles you would need to dish out as soon as an event or launch happens. I am well equipped, with a huge DSLR and a powerful laptop computer but most often than not, it is a bit of a chore to actually carry it around the whole day when locations of events in Metro Manila change like shirts in a hot afternoon. 

A solution would be using a powerful phone that would be able to do the same things as my DSLR and host apps or software that I need for blogging. I currently use an iPhone but it just runs out of batteries too fast as it doesn't even last the whole day. I also use a different Android phone that takes wonderful photos but it just heats up too much when I'm editing videos or playing games every once in a while. It also runs out of batteries too so my solution is to carry a huge powerbank that weighs a ton (I might be exaggerating a little) but it won't work now that I have a back issue and my bag is pretty much always full. Carrying a phone that performs as needed, something that looks professional, something that makes you exude confidence, it's a job for the ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2. 

The ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 has 1.95 GHz Octacore processor and 4GB of RAM at Php 12,995, (also has an 6GB version at PHP 14,995) all of which can do tons of work, fast and efficiently. The 64 GB storage can last you hours worth of photos and videos, you can install apps without worrying too much about what's left because it is expandable. You can put additional SD cards and chill, runs on Android 8.1 Oreo and can last you for hours on because it's powered by a 5000 mAh battery. I have tethered this all day during my recent Singapore trip and it was unbeatable. 

Taking photos was a cinch, it's colorful, pretty easy with its own editing options or via other photo editing apps. It performs at par in low light conditions, the selfie function takes you to real good looking depths and doesn't look plasticky when internal beauty features are enabled. 

It also remains as one of the most affordable at PHP 14,995, which in any standard is good for a entry-mid-range phone out in the Philippine market. The Snapdragon 660, large ram and long battery life can last you a long time even if you're playing games all day. After all, that's much of what I use this for also, for War Robots, Ragnarok, Hello Hero, and a whole lot more. 

You better consider this when you're ready to play! It looks absolutely good too, perfectly fit for executives who still want to have fun and photography on the side. I know, I enjoyed it a lot!

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Note: ZenFone Max Pro M2 comes in 2 Variants that are 4GB/64GB and is available on Shopee/Lazada for PHP 12,995. It is also available at 6GB/64GB on ASUS/ZenFone Shops and accredited multi brand partners for only PHP 14,995. It is also available in 2 Colors Midnight Black (4GB and 6GB) and Cosmic Titanium (6GB only).

Kara Mia Premieres February 18

This takes courage to do but GMA is still dishing out very experimental shows especially this one which they plan to do on primetime. It's called Kara Mia, based on a medical condition called Craniopagus Parasiticus that is said to be a condition of having one head and two faces. Although in this instance, it is caused by impregnation of a mythical creature and a human.

The director read this with fresh eyes as the previous one had shelved this project, to them this is style and media bending which is very challenging. They enjoyed doing it a and hope you enjoy watching it. 

Barbie says "This is not easy to shoot because I have to make sure I move right on a specific height and wait for them to do the same with Mika. It takes hours to do this in real life and I get some sleep in between takes. I couldn't sleep because Jak is a little talkative, see Mika even attests to it."

Jak says "It just that I arrive in the set when I have already had coffee so I get to have extra energy, disturb her a bit because I don't usually sleep on set."

Paul adds "The most challenging part is when I have to be like a Playboy, I still have to research that. No I am not like that in real life."

Mika says "We are love square not triangle and in the beginning I will have feelings with the character of Jack. It takes the right people to be in your best condition and so far I feel everything is so unexpected and I feel so lucky. Nash and I are very happy, he talks to me and teaches me the ropes. I am inspired to do more."

Carmina says "I didn't know how this would be done because when I read the script it was overwhelming and really not easy to execute. It is also my first time to work with most of the cast and probably, I have my twins so they think of me when there are twins on the project. It is time consuming, sometimes I have to talk to her nape, unlike in the past where I talked to ghosts."

Kara Mia premieres on February 18 so if you're up to more fantasy, drama and a bit of humor, go watch GMA's newest offering because they're only hope is to change your viewing habits, to not only taste adobo, but also other dishes on the table.

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Rodolfo Gan Does “Prism II” Solo Exhibit

Friday, February 08, 2019

I am familiar with the style because I used to experiment with architectural shapes and elements when I made art in High School and College. I didn't really do well and concentrated on pressing keys for work but have always become fascinated with this medium for a long time, but here's a bit of good news for people who live and breathe this style. You are in for a treat because the world-renowned Rodolfo Gan has just started doing his second solo art exhibition called Prism 2 at the Upstairs Gallery of Finale Art File, La Fuerza Compound, Makati City.

It is a collection of 11 paintings that is done in cubism and geometrism. Known for his Airbrush method, his square abstract paintings show mostly these geometric lines and forms. He quirps "I am inspired by masters like Fernando Zobel (saw one in Seda Hotel), Lee Aguinaldo, and Roberto Chabet who is considered the father of conceptual art in the country." He graduated from the University of Sto. Tomas with a degree in Fine Arts, major in Advertising. Oftenly, they use bold colors but Gan’s works are unique as he stays in earth tones. Chabet encouraged and inspired Gan to be an artist. In the 70's, Gan won local and national art competitions and got his work exhibited at the Cultural Center of the Philippines where he had his first solo exhibit via the Luz Gallery in 72. He was dubbed as one of the CCP's Thirteen Artists and took part in exhibitions here and abroad, including the 7th Paris Biennale and the ASEAN collection exhibitions in Israel, Jakarta and Hong Kong. The family’s printing business though still was the priority for Gan. After a long hiatus, he came back with Prism in 2014.

He adds "My paintings have always been made to challenge the person looking at it, to look at them the way he or she chooses to.” So make sure you do visit his exhibit until February 11, 2019 at the Upstairs Gallery of Finale Art File, La Fuerza Compound in Makati City.


Asia’s Got Talent Starts Today on AXN

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Omg it’s back! Yeah! It’s AXN doing a good thing just by bringing back the third installment of Asia’s Got Talent. Yes it’s season 3!

Armi Malaluan of AXN says “We are so happy to hold the the advanced screening of Asia’s Got Talent, undeniably, the Philippines has been a powerhouse in showcasing what we can do as a talented nation. This year is not going to be different, I hope you enjoy the screening of Asia’s Got Talent Season 3. This is in partnership with Princess Cruises, Cherifer, Difflam, Godaddy and Nissan.”

El Gamma Penumbra, Junior New System, DMX Comvaleños, our throngs of singers have already made a mark, even went viral in other countries. David Foster, Anggun and Jay Park are also going to be the judges, they are looking for something different, even rappers. It premiers tonight at 8:30 PM on AXN. You should watch it!

I am right now!


Brewed To Order, Good Milk Tea at PRESOTEA

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

PRESOTEA has just set up shop at Robinsons Magnolia's second floor. I thought it was going to be another run of the mill Milk tea shop but no, the difference is, the way they actually make each cup. What do I mean? It stems from the name of the shop, "Preso" is from the term Espresso which is the machine they use as they brew the different teas they have in the store.

This brand from Taiwan makes sure your tea is brewed as you order, done fresh pressed on the machine (which they had designed specifically for this use) much like when you prepare espresso on it. I have favorites but I am gearing more on the fruity varieties they have on the menu. They have a lot of choices and for those who are no fans of sugar, they have liquid stevia too. But I don't think it is too sweet to begin with. Because it is freshly prepared like that you can still genuinely taste the tea leaves. I love the black tea based ones and the roasted Japanese rice varieties which are also best sellers.

I ordered the drink they call PPJ Milk Tea which stands for Pearl, Pudding and Jelly. If you are the type of trying to skip lunch or a little hungry, this thing will fill you up in no time. I felt full, because this will surely satisfy those who love toppings on their tea. Their teas also come in two sizes, they also cook the toppings on the spot by batches so you are sure you get it fresh everyday. 

They also have ample amount of seating on the side of the store, so if you want to hang out with friends or family, you're more than welcome to do that!

This is the Signature Fruit Tea Fusion, a dream concoction for me and my fruit loving taste buds. It is very light, very refreshing, so if it's too hot outside and the air conditioning isn't enough, go and get this one from PRESOTEA. It's also got fruit bits, passion fruit seeds which I adore. If I were to name my favorite, it would be a split decision between this and the Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato.

Now go rush to this newly opened branch at the 2nd floor of Robinsons Magnolia and quench your thirst with this good Taiwanese treat available now in the Philippines. You can also order this via Honest we because it's there too! You deserve the best of course!

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Tagaytay Highlands Marks 25th Year

Saturday, February 02, 2019

I have been here a couple of times and I remember them so fondly. It's not because of the people I'm with, but more so the memories we made in an ambiance unfamiliar with most people in Manila. Tagaytay Highlands marks their 25th year and this mountain resort that is 90 minutes away from Manila has literally breathtaking views, feels like you are on the Swiss Alps right in the heart of Tagaytay City.

Apart from the log cabins and luxury homes, my Uncles and cousins also get to enjoy playing at the 18-hole Highlands Golf Course and the championship 27-hole Midlands Golf Course, both world class and considered as some of Asia's most exciting golf course. Getting from one place to another is a breeze because the North American log cabin communities, Woodlands and Woodlands Point are accessible via Funicular system, all takes you up and down the slopes with ease. Parts of the 3.2 hectare property also has Horizon Terraces which is a residential mix of Asian-contemporary garden villas and suites. Some of the new developments also include the Japanese-inspired Katsura and Yume, modern Asian-inspired community Sycamore Heights and a tropical resort residential enclave called Vireya. I envy their addresses.

Tagaytay Highlands has continued to be the gamechanger in luxury mountain 
resort living here and in all of Asia. Bloomberg dubs these as "The Hamptons of Asia” and revered this is where the region’s ultra-rich spend their weekends. I couldn't blame them though. It's why they were awarded Best Leisure Development in the Philippines in 2017 at the Asia Pacific Property Awards (APPA). We feel they're just starting.

Congratulations on 25 years of luxury living Tagaytay Highlands!


NEWS5 Does “Anti Troll” Campaign

NEWS5 has always been different, and I think that is impressive. Remember the time they did “B.A.Y.A.W. for President” during the presidential elections? Jun Sabayton became a household name doing fictional stories, parodies directed to educate the Filipino voter and the community as well. B.A.Y.A.W. means “Bagong Alyansang Ayaw sa Walanghiya” was aimed to ridicule traditional politicians and how they’ve fooled pinoys for years, sort of mirror the current situation.

NEWS5 will do this again this 2019 as part od their electoral-advocacy campaign and Bilang Pilipino. NEWS5 will be concentrating on the social media power of Filipinos and what wonders likes, comments and shares does in the eve of proliferation of fake news, fooling much of the populace hook line and sinker. This also includes online trolls and how it has proliferated over the years that spread lies, malicious stories done to mar someones reputation. It’s time to call them out via their 2019 advocacy campaign called #TolWagTroll, Respeto Lang. This is to think twice about how to hone one’s behavior, digital or not.

Stay tuned as NEWS5 showcase #TolWagTroll Rap De-Battles hosted by Raffy Tulfo and PH’s rapper Loonie, Flict-G, J-King, Jonas, Lhip Kram, M Zhayt and Poison 13. Using words through their craft, rap battles will ensue as they dish out their views and opinions, exciting!

You may visit for more information.


Fisher Mall Marks 5th Anniversary

Friday, February 01, 2019

What were you doing when you turned 5 years old? Your Mom and Dad probably had given you a birthday party right? Well today I’m attending 5 years of Fisher Mall in Quezon City, I just felt like really? Has it been that long? 

I distinctly remember going here for several restaurant reviews because yes, their selections in restaurants are just amazing. From small kiosks, to fastfood giants and even international cuisine, this mall has it all. I also have attended big press conferences at the mall’s top floor because they have a huge events place that can accommodate thousands of people and still have room for more. The cinemas here are also top notch, albeit a little pricey you’ll find it worth your buck because they have crazy comfy seats, popcorn and snacks which you can purchase right outside. If you want an even more upscale experience, they also have a Fishermall VIP Cinema on the adjacent lot which you can walk to as it is connected with a bridge. There’s also UNIQLO, Cotton On and a Korean Barbecue place nearby so if you get tired from shopping, then you can simply walk to it after a stroll. Now since it is their 5th Year, there is a Fisher Mall Anniversary Sale still happening until February 3, 2019. You can get up to 80% off on sale items and get to watch a concert for FREE at the Event Center on the Upper Ground Floor (at 4PM) where you’ll see performances by UNIT 406 on February 1, Mayonnaise on February 2 and Silent Sanctuary on February 3. 

Now as for the SALE items, I have a few things in mind that would be so good for men. Check these out! 

First things first, Coco almost had no lines here, shorter actually

Maui and Sons have shirts starting from 250, pretty cheap;

Snack Bars outside the Cinema

Fishermall trade area has Tiangge items with shorts as low as 100

Bags for the ladies on 50% off

Men's Shirts so cheap at 2 for 150

Fishermall Supermarket has specials, free stuff if you purchase 500 and up!

PAYLESS stores have 10-20-30 percent off on shoes

Adidas Outlet stores have shoes less 30%, not so out of season too!

Ace Hardware has Buy 1 Take 1 special on Electric Fans

BENCH always has something on sale, go splurge!

FILA Shoes at 50% off

Steampunk themed cinemas have good snack Bars with popcorn and chips

Transfer It has shirts for 99 pesos, even dry fit ones.

Fisher Department Store has tons of shoes, bags and shirts on sale at 80% OFF

Newly opened BEANLEAF is currently doing a Buy 1 Take 1 sale on their iced drinks

Olympic Village has Sperry Topsiders and Keds Shoes on 50% Off. I told you so!

Fisher Supermarket has tons of items on sale,some products even have free stuff with it

This is Fisher Mall's EXPO Hall where they hold special events

Feeling nostalgic? They have this Zoltar machine in front of the Cinema so you could tell your fortune, that guy inside talks!

The mall also has a chapel on the 3rd Floor, everything is here!

Carabao for fun and photo ops too!
They also have a gym (mall hours) so after eating, you can burn them fats away!
The Galley Food Hall has tons of food establishments, in a sailor themed ambiance. Take note, they have Elars Lechon, Pepper Lunch, Binalot and Baliwag here!

The Lazy Boy chairs inside the cinemas were so comfy I almost didn't want to leave. gawd!

Their arcade is called Playland, it has tons of gaming machines in it.
They also have rentals for those who prefer to play with consoles, I was freaking out when I saw this!
They also have tons of Videoke Rooms,plus two big ones on the side. They also have Billiard Tables, how can you leave?
If there's tickets, you'll have to exchange them with toys, amazing!
Go to the Men's Wear section at the Fisher Department Store because there are some good items too that have 10-30 percent off
If you have a Fisher Elite card (for 100 bucks) you can get an additional 20 percent more, darn that is almost free LOL
Guys, take advantage of the cold weather and wear layers. From sweaters, scarves, leather goods, get them from Guy Gear and Cotton Colony which are house brands of Fisher Department Store
PUMPED UP KICKS has tons of shoes I love, plus a Tattoo shop inside. I was drooling 😂
Just look at Fisher Box Office, this is their VIP Cinema with a touch of Hollywood glam. As I mentioned earlier, the seats are ultra comfy!

Special seats for kids!
Free popcorn of course!

MUST TRY: Seafood Paluto at the Fisher Mall Supermarket where fresh seafood caught, from the boat to the supermarket is done everyday, so that means low prices.

live fish!
Live shrimp!
Fresh seafood everyday
Shellfish for days!
Seafood Paluto service
Dining area 🐮

Now more than ever, Fisher Mall is giving you more reasons to enjoy shopping right in the heart of Quezon City. They will be putting up more soon so if you have time, enjoy and celebrate with them on their 5th year, because it's all here! 

Congratulations Fisher Mall Quezon City!