Fisher Mall Marks 5th Anniversary

Friday, February 01, 2019

What were you doing when you turned 5 years old? Your Mom and Dad probably had given you a birthday party right? Well today I’m attending 5 years of Fisher Mall in Quezon City, I just felt like really? Has it been that long? 

I distinctly remember going here for several restaurant reviews because yes, their selections in restaurants are just amazing. From small kiosks, to fastfood giants and even international cuisine, this mall has it all. I also have attended big press conferences at the mall’s top floor because they have a huge events place that can accommodate thousands of people and still have room for more. The cinemas here are also top notch, albeit a little pricey you’ll find it worth your buck because they have crazy comfy seats, popcorn and snacks which you can purchase right outside. If you want an even more upscale experience, they also have a Fishermall VIP Cinema on the adjacent lot which you can walk to as it is connected with a bridge. There’s also UNIQLO, Cotton On and a Korean Barbecue place nearby so if you get tired from shopping, then you can simply walk to it after a stroll. Now since it is their 5th Year, there is a Fisher Mall Anniversary Sale still happening until February 3, 2019. You can get up to 80% off on sale items and get to watch a concert for FREE at the Event Center on the Upper Ground Floor (at 4PM) where you’ll see performances by UNIT 406 on February 1, Mayonnaise on February 2 and Silent Sanctuary on February 3. 

Now as for the SALE items, I have a few things in mind that would be so good for men. Check these out! 

First things first, Coco almost had no lines here, shorter actually

Maui and Sons have shirts starting from 250, pretty cheap;

Snack Bars outside the Cinema

Fishermall trade area has Tiangge items with shorts as low as 100

Bags for the ladies on 50% off

Men's Shirts so cheap at 2 for 150

Fishermall Supermarket has specials, free stuff if you purchase 500 and up!

PAYLESS stores have 10-20-30 percent off on shoes

Adidas Outlet stores have shoes less 30%, not so out of season too!

Ace Hardware has Buy 1 Take 1 special on Electric Fans

BENCH always has something on sale, go splurge!

FILA Shoes at 50% off

Steampunk themed cinemas have good snack Bars with popcorn and chips

Transfer It has shirts for 99 pesos, even dry fit ones.

Fisher Department Store has tons of shoes, bags and shirts on sale at 80% OFF

Newly opened BEANLEAF is currently doing a Buy 1 Take 1 sale on their iced drinks

Olympic Village has Sperry Topsiders and Keds Shoes on 50% Off. I told you so!

Fisher Supermarket has tons of items on sale,some products even have free stuff with it

This is Fisher Mall's EXPO Hall where they hold special events

Feeling nostalgic? They have this Zoltar machine in front of the Cinema so you could tell your fortune, that guy inside talks!

The mall also has a chapel on the 3rd Floor, everything is here!

Carabao for fun and photo ops too!
They also have a gym (mall hours) so after eating, you can burn them fats away!
The Galley Food Hall has tons of food establishments, in a sailor themed ambiance. Take note, they have Elars Lechon, Pepper Lunch, Binalot and Baliwag here!

The Lazy Boy chairs inside the cinemas were so comfy I almost didn't want to leave. gawd!

Their arcade is called Playland, it has tons of gaming machines in it.
They also have rentals for those who prefer to play with consoles, I was freaking out when I saw this!
They also have tons of Videoke Rooms,plus two big ones on the side. They also have Billiard Tables, how can you leave?
If there's tickets, you'll have to exchange them with toys, amazing!
Go to the Men's Wear section at the Fisher Department Store because there are some good items too that have 10-30 percent off
If you have a Fisher Elite card (for 100 bucks) you can get an additional 20 percent more, darn that is almost free LOL
Guys, take advantage of the cold weather and wear layers. From sweaters, scarves, leather goods, get them from Guy Gear and Cotton Colony which are house brands of Fisher Department Store
PUMPED UP KICKS has tons of shoes I love, plus a Tattoo shop inside. I was drooling 😂
Just look at Fisher Box Office, this is their VIP Cinema with a touch of Hollywood glam. As I mentioned earlier, the seats are ultra comfy!

Special seats for kids!
Free popcorn of course!

MUST TRY: Seafood Paluto at the Fisher Mall Supermarket where fresh seafood caught, from the boat to the supermarket is done everyday, so that means low prices.

live fish!
Live shrimp!
Fresh seafood everyday
Shellfish for days!
Seafood Paluto service
Dining area 🐮

Now more than ever, Fisher Mall is giving you more reasons to enjoy shopping right in the heart of Quezon City. They will be putting up more soon so if you have time, enjoy and celebrate with them on their 5th year, because it's all here! 

Congratulations Fisher Mall Quezon City!


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