The Perfect Life

Thursday, June 30, 2011

We all wished for the perfect life. Maybe to get a wife who would always be there for you, a kid who would cheer you up when you get back from the office... a family you can call your own. Health is one of the most important things you can give them; and if your family members do not get sick, you wouldn't have to spend a single dime for hospitalization. Your funds will be intact and you get to enjoy life as it is. There are some instances though that no matter what you do in order to keep your family safe; they would still encounter problems in health. I heard of cases where normal prescription medicine even have harmful side effects; when you just wanted to cure a simple case all along. Take the Paxil Lawsuit for example which was initially marketed as an anti depressant. It turns out that there are now documented clinical studies where it is said that it can cause birth defects. If you are an expecting mother and you didn't know that right from the beginning how would you feel if something happened to your child?! Isn't that unfair?!

Fair warning and some sort of precaution should have been given even before releasing this particular drug. No matter how intelligent of a life form we are our babies can't defend themselves upon birth. No amount of fame or fortune would be able to equate the lives of these children. It's so right to ask for help and reprimand those who have wronged the innocent. Suicidal tendencies and harm one's self isn't my idea of a cure so if you are took this medicine in the past and showed the same symptoms, get some help and don't hesitate to ask!

What if this happened to you?! What would you do?!


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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

as of now hindi pa perfect ang buhay ko,hehe..