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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

It's not a complete feast in a Filipino party without Lydia's Lechon!

We all celebrate the wonderful experiences we have with family and friends on the dinner table because food keeps us together, it's a way to bond for us Filipinos. Even if we have visitors from here and abroad, when we see we're the only one eating, we ask others "Tara Kain" and always offer what little things we have on our plate, which is remarkably embedded in our culture, one which I absolutely love!

In fiestas, birthdays, or any party for that matter, we'll try and provide the best of Filipino cuisine. These are the times we think about Lechon, and know that in any celebration, it's just not enough if there's none of it on our table. 

It's like the piece de resistance, people look forward to it as the most important part of the meal, with good reason. The company knows they have to change with the times so when they came out with new items on the menu, I immediately said I'm there!

Now I'm no stranger to their restaurant because I frequently go to their branch in Timog Avenue, which moved in different places over the years (still in the same street) til they built their own place near 11th Jamboree. They also have one in Roces Avenue that I go to pickup things that I adore like their whole Lechon, their Lechon Paksiw and Dinuguan. Their research in a way produced some mean alternatives so you don't get tired of the roast pork, they did it quite good.

Kansi - Beef Shanks boiled for hours in Tamarind based broth and Lemon Grass. It reminds me of Bacolod and Iloilo.
Laing con Lechon - Your usual Laing leveled up with chunks and pieces of smoky pork Lechon and creamy coconut cream. Better if you have steaming hot white rice with it.
Minced Lettuce Wraps - Chopped Lechon and veggies wrapped on fresh lettuce and served with a dip on a side. It's like a toned down version but smoky Korean lettuce wraps.
Cheesy Beef Caldereta - It's a tomato based beef stew mixed with cheese so you get strands of them after pairing with hot white rice.
Sizzling Tofu - Fried Tofu pieces set ablaze on a hot plate. They also have creamy mayo on it, eat it while it's hot. Better that way.
Bangus Ala Pobre - Boneless deep fried Milkfish with tons of golden crunchy garlic and Thai bird chili on top. This was a hit, gone in 60 seconds.
Pritchon Wraps - Lechon twice cooked til crispy wrapped in mini pita bread with veggies and dipped in three kinds of sauces. I love this one with the Hoisin and Sriracha sauce, but you have to eat it while it's hot. The pita discs tend to dry out fast since the place is air-conditioned
Kare Kare con Lechon - Lightly sweet peanut sauce with boiled vegetables, banana heart and Lechon pieces, how can you go wrong with that? Loved how it felt with the crispy skin Lydia's Lechon is also known for, again, make sure you eat it while it's hot!
Buko Pandan - Their version is quite nice because I don't think they use coconut meat but Macapuno which is a different coconut breed, sweeter and a lot thicker. They also have Leche Flan, but I think this is better.
If you are also keen on taking home stuff or bringing pasalubong to your country of origin, you can get their Oyster Sauce, All Around Sauce and Liquid Seasoning. Pretty good stuff.

This new menu is available now in all 25 branches of Lydia's Lechon nationwide. They have plans to expand and get more franchisees next year. If you want your family to enjoy Filipino fiesta food, make an effort to go to their stores and try these new ones because it's a little fusion and won't be too hard to have when you have foreign guests or balikbayans. It doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy all these food!

You may check out Lydia's Lechon on Facebook for more updates and promos. Their Lechon only costs around 3K++ and can feed around 12 people already, only if you don't eat too much of it though.


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