The CLASHers Sign with GMA Artist Center

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Met the finalists of The Clash 2018 this afternoon as they signed with GMA Artist Center. As you may know, the reality competition ended already with Golden Cañedo winning the competition. She hails from Cebu and is no stranger to the contest circuit as this provides for her needs and her family. GMA Executive Lily G. Rasonable was also there to welcome them during the affair.

It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really fought for it. For those singers who want to achieve their dreams, you really have to fight for it. Don’t let others judgement affect you. Thank you for the opportunity, for us 6, you made our dreams come true.” -Golden Cañedo 

“Joining clash was a platform to introduce ourselves are artists. Just like him, I wanted to work with Julie Anne SanJose.” - Jing Madaliday

“This is my first national competition and being in the top 16 was a way to let me be known by a lot of people. We now have Studio 7, they have done so much for us and we are thankful!” -Josh Adomado

“There is always a rainbow after the rain. We are thankful and grateful for the opportunity to be with Artist Center.” - Miriam Manalo

“The experience gave meaning to what we wanted to do, it’s why I chose The Climb as my final song, it is so me. I have been chasing this dream for a long time. Thank you so much GMA for this.” -Anthony Rosaldo

Here’s the rest of the things that happened during our interview!

Make sure you wait for them to appear in GMA shows and Studio 7 this month. This new generation of singers have interesting stories, I bet they will go far judging from how we saw these talented people belted out their songs that afternoon.

Be very very ready!

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