A Woman with a Noble Cause

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've met quite a number of people from the industry last Saturday when I attended the Fontana Independence Day Music Festival. I was tired to say the least because of the activities that happened all at the same time. The performers were great and people were happy about the music but I saw one particular lady that quite had a different purpose when she went there. Before I do go on with my story I'd like you to watch these videos first!

She is the lovely Ms. Janice Hung. To tell you honestly; I didn't know her personally before I came to Fontana. She was introduced to us by Jayson Biadog of the Contest niche blog with the same name. Stunning, tall and beautiful I couldn't resist but look at her from afar(so did a couple hundred people in the venue). I wondered about what she's doing in the event; maybe playing "Classical Chinese Music?!" or so I thought. We talked quite a bit that evening about what she's done in the past. I adore WUSHU/TAIJI since I was a kid. It was a frustration that I didn't get to finish my stint there because I felt out of place and had to travel far to Binondo just to get lessons. The basics were hard enough let alone I was the only Hispanic looking boy in the sea of Chinese kids. Little did I know that she is an accomplished WUSHU Champion. She can probably kick anyone's butt if she wanted to because of her expertise in Chang Quan (Long Fist), Taiji Quan (Supreme Ultimate Fist), Tai Ji Jian (Taiji Sword) among other disciplines of this sport. She's the best at what she does and won gold medals in the nationals for quite a number of years. More medals in the Southeast Asian Games and the Asian Games too.

As if the Gods thought she wasn't too good... she was also blessed with the gift of singing; and she's quite good at it as a matter of fact. There are only quite a number of people who can sing and host in Mandarin and she does it fluently. A trait that you can never get these days.

Being the good lady that she is, she wanted to give back to her sport and the youth in general; and she channeled this through her advocacy; Music and Sports.

The Janice Hung Arts and Sports Foundation, Inc. put up MUZIKADEMY to help kids develop and hone their talents in music, visual arts, sports, and other creative undertakings. They raise funds so they can get these less fortunate kids trained and promoted professionally; eventually raising their self esteem so they can make a name of their own. They also plan to put up facilities and mobile studios in the future so they can go to far flung places that need the services of their organization. They also have scholarship programs for those who couldn't afford the fees but are promising in these fields. They are currently raising funds now but are very much open for more so they can help MORE kids in the future. This is indeed such a noble cause... and I'm all for it!

To know more about MUZIKADEMY and the Janice Hung Arts and Sports Foundation, please visit their website at http://www.janicehung.com/; Call 585-3200 or e-mail: johnlouise19@yahoo.com.

Quoted from their contest this 2011:

Welcome to MUZIKADEMY 2011. Registration is now open.
1. Send us your Demo CD with Subject title: MUZIKADEMY 2011 ENTRY
2. Demo CD should consist one (1) original song, one (1) demo song
3. Send us your Profile or Band Profile with Photos
Send us your demo at muzikademy@yahoo.com.
For more details you may call 5853200/09178258099 or visit www.janicehung.com
Deadline is on JULY 27, 2011

Need I say more?! Join now!



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