The Flash Season 5 on HOOQ

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Got HOOQ'd last Monday and was able to watch The Flash's newest season. Had to hold it in even if I was a bit excited to share with you guys what it was all about.

The new season meant new stories, still same fast person though in the persona of Barry Allen but I was quite surprised about one thing, a female flash in blue. If my hunch is correct, she's the daughter and with the same or even greater power, how would that shift things in his life now that he's a father?

The all new Season 5 of The Flash can be viewed on the HOOQ app as it premiers on October 10, make sure you get your subscription ready for the fastest show on TV land!

Download it now on Google Play and the App store, you wouldn't want to miss this show, or else you'll be left behind!

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