The Perfect Life

Thursday, June 30, 2011

We all wished for the perfect life. Maybe to get a wife who would always be there for you, a kid who would cheer you up when you get back from the office... a family you can call your own. Health is one of the most important things you can give them; and if your family members do not get sick, you wouldn't have to spend a single dime for hospitalization. Your funds will be intact and you get to enjoy life as it is. There are some instances though that no matter what you do in order to keep your family safe; they would still encounter problems in health. I heard of cases where normal prescription medicine even have harmful side effects; when you just wanted to cure a simple case all along. Take the Paxil Lawsuit for example which was initially marketed as an anti depressant. It turns out that there are now documented clinical studies where it is said that it can cause birth defects. If you are an expecting mother and you didn't know that right from the beginning how would you feel if something happened to your child?! Isn't that unfair?!

Fair warning and some sort of precaution should have been given even before releasing this particular drug. No matter how intelligent of a life form we are our babies can't defend themselves upon birth. No amount of fame or fortune would be able to equate the lives of these children. It's so right to ask for help and reprimand those who have wronged the innocent. Suicidal tendencies and harm one's self isn't my idea of a cure so if you are took this medicine in the past and showed the same symptoms, get some help and don't hesitate to ask!

What if this happened to you?! What would you do?!


Kylie Minogue - The Album Aphrodite and Her Tour of the Same Name in Manila

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Okay. I admit. I have only this event to blame about my confession. Yes ladies and gentlemen... I LOVE KYLIE MINOGUE!

What force of nature would make me travel thousands of miles just to get to her wax figure in Hong Kong???; or plainly just to get a glimpse of her. She's gorgeous, she's a legend in her own right. She can reinvent herself in numerous decades and still look the GODDESS that she is! Who wouldn't want to spend the night with KYLIE MINOGUE as she performs LIVE in Araneta Coliseum (The Philippines) on July 5, 2011. It's a holiday for Kylie fans of all ages! You definitely don't want to miss this!

The album also boasts of the GREATEST of her already GREAT HITS! There are 2 CD's on the ULTIMATE KYLIE Collection. Mixes and versions of her new singles are all here. Step back in time as she gets you in the groove for the Locomotion once again in a newer, better light!

The first CD contains these:

Better the Devil You Know from Rhythm of Love – 3:53
The Loco-Motion from Kylie – 3:14
I Should Be So Lucky from Kylie – 3:24
Turn It Into Love from Kylie Japanese Bonus Track
Step Back in Time from Rhythm of Love – 3:04
Shocked from Rhythm of Love – 3:09
What Do I Have to Do? from Rhythm of Love – 3:33
Wouldn't Change a Thing from Enjoy Yourself – 3:14
Hand on Your Heart from Enjoy Yourself – 3:51
Especially for You with Jason Donovan from Ten Good Reasons by Jason Donovan – 3:56
Got to Be Certain from Kylie – 3:19
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi from Kylie – 4:01
Give Me Just a Little More Time from Let's Get to It – 3:06
Never Too Late from Enjoy Yourself – 3:21
Tears on My Pillow from Enjoy Yourself – 2:29
Celebration from Greatest Hits – 4:01

It's a combination of her hits from past albums and may I say the word NOSTALGIA is the better term for it when you listen to these songs. I specifically love Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi which might not be that familiar to most of you but the French touch just moves me. Imagine being stood up in the rain like that and still be hopeful?! Ahh I've been in similar situations don't tell anyone okay?! It's 80's but still an effective danceable tune that can be as infectious like some of the recent ones.

The second CD contains some of her hits in the 90's and a couple of new songs!

I Believe in You which is a New Song – 3:21
Can't Get You Out of My Head from Fever – 3:52
Love at First Sight from Fever – 3:59
Slow from Body Language – 3:13
On a Night Like This from Light Years – 3:33
Spinning Around from Light Years – 3:27
Kids with Robbie Williams from Light Years – 4:20
Confide in Me from Kylie Minogue – 4:26
In Your Eyes from Fever – 3:18
Please Stay from Light Years – 4:04
Red Blooded Woman from Body Language – 4:20
Giving You Up new song – 3:30
Chocolate from Body Language – 4:01
Come Into My World from Fever – 4:06
Put Yourself in My Place from Kylie Minogue – 4:11
Did It Again from Impossible Princess – 4:14
Breathe from Impossible Princess – 3:40
Where the Wild Roses Grow with Nick Cave from Murder Ballads by Nick Cave – 3:57

This particular one literally gave me goosebumps! I so love how she came back into the limelight with these songs and definitely made a mark in the music industry. Who can ever forget Did It Again?! It was playing non stop on MTV for a couple of months and that pegged the SHE'S BACK syndrome after that. Need to experience that video again? Here it is!

It perfectly shows all the KYLIE MINOGUE sides that you want! Oooh the memories just came crashing back at me! See what I mean by reinvention? She does that perfectly just like what an ICON should. The video isn't boring too so imagine what talent and great music geniuses were used in this bit!

When she came back with a video, this was surely a hit! Don't tell your friends... but I even memorized all the steps on this one!

Can you still handle it?! I know right?! As if it wasn't KYLIE OVERLOAD yet, they went ahead and released an apt titled album called KYLIE APHRODITE! This is the same title of the concert that she's going to have in Manila in a couple of days... are you excited?! me too! The tracks on her KYLIE APHRODITE album contains the best DJ's and the best collaborators the EARTH has ever seen! She goes back to her roots which is Dance. Some of these tunes you'll NEVER even get out of your head if I may say so.

KYLIE APHRODITE has 12 tracks all in all!

All the Lovers 3:20
Get Outta My Way 3:38
Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) 3:37
Closer 3:09
Everything Is Beautiful 3:25
Aphrodite 3:45
Illusion 3:21
Better Than Today 3:25
Too Much 3:16
Cupid Boy 4:26
Looking for an Angel 3:49
Can't Beat the Feeling 4:09

Some of these songs were even written and co produced by Kylie Minogue herself so you are sure that you are getting all the love and attention from her! I love Get Outta My Way and also All the Lovers for obvious reasons! Haven't you seen the video for that?! Here it is ENJOY!

Her songs depict something so current and straight to the point. If you are going to LOVE someone you should set no boundaries. No matter what shape, color or form you are FREE TO LOVE! By far, this has been her sexiest one yet! I love the rhythm, I love how it can be introduced to other mixes and genres like Pop, Dance, Synthpop, Electropop, Europop, House or Trance!

As a parting shot! Here's Get Outta My Way!

I could dance this the whole night and NEVER get tired. My clubbing just got a notch higher because of my love for Kylie Minogue songs and this compilation of both Ultimate Kylie and Kylie Aphrodite has solidified it!

Need more convincing?! Then go ahead and grab the limited edition KYLIE MINOGUE COMPLETE COLLECTION PACKAGE at your favorite record bars! That's the Ultimate Kylie CD's plus the KYLIE "APHRODITE" Album all in one and you can get a FREE KYLIE ECOBAG too!


Make sure you watch her show on July 5 and if you see me there, please don't hesitate to say hi!



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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is a momentous occasion indeed! This is actually my 1,500th post in this site! Geeze... it's been AGES! LOL Well to start off the celebration, let me share to you some awesome photos that I got from last Monday. It was the Blogger's Night with the cast of The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles. A comedy film by renowned Director Soxy Topacio. Here is the full trailer!

So British eh?! LOL! I know! This hilarious flick is also brought to you by CINESCREEN and Star Cinema who is incidentally celebrating their 18th Anniversary! This is their first attempt to win an OSCAR! Imagine the things this would do if it got released in the US and elsewhere around the world!

Here are some of the photos as promised to the MELASON Fans WORLDWIDE!

Now isn't that enough for celebrating my 1,500th post in this site?! ^_^ I know right?! So guys, can I ask you a small favor in exchange of sharing with you these photos? Please watch THE ADVENTURES OF PUREZA: QUEEN OF THE RILES! on July 13th nationwide! It will be shown in 100 theaters or MORE! The movie stars Melai Cantiveros, Jason Francisco, Joem Bascon, Martin Del Rosario, Nico Antonio, Bekimon with the special participation of POKWANG and Ms. Gina Pareno!

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So if you are thinking about something to challenge HARRY POTTER this might just be it!

Thank you so much to Star Cinema and AdProm. Thank you also to Max's Fried Chicken who sponsored CHICKEN ALL YOU CAN to us during the bloggers night! I had 3 whole chickens! LOL!

Kapish?! =)


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The Adventures of Pureza, Queen Of The Riles