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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Goodlooking guy formerly known as ZERO! LOL!
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I haven't been the best guy to ask about technical stuff. I throw jargons here and there that wouldn't be comprehended by ordinary humans. It just gets more complicated by the minute. I entered the blogging world by the tender age of ** (thought I'd tell you huh?!LOL!) but I've learned to tone down a bit and make an effort to tell stories for lay men and women. This is not a surprise to some of you. I'm a self proclaimed geek, online almost 24/7... excluding bathroom breaks and meal time. =)

I get OC'd if I don't get to read emails. I get depressed if I don't get to see Facebook alerts. I turn neurotic if the Internet doesn't want to cooperate with me when I'm blogging. I'd die if I don't get to upload my photos and brag about them in forums. I went into a phase just like everyone else; the dark age of Internet in the country when nobody knows when it will be back, or when a page would load, or when my downloads would finish. I have experienced that first hand with dial up services (hey! no! I'm not that old!) and those ISP's that mushroomed in the past (same for corporate accounts!). It's either buggy, laggy, or eggy. You literally wait for yourself to lay an egg before you see how your chosen website loads up! LOL!

When DSL and Cable came along, I thought the heavens opened up and gave this geek a break. I tried countless companies (some of which I even worked for! LOL!) that promised bandwidths of preposterous speeds. I also thought Cable Internet was a wise choice but it went down every time it rained. Second rate DSL services said they're the best and the fastest but caps you off in an apparent attempt to charge you/just plainly stop you if you go over their limits! (whoever invented that kilobyte cap must have been sleeping under a rock for ages!)

It was nice for a day or two. No hitches, no problems whatsoever! I got to see the difference between connections. Later on, I got myself some WIFI for the home so I can get my kins online too. The problem is, it only stayed up until it wants to. Without warning, their DSL and phone turns to a busy tone when some part of the metro gets rain. I really wondered if their service was just for summer... or a solar panel somewhere makes it run. NOT FUNNY when I have deadlines to meet!

I'm not a supporter of those popular USB ones either, tried this and that but I ended up getting my account drained of money; because their promo connection rates don't even see the light of day in some areas. The connections are pretty bad too. In hindsight, I became the lamest tech guy in the house/in the neighborhood that they have ever met. I'm one of those computer geeks that get blamed for something the ISP's should have done. I suffered bullying in the kitchen, they fed me too much to get this big too... =(

Nobody came close with the convenience I had when I switched to PLDT! I got it on a bundle together with our phone! I got a new number too to get those pesky prank callers some dose of their own medicine. Honestly, it only went down ONCE in its history because of a MAJOR TYPHOON. As for the connection, everything's sweet! I get to download all the things I need for work. I get to upload my photos, connect with people on social networks and stay online all day like I wanted. I blogged about the experience too and YOU'RE LOOKING RIGHT AT IT! LOL! Not only did I become a plain old "blogger"... I became part of NUFFNANG and GLITTERATI PLUS too!


It looks like they're serving another sweet fruit on the plate like this one! Imagine getting 5Mbps instead of the 3Mbps that you used to pay for on Plan 3000! As if that weren't enough they're throwing in PLDT WATCHPAD's Exclusive content... and a year of FREE PLDT TO PLDT NDD Calls oh my!

Now that I have PLDT, my Brother in Ireland looks smooth on video streaming. My Sister at home could play her favorite Facebook game and spend countless hours on it. My Mom and Dad get to talk to relatives around the world via Skype on my IPAD2. Obviously this tech guy who owns this site just became ZERO to a HERO in no time! Food still comes in though; but that's every once in a while... right after gym time.

I get to save some damsel in distress SOMETIMES too!
Just like any HERO would do! =)

Are you guys still a ZERO up to now? Want to become a HERO? Visit for more information or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!



Glentot said...

Your post was right on time. I'm getting tired of my USB stick and the ridiculous 800MB cap. I will seriously consider this.

Glentot said...

Also, there's something wrong with the PLDT link you gave...

Ruth said...

Cute post John! Your pic is somewhat scary-cute. :)