Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz for “Kadenang Ginto”

Friday, October 19, 2018

Two promising actresses who have been heavily appearing in different shows on ABSCBN are now also doing a family drama called Kadenang Ginto. I said promising because they are the one groomed by the station to be like the new generation of Mara Clara, with good reason of course. 

Francine says “I am currently in Grade 8 and attend regular classes. I am very pressured because I saw Mara Clara on Youtube and Jeepney TV. You should watch out for all our fight scenes because it’s very intense. If she pulls my hair I just give it all because she doesn’t want to hurt me sometimes. In the past I played young Erich Gonzales in Be My Lady, I was all in the younger role, it’s a responsibility for me because they trusted me for the role.”

Andrea says “I am home schooled and also studying online if I don’t have work, I miss it a lot because of my classmates so I cherish the times we shoot in a school setting. I play with Francine and I am very playful in the set. I am more excited because it’s the first time doing a contra bida role and it’s tough as I have to personify Regina George and ate Julia. I always take this as a challenge because I haven’t been able to do roles like these.”

Bullying took most of the conversation in the presscon but I caught some of their quirky answers here on video. 

Make sure you watch the show on ABSCBN.

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