8 Good Reasons Why You Should Watch TRES

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Saw the movie TRES this evening at Rockwell’s Powerplant Mall in Makati. I was there to meet a special person because I’ve heard they were going around cinemas to personally say hi to people. It’s a good work ethic and a good place to get to know them offline. Anyway I have that on video, and I want to make you to support the movie like I do, so here I am giving you 8 good reasons why you should watch the movie TRES. 

1. It’s three movies in one. Three guys who have slight age differences can show you different views of the drug menace. 

2. If you miss Bong Revilla, his three kids would be good representatives. He would be proud to see his boys on screen.

3. Bryan Revilla exudes machismo. If you like men who looks and breathes like him, he’s your guy. His tight action scenes would make you feel a little claustrophobic, but you’ll love how it’ll end. 

4. Luigi Revillla is a millennial, he makes his action scenes easy because he’s got his martial arts background to take care of that.

5. Jolo Revilla is so close to Bong Revilla, you would ingest his scenes as if you’re watching his films in the past. Jolo moves like him, and if you’re fond of the cheesy romantic angles while in the middle of a shootout, that’s him.

6. They didn’t hold back on budget, they were shooting with real guns (blanks of course). They also got cars, mobile patrol vehicles and SUV’s explode. 

7. You won’t know who’s an enemy, or who’s the good guy. It happened several times, it’s a nice thing to have to twist the story. So you get a little bit of drama, a little bit of suspense.

8. It’s a mix of corruption, vices, lies, crime and a little fun. You’ll love the action scenes, you’ll love the ladies, you’ll love Bryan, Luigi and Jolo on screen.

Here's a bonus, a video for all my readers :)

Go head on to theaters today and get a does of action with the Revilla brothers. Make sure you tag along your friends and family so you can analyze and try to predict how it ends, I didn’t sleep because it had fun and interesting parts placed nicely throughout the film. Look for it while you watch in theaters nationwide. This is produced by IMUS Productions and distributed by Star Cinema’s Cine Screen.

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