How NOT to Lose Your Way!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm one of the few who in this time and day still gets lost in the city. I make appointments here and there and I always end up going to places where clients prefer since I don't want to make a hassle with just the meeting place. Lunch is usually on me so it is pretty difficult if I end up late and it would be my fault if they go hungry. This happened quite often; but I'm not making excuses. I'm not that familiar with places in the south and it takes time if I always ask for directions from strangers. Have I mentioned dangerous too?! I wish I had a GPS Tracking device so I wouldn't have to worry about this anymore!

I probably would have that put into my van for security purposes. With the high crime rates and car napping incidents in my city I wouldn't be surprised if one day I'll be a victim. I wish it was easy to say otherwise but the sad truth is that it gets worse every year. If I get one it'll be easier to track it and be a deterrent to these things. I know how important it is to have one than to get my car stolen instead; which unfortunately would cost even MORE! I hope my friends or relatives get me one for my birthday. Oh well!

Do you guys have one of those GPS gadgets? I need one obviously!


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