FONTANA Independence Day Music Festival

Monday, June 13, 2011

We have been so blessed to live in a country where talented singers, legendary bands and world class performers are but a normal phenomenon. FONTANA Hot Spring Leisure Parks & Casino together with WIKA Records knows just this; and to celebrate the Philippines' 113th Independence Day Bands of different genres, Hiphop Artists, Singers, Dance Groups converged in one big concert at the resort last June 11, 2011.

Imagine watching these guys the whole day, all for the love of the country! Plus the experience to be in a world class resort ain't be that bad either! I mean, what would you feel waking up to this!

The Olympic sized pool with cabanas, tents and this huge sky!
FONTANA can truly be compared to paradise on earth!

The huge villas, lines of picket fences, year old or more trees all around give you that crisp smelling wind you yearn for while resting. I'm sure your family would enjoy it!

The afternoon started off with an MTV styled pool party complete with bump and grind ledge dancing which I only see on shows like The Grind and Spring Break! This all happened right in front of my eyes!

It was one HOT, SIZZLING afternoon!

Not just that! There were more surprises later in the evening because aside from the great, addicting music played by prominent DJ's of the country, world class bands performed!

The one and only Slapshock, Mocha Girls, Sandwich, Pop Shuvit (from Malaysia), D-COY, MIZZ SNAPPER, Tropical Depression, Artstrong, Kalayo, Peace Pipe, Nyco Maca and a lot of other WIKA Artists filled the evening with reggae, hiphop, 70's music, Jazz, funk and alternative all under one roof! I'm sure some of you are pretty sorry you didn't get to go on this event!

Nyco Maca flawless in their trumpet and Saxophones that evening! I love their sound! It brings back that 70's beat without effort!

Awesome alternative music from this band!

This band also impressed me. Their Jazz - Brazilian vibe was one of the highlights of the show. I would gladly purchase their CD and play it nonstop while driving.

Who wouldn't be awed at the sight of Ms. Mocha Uson and the Mocha Girls! As if the evening wasn't hot enough they made it oooh so sexy!

These gorgeous models also graced the event as they showed how to work the runway. Brazilian, Korean and the best Filipina Models were all there! What more can you ask for?!

Fontana is indeed a piece of paradise on Earth! They've got Entertainment like no other! I love how they went out of their way to celebrate this Independence Day Music Festival at their resort to show the best things the country has to offer. Without lifting our own bench; our people, talent and hospitality is unparalleled! Thank you to D-COY and his crew, staff and people from Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks and Casino; and people behind WIKA Records/Production for everything!

*Special Thanks to Louise Viola, and the gorgeous Ms. Janice Hung for introducing to us what the REAL Fontana is all about!

Wait for my article about their cause! That's gonna be posted here real soon!



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pusangkalye said...

kapag naman talaga mga ganyang hot na ang mga taong involved sa event eh ang lakas na ng pang-amoy mo.hahaha.joke

ZaiZai said...

yung afternoon ba talaga ang hot and sizzling? o yung sexy girl hehe :) ganda ng mga mocha girls :)