Philippine Fashion Week presents "10": Edgar San Diego

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I like how the show was put out because it involved 10 designers and their collection. Philippine Fashion Week has always been an avenue for up and coming/veteran designers to show their ware and this was not an exception. One of the nicest collection I ever saw was the one from Edgar San Diego, you ask why? It's because he's got all the details. I like how he intricately worked on the pieces and by any standards it doesn't look cheap! As a matter of fact, I know these pieces are probably expensive. I wouldn't tell you otherwise because of the things I saw on his bit. Here's his collection! Let's take a look!

See what I mean? It's classy right from the get go. I like how he also sticked to the classics (black and white. (R) That cape on the right is reminiscent of 50's Ma Barker movies, non structured but very feminine. This is really probably his goal; classy and feminine. (L) This one on the other hand had that midsection inserted with a cover that would put emphasis on the waist. Something women wanted all along to be small looking. He achieved just that!

He played with the terno/baro't saya which is a staple Filipina dress. His interpretation stayed classy yet modern on both instances.

This is a black version of that dress he had with the midsection wrapped around. A surprise is that print on the shirt. If you would need to invest in clothes, this is definitely a good way to see it mixed and matched with whatever you have in your closet. (R) Nice crisp jacket and pants (white) and a simple shirt for this guy looks mighty good. I like their hats too. I've been seeing this style for other shows and it would be something that pinoy's would've probably worn in the 60's when Dolphy was in his prime.

(L) Black Barong Tagalog, I would like to have one please! =) (R) Claire Unabia of ANTM Fame in a long low butterfly sleeved Baro't Saya number. Classy even if it is native!

(R) I thought this was the best piece in his collection. I love the modern-native mix and this did put it on advancements design wise. (L) I like the off the shoulder thing, pretty nice for anyone who wants to show a little skin.

(R) Nice and flowy. I love this one too. Look at the detail inside that flowy fabric. Exquisite! (L) Nice wraps and that bit on the skirt with see through fabric on the slit. It makes a slightly conservative hit on showing women's assets. Very nice!

(R) Classy Barong. Black on white. Pretty good. (L) How can you go wrong with a supermodel with this outfit. Ahh! Just seeing this, the nice top can be paired with anything on your closet!

THIS IS THE BEST PIECE! No doubt about it! Congratulations Edgar San Diego! Your collection and it's details are well put together. I wouldn't be surprised if you got so many clients now. Your work is one for the books!

Thank you to Philippine Fashion Week and their Holiday Collection 2011!

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