Derrick Monasterio and Sanya Lopez Heats Up The Screen in Wild and Free

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Sanya Lopez and Derrick Monasterio for Wild and Free

This one is interesting. You know Derrick Monasterio right? How about Sanya Lopez? Well, they will be in a movie produced by Regal Entertainment Inc. and it’s not going to be just another romcom or chick flick. This is going to be bold, feisty, a little over the edge because these two sexy individuals are going to give their all. This movie is called WILD and FREE.

Their trailer has been released a few weeks ago, and true enough, it’s a but controversial. This will be a more matured topic, showcasing daring scenes from two GMA artists. Sanya says “I was nervous, but I was open to things that would happen in our scenes and kept it classy still. We know that as lovers, things will be intimate, we actually got a little rough but Derrick is a gentleman, I didn’t feel violated or taken advantage of. We have worked with each other before and it was a good foundation to work professionally. I had to brush my teeth a lot because of what’s asked for. I consider the things they say online as a complement. It was challenging of course but our director was there to help us understand our roles, I even asked my friends about it and good thing we can learn about it. Direk told me to say whenever we felt uncomfortable, about touching, but Derrick was good to also ask me about scenes before we did it so it was a good take.”

There will be intense scenes, you can expect that

I have seen Derrick do teen roles, this is a step up and he says “I wouldn’t want to get slapped so we took it easy, we tried to envision and do what we had to in the scene, I tried to make her comfortable because we have limitations. This is my first love scene and it is out of this world, the secret is mouthwash. I am sure there are a lot of guys who fantasise about Sanya during her Danaya days but we are happy that we are given a chance to do this with a big production like Regal. We had workshops, we had to watch movies related to it and learn to kiss passionately. (Mother Lily interjects saying “He is a baby, we started with him very young.”) I do have to admit, I also did a lot of wild things like doing it on a stop light. It was uncomfortable but did it anyway. We had similar scenes but had to do it in a smaller vehicle.”

Here’s our video from the presscon, enjoy!

As you may have heard it took them around 6 long love scenes to make this movie, Sanya laments how she felt something from Derrick but they say there is a secret. That’s what is going to revealed in the movie. Who will be the loser in this relationship? Why are they doing this?

Watch WILD AND FREE on October 10 in cinemas nationwide! You may follow Regal Films social media channels for updates about the movie.

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