It Can Happen To You!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Health IS wealth. I have seen a number of people take that for granted; and most of the time it is too late. Smoking, drinking and bad vices are some of the major causes of these illnesses. I don't want to see anybody in my family suffer this fate. There are those who actually don't know how or why they became ill. This is clearly not their fault. Have you heard of ZOLOFT?! It was earlier used for people who were under major depression, OC and anxiety disorders but was later found out to have caused dangerous side effects like suicidal tendencies, violent behaviors among others that have yet to be seen. There is also the existing zoloft lawsuit against the manufacturer because they clearly have not disclosed anything early on. I wouldn't want to see something that was promised to cure several psychological problems only to have them in a more harmful state because they took something that promised heaven and earth. Medicine that has not been tested or proven effective should have at least provided fair warning. These side effects are NO JOKE! We are after all dealing with lives here!

If there are some things that people might think would have caused great damage to their lives because of taking this... I definitely agree that they should be reprimanded. How can someone measure what your life is worth? I know there would never be an equivalent amount of money that can repay the trouble and problems these side effects bring but in some way, somehow it would be better to have them try and get them to live normal lives. I wish that for anyone who would suffer the same fate. Life is precious and if ever someone I know goes through this, I'll support them all the way!

Do you know someone who might have taken the same medicine and have the same symptoms?! Ask yourself that question!


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