Halloween Fun at Ayala Ferndale Homes

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

I had a lot of fun a few days ago at Ayala Ferndale Homes in Quezon City. For those who don't know, this is an exclusive subdivision for the more affluent people in the metro so when we got an invitation I packed my bags and headed over to their community at the edge of Don Mariano - Tandang Sora district in the same city.

UAAP stars and UP mainstays Juan and Javi Gomez De Liano started to learn the ropes in this village, in the community court

Honestly, there were a few more villages in the area that I've never even heard of and security is very tight. I felt it was nice to see how they celebrated Halloween and the theme this year was obviously COCO, the animated movie that talked about the day of the dead. In the past, they all did the scariest stuff and this year, they told us this is a breath of fresh air especially for the kids who they didn't want to traumatize when this occasion comes. Them doing this NaCOCOtakot theme, was just amazing!

Here's our video blog, enjoy!

Thank you so much to Ms. Sally Jo, the people who organized the event and to Homeowners Association President Atty. Felipe Cruz and his whole family (even the one who cooked the lovely lasagna!) who accommodated us into their home and community. We had a wonderful time! Thanks to Alfonso Felipe (in touching photo above) who also took time talking to us before we went home. The community surely is tight nit, the kids had so much fun and it was just a day to celebrate all that! Again, thank you for letting us experience it all in one fine day!

Thank you!


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Myrtle Sarroza Represents PH in PUBG Tourney

Blessings are pouring in for young lass Myrtle Sarroza as she begins her journey as the representative of the Philippines for Player Unknown Battle Grounds, an MMO First Person Shooting game to be hosted by OMEN by HP who previously did Overwatch World Cup tournaments with teams from around the world. The same thing is going to happen this month as teams from other countries converge in Bangkok, Thailand with 3 people that qualified also in the Philippines that would complete the 4 person team.

She has been playing for quite sometime but adore the mobile version, though she admits starting with the one on PC. There have been some adjustments because they are just not the same but she's been practicing quite a lot these days and hold up deafeating a lot of other gamers because she needs to get attuned with the PC version now that she's playing seriously too.

Myrtle already knows where her money is going too (if she wins) as she plans to spend it to treat her team out for lunch and dinner or perhaps a new gaming chair which she deems a good investment. She also is honored to represent the country in the international stage because this is the first time for any celebrity (in the country) to do so. The in game competition already got these guys filtered among thousands who joined the competition, she'll be seeing them tomorrow so they could get their startegy figured out, so for the meantime she's playing til the wee hours of the morning to play just for this. She hopes to bring honor and pride as she feels this privilege is something that isn't given to anyone.

Here's our interview with Myrtle this afternoon. Check out her gaming strategy and how she also tells us about her Halloween experience.

Now make sure you support Myrtle all the way to the finals! They stand to win 9,400 US dollars so this is something they should really be serious about. Good luck also to her team mates the Aether Dogz who will help Myrtle win this for the country. They will have to make sure they beat 20 other teams (about 100 people) and hope they don’t get in the way of these guys and gal, hope they get the crown!

Let’s play!

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Through Night and Day

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A new movie starring Paulo Contis and Alessandra de Rossi is going to be shown in theaters this November 14, 2018. This is produced by Viva Films and Octoarts Films and talks about couple Ben and Jen who went on to a journey in Iceland. This is a real change in venue, real change in scenery, so just imagine how that would look like on screen. It’s called Through Night and Day.

Their director Ronnie Velaso says “It is difficult to shoot these kind of things because of the weather, the cold was just negative levels so you can just imagine. I appreciate her inputs because as an actor it was character driven. They have really long scenes because their come backs are real and insulting, it’s like cariƱo brutal and the producers didn’t know how good it looked like on screen. I hope you help is promote this because it is good. We had so much scenes in things that you would love to see, it is expensive, each water bottle is Php150, grocery a few pieces would cost Php3,500, it is difficult getting food and traveling around. We thank you for being here, this movie is worth watching and I hope a lot of people would get to watch it.”

Paulo says “While you are young, you’re both good but you grow and change priorities. Iceland was just a place where I propose and both know each other even more. 20 years being friends and 13 years being together but you have funny, more natural things to discover with each other and hopefully it is something you’ll learn to love. We went to Iceland, to Baguio, we had different films in Octoarts, there are no new things to say because we have no limits when we are paired up and hopefully this translates to the screen. I bought something day 1 and still ate it on day 8. Alex and I are okay at work and when we meet we go no holds barred. It’s just trust and we have issues against my big ears. I am thankful they got me in this movie. I hope you get to fall in love with Ben and Jen as we have too.”

Alessandra says “Jen fails the bar twice, but one who always wants to pursue her dreams to be a lawyer. Paulo and I are okay, we had 3 hours of sleep each day and didn’t get to tour around because of work and the weather. You can feel the wind move the vans literally that it almost toppled the van while we were shooting. It is not a film you can take scenes from because it is dangerous and we had limited time. Paulo and I have been classmates in school, he bullied me a lot in the past but we made movies already, he realized I was perfect. I wrote the story and conceptualized it in my mind, Paulo added a lot and green jokes because he’s good at it. When we got there it was just so cold to write about it, so I stressed Laureen so she could write about it and my story suddenly felt boring versus what she came up with. I have my everything here, I have never been so excited about something and this it.”

Again, make sure you watch this romcom on theaters come November 14, 2018 as both of the stars promise it will be worth your while.

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Senate Hopeful De Alban Pushes for Improvement of Showbiz Work Conditions

Senate Hopeful Angelo De Alban

Senatorial hopeful Angelo De Alban met with us this morning for a short meet and greet. He was apologizing because he was late as he was attending to matters about a disqualification case that was filed against him at Comelec/courts.

He says “I am a lawyer and teacher by profession, I have a lot of enemies but I have helped a lot of teachers and ordinary working class people. I was also a journalism major in the past so I have a close affinity to the media. The thing is, politics should not be partisan, I am young, about 37, only millennial who is running for office as an independent. I hope people would see me as person with the same mind, same way, as a new breed. I am not old, I have been doing law works for quite a while. I am an advocate of PWD’s and education for people with special needs. I got hurt by politicians whom we helped in the past but didn’t work on our plans for assistive needs. We hope there is active participation in government and also put a stop to TRAIN law. It wasn’t studied further to address current and immediate problems. We live day to day and do not have millions or billions of money, I am someone who wants to be independent so I could work with them both. I want bloggers and the media protected, to work with cyberbullying matters and we have to re evaluate it as it affects and regulates freedom of expression. We all age, we have to integrate also the plight of media workers. I was surprised to receive a petition indicating a very degrading remark against teachers and lawyers. They also indicate that I do not have the capacity to run a national campaign but in the age of internet you can already do all these things. We have sent our reply and I hope they read and understand the qualifications and dedication I put it to rest. I want to look for people who can relay the message, not to be fooled by looks alone and we are deliberating on who could do that and I want improvement and change. Change can be good or bad, for endorsers, we have three in mind but we are still in the process of choosing who can do what I have in mind because I have law experience and I have been doing that for years. We have a labor code but it is lacking, actors and actresses depend on the projects and can be bullied to work. If they are guaranteed not to be abused, that would be good. Government should also actively regulate it as more contracts even have long hours (ordinary working class) and talents are no different. I watch films since I was a kid and I do know a lot of them try to raise funds because they do not take care of their health early on. We have to make laws that are applicable, laws that work because it’s what the industry needs. We need actual government assistance for psychological help, it is limited and we need institutions that could handle syndromes like it.

He wants people to get to know him better. With the articles on the internet picturing him as a crazy guy who wants to run for office, meeting him practically made us see he’s a normal person like you and me. He’s just got law experience and he has work done in the pontifical university to back it up. He looks so passionate too about this, he says he has to be consistent with it and it enables him to look further to protect peoples lives because of his background.

Is it time to elect new breeds and good guys perhaps? How could they win you think? That should be something YOU as a voter should probably know, he advises we should be discerning as a people and know what’s fact and what’s not.

There you go.

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10 Reasons to Watch All Souls Night

Monday, October 29, 2018

Watched the movie All Souls Night this evening and I can’t wait to give you reasons why you should watch this film. It’s Andi Eigenmann’s comeback movie and she really hasn’t lost touch of her caliber in acting.

Here are my observations:

1. Pacing is slow, they take time building on the identity of the characters. Sheila is a house maid, and just got to this creepy place where the story starts.

2. It’s full of scary people, you’ll meet them while the story goes on. But they are not monsters, not all that is.

3. I think it would be bad for claustrophobic people, the tight shots never end.

4. There will be lots of blood. 

5. I think they really did the pacing slow so when you get to the end you’ll be at the edge of your seats. (That remains to be seen)

6. They don’t pay their Meralco bill, all their lights flicker in this house.

7. Dinner was good, especially on their table. Silly parts, but you get to feel what they were dealing with.

8. This must be all an imagination, so don’t expect much. I think it is more of a thriller than a horror film. There is a difference.

9. You’ll wonder who they get vegetables and groceries from.

10. The movie’s theme song should be “No Air” by Jordin Sparks. They all feel so helpless. 

So for those who would want to see this film, lower your expectations, it’s story based - rather than to shock, frighten and awe. Go to the cinemas and find out why I said these things, maybe you’ll like it for it’s merits and how it was made. Rated PG 13 but I think it should be okay to have this be watched by kids but of course movie houses won’t let them in.

I like it, a little. I was tired when it ended.


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ASOP Song Competition Marks 7th Year

This isn’t he first time that I’ve covered ASOP, in fact, this is their 7th year! Dishing out the newest OPM Christian Songs in the country, thousands of Filipinos are already enjoying the fruits of their labor now. The A Song Of Praise Music Festival will be having their Grand Finals Night this November 11, Sunday 7PM at the New Frontier Theater (formerly Kia Theater) in Araneta Center Cubao, Quezon City. There are only 12 song writers that will compete this year (they started November 2017 and screened them monthly). Among them are Rommel Gojo, Oliver Narag, Emmanuel Lipio Jr. and Joyner Dizon who joined in previous years.

Here is our VLOG from this morning’s press conference:

The entries include “Isang Milyong Pasasalamat” by Edward Salde and to be interpreted by Leah Patricio, “Binago Mo Ako” by Jett Villareal and interpreted by Daryl Ong, “Magpatuloy Sa Mabuting Paggawa” by Febs Colibao and will be performed by Gian Magdangal, “Wag Kang Bibitiw” by Oliver Narag and interpreted by Jessa Mae Gabon, “God is with Us” by Emmanuel Lipio Jr. and interpreted by Cello Nunez, “Salamat Panginoon” by Elmar Jan Abolano and Rex Torremoro interpreted by Mark Carpio, “Pagbabalik” by Joel Cabosa interpreted by Marcelito Pomoy, “Hiling” by Jeffrey Lim interpreted by Plethora, “Makikita Kita” by Joyner Dizon interpreted by Dan Billano, “BanalMong Salita” by LJ Manzano interpreted by Mark Michael Garcia, “Tugtog”by John Paul Salazar interpreted by Bradz and “Di Nako Aawit” by Rommel Gojo interpreted by Hans Dimayuga.

Winners will get the chance to win Php 500,000 in cash tax free, while finalists will get Php 20,000. There will be special prizes too like the Best Interpreter Award and People’s Choice who will both win Php 50,000. If you want to vote for it just go to asoptv.com/poll so you can vote once per day using your FB/Twitter accounts to login. Judges will be announced and divulged on the day itself. They didn’t tell us about it because it is a surprise!

I can’t wait to see who will win this year!

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dear Dad,

I miss you a lot, I do.

It’s been a while since I’ve last heard you snore, or was that me? I miss you making fun of yourself with all the Dad jokes you can think of, I miss the times you go with Mom to church, when we eat out and you throw a fit when you don’t like the temperature of the water, or the glass itself.

I miss you try and eat a lot when I am and the times you wake up so late, not eat because you would rather watch Eat Bulaga and Showtime - finish both shows - at the same time. 

I miss you being morbid, at times when I have to tell you NO that’s not gonna happen. I miss every single one of your obnoxious songs, songs you put on repeat til the wee hours of the morning.

I miss you playing Angry Birds Friends and how you manage being number one in the standings, I deleted that app just now because the old iPad is wonky. I miss you every day, I feel a lot guilty when I don’t get to visit you at the columbary every week, or put flowers in your place. The same when going to church, but it reminds me so much of you, so I try to.

Mom just fixed your altar at home and put stuff away because the toys wouldn’t fit anymore in your space downstairs. Too much toys I guess, but it’s all clean now, she still takes care of the house every day.

You being gone is not really fair, I cried so many times but yours was just difficult. I do not even see myself moving on at all, we just don’t, they were right, the pain never really goes away... you just become numb with time. 

I’ll try to take care of Mom the best way I can, we all miss you still. I really do.


Aiai Delas Alas Opens AIsian Fusion Hybrid Casual Restaurant

Spent the afternoon at Ayala Malls Cloverleaf yesterday to witness the launch of Aisian Fusion: Hybrid Casual Restaurant which is owned by Ms. Aiai Delas Alas and her partners. The Chef previously worked at Highgrounds in Rallos but took training in Malaysia, when he got back he executed the recipes of Ms. Aiai's partners specifically for this restaurant. It's located at the 4th floor of the mall beside Slimmers World. This is bad news for those who would try to lose weight but totally fine for everybody else who would crave for Asian cuisine.

Ms. Aiai now owns a few restaurants under her belt, no surprise because she finds it as a necessity for Filipinos and it's something she really believes as the perfect bonding time for families, friends, just about every Joe. So we tried a few things on her menu, which consists mostly of fusion dishes inspired by food from Japan, Korea, China and the Philippines. 

For appetizers, they got us dimsum like this Premium Mushroom Siu Mai. I love this because it's not mushy, you can really feel the morsels of mushroom and pork. This is served with chili and soy sauce, freshly made I'm sure because it feels like it.
Their Iced Tea isn't powdered, it's  brewed too.
This is the Pork Katsu. Their version I think is sweeter than the usual  because they adapted it to the Filipino taste. Order this for kids or those who would want lots of rice on their meal.
This one is like Lechon Macau and boiled White Chicken.

This is another bowl of Char Siu pork and Roasted Chicken. I could feel the five spice was used a lot on the chicken.

To give you a short preview of the restaurant and our interview with Ms. Aiai on video. Enjoy!

Again, AISIAN FUSION is at the 4th floor of Ayala Malls Cloverleaf. They are open mall hours so make sure you get there on time. They also host events, so please do call them for reservations via +639668109178. The place is new, with an open kitchen, so posh for the place but that's a welcome development.

Go eat!

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Zeus Collins: The Dance Machine Concert

Friday, October 26, 2018

Dance is his passion and he’s never backed out of a challenge since his debut on PBB. Everyone knew his street dancing ability is tops and with the Hashtags behind him in every Showtime episode there is, he’s been known even more here and outside the country. He gets even better through the years and this time, he’s letting it all out as Istudyo Ni Pipay produces his first major concert at the SM Skydome on November 3.

He is bringing his A game, with repertoirs of different genres, different dance styles, you will see him raw, with his dance partner Dawn Chang, funny boy Ryan Bang and co hashtag members Niko Natividad, Paulo Angeles, Jimboy Martin, Charles Kieron, Jameson Blake and more surprise guests to entertain you in this one day concert.

Youtuber Lady Pipay will also be adding her brand of dance in the concert, so you will get more than just one good dance number, you’ll get a whole lot more! After his successful Trinoma concert, this adds ot the things in Zeus’ wishlist, all coming true.

If you would want tickets to his show, please head on to smtickets.com or any SM Tickets branches nationwide. If you are a fan, wouldn’t it be a nice to see it all in one stage? Exactly, so make sure to be there when Zeus performs for all of you and see why he’s called the god of the dance floor one more time!

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ML Must Be Seen By Millennials

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Just got off Solar's head office in Makati to watch the movie ML starring Eddie Garcia, Tony Labrusca and an ensemble cast. I didn't get to watch this during Cinemalaya 2018 because of time constraints but Sir Eddie winning the best actor award ought to be a good reason to see this film. I had expectations, but it was exceeded knowing that it only took them 7 days to make this. Albeit new to movies, Tony seems to also have been on a roll. He's getting nods but it's a little obvious he's choosing roles that are real acting pieces, it was nice to see him do something political.

ML’s Director Benedict Mique says “We appreciate you going to our small event, we want your support on this film. Aside from getting entertained, I wish a lot of people would be able to watch it and learn about Martial Law. I hope you like and write about it so people would be able yo get interested and watch it.”

It is shocking as the reviews said. You’ll get that feeling from the very beginning of the film.

Eddie Garcia is another class, another level and him playing the Colonel just felt right at place.

That cool millennial vibe of Tony Labrusca just is the same with the kids of today, who think they know Martial Law with all the stuff they see on the web and not the real people who went through it.

I would want every Millennial to actually see and feel every bit of what Eddie Garcia prepared for them in the film. See for themselves why it’s not a simple woke matter, to see if they read history books well, or even talk to real people who went through it because this definitely looks and feels like it’s based on real accounts.

Some people need to learn the hard way, this would be a good thing to start with before you understand what Martial Law is all about. No ifs or buts, you can’t say your piece, and you can’t say nothing else but yes.

Itching to go out? You’ll never look at Valkyrie the same way again.

This is a morbid man’s fantasy. It’s gripping, violent and revolting at the same time. I meant that in a good way.

There I said it.

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Holidays at Watsons

Holidays are just around the corner and yes, Watsons is giving you more reasons to come their store this Christmas season. We all know how difficult it is to find stuff to give your loved ones and the decision always end up being something not useful for them, humiliating I know. This time however Watsons is making your task easy because wether it's for your friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, how do you brush your teeth, they have gift packages specifically for them which you can just grab, pay for and go. 

Grooming is essential for every man so when the smoke cleared earlier, I went and grabbed my favorites which includes shaves, cartridges, shower gels, moisturizers and more. Though if I were you, you may opt for the exclusive gift sets that they offer for only Php 279, Php 399 when you buy three of it til the end of this year.

I also saw Ashley Ortega and Lindsay Johnson earlier at Watson's Mall of Asia

I also signed up for the exclusive WATSONS card which they told us will have twice the bonus points if you purchase the same gift sets until the 26th of December. Sounds fun? Well here's a short video of my shopping experience earlier.

Thanks WATSONS! Thank you too for making your medicine cheaper, I am buying in your new store at Mother Ignacia. Cheers!

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Ginebra Outs Pia Wurtzbach as 2019 Calendar Girl

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cheers to life's best moments!

So yesterday was a lot of fun because I had to rush from Matteo and Carlo's concert presscon to Shangri-la Edsa for Ginebra's event. They only gave a couple of clues about who or what they were launching but everyone pretty much knew who it was because she's definitely the first person you'll think of when you hear the word UNIVERSE. 

Unlike the heavenly bodies, this one is human - and divine. She made the country proud last 2015 as she emerged victorious during the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas. She's no other than the gorgeous Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. In the event, she uttered how her story unfolded before millions of people around the world.

She came from very humble beginnings, went through hardships and had to work so she could fend for herself and her family. She tried joining pageants and didn't get to win a couple of times but pursued the dream of becoming the best version of herself. Ultimately winning the crown in the most controversial way, but fitting for the universe's most beautiful woman.

Now, another one of her dreams came true. She's now the face of Ginebra San Miguel and in glorious fashion as she utters "I am now in the best shape of my life." We saw how she's really worked hard on her body. From now until early next year, you will have the chance to see the most beautiful woman in the world (next to your Mom and Wives) donning the calendar for Ginebra as they say "Para sa ganado sa buhay!" (For those who are winning in life!).

You can get them in local suppliers, stores, and just about any place til supply lasts. Much like the jerseys these run out fast so go check them out now!

Go stick that on your rooms wall bro!

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AOC/Philips Outlook on Monitor Market in the Philippines

Philips/AOC Launches E and V Line of Monitors

This is something you would want to look forward to if you are an ESport fan or just working in your office cubicle. AOC and Philips just launched a new line of monitors that would be perfect for your gaming needs or even professional use. I often use them in spreadsheets and real time monitoring of social media so I’m not new to their brand.

“Good morning everyone, thank you for coming to our event. We’ll give you an overview of what we released this month. The global market from 2010 to 2018 is declining together with personal computers, but this year we grew 1.5% prolly because of ESports which is going to be part of the Olympics pretty soon. A lot of people are into ESports, even establish school labs. The growth is attributed to us in the non bundle market, we do not have laptops or desktops but have a lot of government shipments worldwide who want us to be part of their system. It’s not because of business doing well on unbundled LCD monitor market, but a large part of this is the Department of Education project. The market is better than other countries who do double digit drops, the forecast is promising though because it is still 35% market share. This is why we are bringing in new products in the market, to see how we get new products aside from monitors.” Kan Yeung of AOC/Philips said.

Regional Product Manager of Philips Paul Tsai says “We want more market share in the Philippines, while delivering Professional, Performing Product. Better is always happening and we want life to be better than before... and these monitors look better. Better contrast value, you see more details, vivid color, better brightness, like HDR so you can see something as close as what your eyes can see in the real world. Your monitors, devices, xbox, ps4, chromecast and Roku all have HDR and other standards in the market. They provide this and is the next big thing of displays. The new generation of Philips monitors are the 1st Vesa PC HDR 400 certified 4K2K Display. It’s got superb video quality, DTS Surround Sound and much like a theater. It’s got better color even on our Ultra Wide Color E9 because of it’s vivid true to life colors and gets higher number of colors, wider color gamut which happens only on our ultra wide color monitors. We also have them with more curvature ratio, uses AMD FreeSync for smoother gameplay. This can be also used for commercial purposes, it’s reliable even in a hostile call center environment. We also have the new V7 model to protect your eyes (flicker free) which is good for businesses that use it all day long. It’s also got edge to edge glass so you see a lot on your documents in an office setting. It’s better performance, design and applications, all from Philips monitors. (They are referring to V Line Model Number 223V7QHSB, the E Line Model Number 248E9QHSB and 328E9QJAB)”

For those who want a piece of the monitors, Philips and 20th Century Fox also has just partnered up, so every purchase of 24 Inch monitors (and up) will get them a free ticket for BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY at the Directors Club in SM Megamall , 8:30PM and will be legendary. This will be shown on October 31. Philips hopes to rock your world in Cebu and Davao too, and it will happen very soon!

Congratulations in your launch AOC/Philips!

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Watsons Wish You A Merry Christmas

It's Christmas season once again and if you haven't seen it yet, our lovely friends from Watson's has got some holiday cheers to spread so they got this video published on their Facebook page just recently.

Their wish for you this year is simple, a great Christmas and a Healthy New Year as accorded by the video. You know how much they have helped tons of Filipinos just by being there, giving us choices when we need it, when the cost of medicine is sky high on some other stores, then they have it at a lesser price, some even on their Watsons Generics line that I use until now.

Watsons also accept SM Gift cards and GC's so it is convenient for me even if I don't have that much cash with me. The other day, they even gave me 50 pesos off on vouchers issued just at their Mother Ignacia branch, so that saved me a lot!

Just like these folks on the video, you will experience Watsons either in SM branches or stand alone shops near you. If you want to know more about their Christmas campaign, make sure you like their Facebook page and social media channels because it's all there!


Tim Hortons Double Choco Creep Donuts

My family in Manitoba got the shock of their life when they learned that Tim's is actually here in the Philippines. I wouldn't blame them because we are in a tropical climate but since they are a global brand, it wouldn't be a good idea to leave us out on having the great donuts, coffee and just about any of the sweet treats they have off the kitchen. This Halloween isn't going to be a let down as they introduce something good for those who would want a fright.

Tim Hortons just came out with their Double Chocolate Creep donuts. The donut and donut hole combo made to look like spiders is just so good to pair with a cup of coffee, don't pass on the double doubles if the kind counter guy or lady offers you one. 

It's packed and baked fresh every day and by golly this donut I got from them was just absolutely filling and surprisingly not too sweet, perfect for me who is trying to cut down on sugar intake and just wanted to have a piece or two. I am not even joking.

Ooh and yes if you've got kids they won't be jumping around that much because of the sugar high, so good job Tim's! Now make that holiday special by getting these chocolate loving dream donuts that match every arachnophobe's dream. I also saw some really cool stories they have on their Facebook page so they'll take care of you too. Go get creepy with the donuts today please!

I'll have to get my Double double later, I'll take care of this one first. Nomnomnom.

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Matteo Guidicelli x Carlo Aquino in Concert

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Women, wait, even men drool at the sight of these two. They are some of Star Magic's prized leading men and they're going to hold a concert at the Music Museum this November 17 and dubbed it MatteoXCarlo. One's a rocker, the other one does a little more slow romantic music- pop rock, it's this opposite characteristics that make it interesting on stage, says Hills and Dreams Producer Vernice Soyangco. 

Ladies would have no complaints with these eye candies as Matteo dishes out his own songs, and tougher machismo vibe on stage while Carlo promises a mix of 90's music, and romantic songs you'll all love.

Carlo says "I couldn't understand this year on what things are happening, a movie, new projects then this concert. I am freaking out but excited because we have never been together even on TV. It started in 94 when my brother asked me to learn guitar, I then loved doing it but performed just for Private audiences. ABSCBN knew we were doing it hence Cyberkada and that's where it started. Bruno Mars, Parokya, it's a mix of things, even Beatles, Britney Spears, Rita Ora (he kids). We jammed one night in a Bantay Kalikasan event and One Music then we enjoyed it. This is an opportunity and it comes, I just grabbed and I'm definitely willing because this is ABSCBN and Black sheep (in his career). I do appreciate that part of this is by Angelica. I don't know if they will be there too but you know they are a big part of why I am getting a second wind. Music is my passion and I do this on the side, they are fixing things to make me release a single soon, a try, hopefully will be good."

Matteo adds "It was a wish to get us together and this was just the right time. It's the first time and I want you all to know we will be just going to have a good time. He and I likes rock music, we are still planning to go to other places. We are going to meet for the other locations and this is going to be fresh. We have the same handler and that's why we know each other well, we both love doing this so on stage we will see a fun, more intimate because the place does that (in Music Museum). I don't know if they will be there but we hope so. We will be using a full band but there would be a mix in the lineup of songs. Our sound will be more pop rock vibe."

So for those who adore these two, make sure you get your tickets at the Music Museum (only if it's not sold out). The director just said there will be some surprises and they are preparing for that. 

Matteo x Carlo will be cool, sexy, fun. That they promise.


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