I Need A Road Trip!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I haven't had a decent vacation in 8 years and to tell you honestly I am in the process of fixing my schedules so I can get lee way of having an out of the country experience this time! I'm so excited because I'll probably be traveling with my folks too. I want to experience how to road trip America. I want to see the sights up close. I don't want the usual resort vacations that just end up making you stay inside hotel premises. I want to see people from different places and plainly check how they live their lives. Human interest appeals to me.

The road maybe long but I would want to make my vacation still be the best one I could find. I need to see places in a different light. June seems to be one good month since its summer. I might have more time though in November but I'll weigh my options. I already have my papers ready and I'll check my bank if I can pay for my folks fare. Please pray for me in the coming months so I could get the time to muster up and find vacation time in my busy schedule. I need to relax and amuse myself. I need recreation every once in a while and this has been long overdue!

Where do you think I should go then?! Do you have any suggestions?


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dyosa said...

So, have you made the trip yet?