IBM Builds Smarter Cities; Gets Recognized!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IBM, the world's leader in "Smart Solutions" has announced the release of their Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities. This is actually a new solution created to see metrics in a holistic point of view; converging information from different municipal/city departments and other government agencies. Monitoring, Analyzing is a crucial and integral part of any system so that manpower, supplies, funding and managing resources would be easy. You would have more time getting the right services for the ones who need it most. You can also get to preempt disasters and respond swiftly. Proper planning and logistics should pose as a solution for difficult situations. If ever unplanned events may come; proper procedures and expected results can still be achieved.

Creating these unified centers would eliminate red tape and implement best practices that have been proved to work for other countries as well. IBM has invested a LOT in research and development and this has been one of the key factors why they have steadily grown in the past few years. IBM is currently celebrating their centennial year! (Founded June 16, 1911)

What are the advantages of going this route?!

It would be easy to shorten disruptions and manage its impact to the public. Community services like public order, safety, transportation, water resources, structures, social services and communication with other agencies would be faster; everything would be properly coordinated when disaster strikes. There also can be rapid response units that can be dispatched for life threatening incidents if the need arises. This is a remarkable improvement to processes that made red tape and corruption common in the current government of the Philippines; and I wouldn't be surprised if people would go for that.

IBM Gets Recognized

In the recent KAPATID Awards (Kapatiran sa Industriya), IBM the grand bulwark in building a Smarter Planet received recognition for Strategic Visioning & Partnering for Business and Job Survival at the recent NCE (National Conference for Employers) held at the Marriot Hotel in Pasay City. Their continuing efforts in dealing with matters concerning the recession, hardships in the economy, policy creation, human resource planning, market analysis and research on business competitions has helped a lot of corporations go through the toughest times. Integration through their portfolio of software, hardware, application management, business process outsourcing services and analytics has given them the edge as they celebrate 75 years of doing business in the country; and a century for the world!

“IBM’s Centennial is ultimately about making the world work better. As a company, IBM has continued to reinvent itself as a modern corporation the past 100 years through best practices anchored on its beliefs and values. Our strategic visioning is best epitomized when we shifted to a globally-integrated enterprise business model, where work flows where it can best be done- based on the right talent, cost, and business environment. We continue to collaborate and form strategic partnerships with local clients and industry leaders to help realize our shared aspirations of having a better and smarter Philippines in the near future,” said James Velasquez, Country General Manager of IBM Philippines.

Congratulations IBM! This is a well deserved feat!



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