Philippine Fashion Week 2011 presents 10: Edgar Allan

Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's do my backlog for Philippine Fashion Week again but this time, I'll tell you something about Edgar Allan's collection this time but just be slightly open. No, don't unbutton anything... just be open about criticisms. I'm not a fashion expert by diploma but I've got a pretty lengthy experience in looking at what's in or not in the UK, France and New York. With that said let's take a look at his collection. Shall we begin?

He opened the show with this one (L) and first impression is that he's definitely not doing High Fashion. His aesthetic falls more on the Avant Garde side because of the obvious exaggerated costume like pieces. Not for the faint of heart. (R) This pink polka dot - Japanese looking dress with an exaggerated flower in the center looked mighty conspicuous.

(L) The animal print, faux fur and orange did not work for me sorry! The heavy top and the not so light construction of the dress spoiled everything. Not that pleasing to the eye either. This was one miss. (R) Sun Flower + solid yellow and that veil worked but the edge on the mid rib area would have used more finishing. Making that clean would make this good.

(L) This one didn't work for me either. It is somewhat a little messy. It would have been better if the pink was structured and had a tougher, sturdier material. Shiny but not flattering. (R) The headpiece is very nice. The other half of the dress needs something else. I've seen these made by other designers and this one doesn't fit it.

(L) The long Blue-Green/Turquoise dress is VERY nice. Even if the model was dark skinned it looked good on her and it didn't even make her look darker. Reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn don't you think? (R) This yellow number is CUTE. It worked because of one thing on the dress, the lady bug!

(L) Ahh! This one is better than the other orange number earlier. Clearly a softer version of that bulky one. I like this tamed one plus the head piece. (R) No this isn't carnival in Rio de Janeiro. This might be a little too much "DRAG QUEEN". Not that there's anything wrong with that but for this line it didn't work.

(L) Maybe if it were a little slimmer on top and hugged the body of the model this might work. Color choice is unquestionably good. That pop of black and white on the back did wonders for this but overall this is medium. (R) The Finale looked "Drag Queen" again, a little sloppy on the edges of the gown, which reminds me of something that Liza Minelli would wear. The back part and size of the cape is okay but not the bottom. He makes great head pieces.

The designer: Edgar Allan

The line was cohesive and well put together but there were some hits and misses here and there. I wouldn't want to just judge this based on the looks because he might have something in mind as inspiration which would probably make this a lot more sensible. It would have been better if he had taken out 2 of these and done 2 more of a different hue like reds or blue. Congratulations though on making it to the Philippine Fashion Week.

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