Holidays at Watsons

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Holidays are just around the corner and yes, Watsons is giving you more reasons to come their store this Christmas season. We all know how difficult it is to find stuff to give your loved ones and the decision always end up being something not useful for them, humiliating I know. This time however Watsons is making your task easy because wether it's for your friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, how do you brush your teeth, they have gift packages specifically for them which you can just grab, pay for and go. 

Grooming is essential for every man so when the smoke cleared earlier, I went and grabbed my favorites which includes shaves, cartridges, shower gels, moisturizers and more. Though if I were you, you may opt for the exclusive gift sets that they offer for only Php 279, Php 399 when you buy three of it til the end of this year.

I also saw Ashley Ortega and Lindsay Johnson earlier at Watson's Mall of Asia

I also signed up for the exclusive WATSONS card which they told us will have twice the bonus points if you purchase the same gift sets until the 26th of December. Sounds fun? Well here's a short video of my shopping experience earlier.

Thanks WATSONS! Thank you too for making your medicine cheaper, I am buying in your new store at Mother Ignacia. Cheers!

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