SKYGARDEN Set To Release First Single Under GMA's altG Records

Thursday, August 31, 2023

If you haven't caught their videos yet, you must go and check SKYGARDEN on YouTube to see how these 3 Japanese guys (Ryo, Iwa and Hiro) ended up in the Philippines. Today, they announced signing with GMA's altG Records (an arm of GMA Music) and will be releasing their first single called KOKOA in digital platforms this coming September 1st. They've been doing a lot of covers on YouTube, Facebook and social channels . They have been also gaining attention in recent months because of their hit long form videos about pranks, their efforts in doing Fiilipino things, and also pretending to be BTS in some of their videos which has gained millions of views.

SKYGARDEN signs with GMA's altG Records and releasing their first single KOKOA

I've met them this afternoon and they're a pretty fun bunch of guys. During the pandemic, Ryo saw his 2 best friends who lost their jobs and struggled with their mental state in Japan. It was then when he bought two tickets for them to bring them to the Philippines so they could experience the culture, and how it is to live here. They ended up adoring Filipinos, their couldn't believe how some of the people they met were generous, welcoming and kind despite their economic stature. This is just one of many reasons why they now choose to live here, and now they're not just content creators, and chose to make their brand of music. 


If you get to listen to KOKOA, you'll see how it is a bit of a JRock experience, with the choice of using Filipino for the lyrics. So in a nutshell, it's a combination with Japanese rock with OPM. It'll remind you of those intros and outros of anime shows you've been watching online. It's something they are heavily influenced with. With their success, they plan to actually put it to good use and do a lunch movement, it'll be like CSR programs to feed those who can't by adopting schools. Aside from that, they plan to still continue to create content together to make sure they pay back those who supported them all these years.

Here's our conversation at the mediacon this afternoon.

They're funny, good looking and pretty driven about what they want to do in the content creation industry and music. They're in it full time and plan to do more of it in the next few months. You'll definitely see more of them in radio, different shows, online to promote their new single, which they hope you'll love. You can already pre-order it on Apple Music buy buying it now, then it'll alert on September 1st when you can play it. For the other platforms, you can start purchasing it on the same date. I like how they mentioned how supportive their parents are with their chosen careers. They really wanted them to follow their passion. This is under altG Records of GMA Music.

Congratulations Ryo, Iwa and Hiro. Keep on doing what you love!


KULTURA MANILA To Hold Fashion Show at Jones Bridge

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

It's been a while since a major fashion event has happened in Manila. That's about to change this coming September 8 as Manila sets the stage for Manila International Dance Festival aka MIDFest 2023. A fashion event called KULTURA MANILA will happen around October, utilizing an unfamiliar runway at the Jones Bridge. Yes, you've read that right. If you're not aware, much of these happen in Paris, Milan and New York, but the plan is to do it at one of the busiest thoroughfares of the city of Manila which I feel is pretty awesome.

This project is spearheaded by Manila Vice Mayor Yul Servo. When the MIDFest 2023 event was announced, he also bared news about Kultura Manila, Mister Manila and a Sports event for Manila policemen and government personnel. The city is a historical and cultural hub and it's important to not forget that while we get back on track after the pandemic. Several of Manila's top Fashion Designers will dish out their best pieces showcasing inspiration from the pre-colonial and also those from the Spanish era. Think of it as a travel through time, which makes this even more exciting!

 Fashion Designer Norman Penaflorida had us see a couple of pieces he's done worn by some of Mister Manila's contestants. Sure enough, we've seen nicely formed jackets and clothing, all of which look very current and wearable despite it being couture. He actually had a show prior which showcased non conventional textile drawn from flour bags of local bread makers. He's the house stylist for mostly all the shows at the Manila Metropolitan Theatre, a little iffy about the designer title but if you think about it, he's been doing this for years. Aside from that, he's done work with the National Center for Culture and the Arts and done Production Design, Stage Management, Hosting, beside being an accomplished Actor and Singer. He held off on constructing his new atelier in Sampaloc, Manila as Kultura Manila preparations went underway. I mean, look at those fabrics he used as accents to these uni jackets! (He says he'll be using them extensively on the show).

There's going to be more designers to be featured in October, which makes me feel all the more excited about what's about to happen. This is part of the projects of Vice Mayor Yul Servo and heavily supported by Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna together with the council, Verde Creatives and the men and women behind the Manila International Dance Festival. They also plan to do this yearly, so imagine the scale of these events unfold in the city including Rizal Park, several Manila based universities and different locations around the metro. If you want to partner up, they're very open to that. Get in touch with them via midf2023(at)

See you on the runway!


Shopee Taps VICE GANDA as Newest Brand Endorser

Monday, August 28, 2023

She's the one and only unkabogable Vice Ganda and she's the new brand ambassador for Shopee. This comes as they launch the 9.9 Super Shopping Day (starting on the 1st of September) plus new efforts to digitize Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the country. They partnered with the League of Provinces (hence the lawmakers present in the event) which they hope to help local entrepreneurs get tapped on the platform. Mind you, the org has a membership of over 81 provinces so there's definitely a lot who could benefit from it. They'll be trained and also guided how to get onboard the platform (just like what they've done in the past) but of course, with an entirely new audience.

Was this a shade????? LOL!

Shopee is also making this event a good one as they implemented FREE SHIPPING everyday, up to 70 percent off on products sold on Shopee LIVE, plus more discounts on the Fashion and Beauty category. This is good news for those who are into make up, grooming, and those who plan to change their wardrobe soon.

Here's Vice Ganda's statement when she was announced as the brand ambassador.

Brands that I saw during the event include itel, the good people from Pfizer, Vice Cosmetics, Shigetsu, INSPI, Mikana (who had awesome accessories btw!), Platinum Karaoke, and my favorite these days GameXtreme (heck I bought a lot of games from there!). There are also phone brands like Tecno, OPPO, Vivo, clothing brands like Penshopee, OXGN, Bench, Regatta, shoe brands KEDS and Crocs. So imagine the things you can get on 9.9!

They've got the right endorser today, and I wish Shopee gets back on track. They encourage you to install it, or re-install if that's the case. Those discounts are seriously good.


Dreams Come True at Villar Group’s Bankathon 2023

Friday, August 25, 2023

The Villar Group's Bankathon 2023

It's been a really interesting year for real estate this year. Much of the city dwellers found refuge in suburban homes outside the metro while a lot of those who still braved the city choose to stay in different type of residences like condominium units which are easy to maintain and live in.

It's also secured, pretty near work and most of the time, have all the needed stores and amenities you need to not even leave the building. Much of these also are already urban planned communities so you get to also have access to religious centers, markets, schools and universities. If you're in the look for a place in Makati, Taguig, Manila, Mandaluyong or Quezon City, leading the industry is no other than Vista Residences, the official condo developer arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. Which reminds me, there was a Bankathon 2023 last August 16 and 17 at the Vista Shaw Mandaluyong - Function Hall. In it, home seekers got fast home loans and deals with properties from the Vista Land group.

It was participated by leading banks Banco De Oro, Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation, Unionbank, Security Bank, AllBank, Maybank, Chinabank Corporation and Bank of Commerce. This is a dream come true for those who wish to have their own home as they offered pre approved bank financing to come with it. They also streamlined the application process. All they need to do is to submit 2 valid ID's, birth or marriage cert, proof of billing in current residence, and proof of income. They prefer certificate of employment or current payslip to check what avenues you can do in order to obtain your own home. If you are interested in one, visit their website or their official FB page Maybe this is the one you are looking for.


Belman Laboratories Launch "Laking V-22" Line

If you're a "sabong" enthusiast or have been in it for the longest time, I bare good news for you and your buddy rooster. Belman Laboratories is celebrating their 50th year and with it is the launch of their newest product line called "Laking V-22" to enhance the performance of their fighters, all 11 of which is available now in specialty stores nationwide!

Included in these are the Laking V-22 VitaTablets (vitamins and minerals), SakitBuster (for chronic pulmonary disease), Purgaling (for worms), Kasado (B Complex), Bone Builder (for muscles and calcium),  Siglakas (vitamin B12), Pulmotect (for respiratory issues), Hydrolite (electrolyte and vitamins), VitaPowder Jr. (for balanced growth), Bone Builder Jr. (Strong Bones), and Pulmotect Jr. (to stop respiratory disease).

Nicolas Crisostomo the President of LGBA says "This is a form sport and entertainment for a lot of people and it has helped a lot of industries including farms, veterinarians, those who create supplements, farm equipments and even sports. It's a thriving industry in the country and Laking V-22 can help you from day 1 til the day of the actual fight."

Belman Laboratories is driven to make sure you get what you need when the day comes especially for those who want the "Subok Sa Lakas Todo!" effect it gives on animals and their health.

VP Renee King Rodriguez of Belman Laboratories says "I'd like to introduce our team, our CEO Ma'am Belle, Cris Alonso our Chief of Commercial Strategy, and our legacy employees who have stayed with us through the years and helped make what Belmant Laboratories is today. These new products we are launching was planned about 4 years ago. We focused on operational efficiency and did industry studies in the animal care segment. Our master brand has seen a big opportunity in the sabong industry. It is growing, and is part of our culture. There are new generation of people in it and we talked to them in person. They have different stories and it was awesome to know how their interest in this sport started. Today we have a range of products which we over deliver in quality. We needed to communicate this to stakeholders so more people would be able to try it. We re-designed our packaging, and make it also be attractive to the new generation of people who use our products, all of which have been tested by three generations of sabungeros. This is our service to them."

Cris Alonso the Chief of Commercial Strategy for Belman Laboratories says "Today is a culmination of hard work, and our commitment is to deliver products that resonates with our consumers. Our team has poured passion, to elevate the lives of breeders, and see what we have done in health, and we are immensely grateful to our partners and customers as we grow our community. Thank for your presence, let's embrace the future of our industry."

Nicolas Crisostomo adds "This is a 50 Billion peso industry and currently we are plateauing. It was higher during pre-pandemic times and are slowly recovering. The trend is slow, but what is good is that we are seeing a future in this industry and how they are creating new livestock medicines because they see something good in it. Everyone may have been in hard times, especially the backyard breeders, but the passion is there and with it is room to grow. Feeds, medicine, labor is affected especially the small ones, there is less demand for it but these activities can go places and investments may increase in the long run. Automation is also being done for production, better for business in some ways and hopefully makes it efficient."

Carlo Dimayuga the National Sales Manager for Belman Laboratories compared things to racing pigeons and said "You need Dedication, to make sure you take care of your fowls. Attention to detail, so in their race day you are assured to be with full wings. You also need Constant Improvement, to breed the best out of the bunch without a common bird in 4 generations. I've been doing this since 1985 when I joined the company, and we will level up starting now. Thank you!"

Mr. Matthew"Boknoy" Torno WPC LATE BORN 22 Champion says "I've been using V-22 products for years now, I give them vita tablets, before a grand fight. I combine then 3 days before and the actual day which is part of the reason why I have champions."

If you are raring to start a business or doing it for passion, you can now use Belmam Laboratories "Laking V-22" line from day 1 to the fight day, so they too become "Subok Na Lakas Todo!"


MANILA Prepares for Manila International Dance Festival

Something really big is happening over at the city of Manila, it's the Manila International Dance Festival (also called MIDFestival) happening on September 8, 2023.

In a grand press conference a couple of days ago at the Manila City Hall's historic Session Hall, they announced details about the three day festival aimed to celebrate diversity, peace and unity through dance and music. The word international must have already given you an idea that this will involve several countries in the region that will also showcase their cultural dances at the event. This includes our neighbors Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, plus friends from India and South Korea.

What's quite different about this festival is that it'll be happening in different areas of the city simultaneously. From the biggest malls in Manila like Lucky Chinatown and Robinsons Place Manila, schools, universities and Fort Santiago in Intramuros, they'll be performing in these places then culminate in Rizal Park later on in the evening.

Vice Mayor Yul Servo says "4 of our newest projects in Manila is happening this last quarter, with the help of our Mayor Honey Lacuna and the different organizations in the city of Manila, we are asking for your support and cooperation to make this a very successful one in the coming months to benefit the young Manilenos and Manilenas. We will have 16 dance groups from the Manila and different parts of the Philippines plus other countries like Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea and Thailand. This project aims to showcase the talent of Manilenos, and our neighboring countries too. We would like to thank those who have cooperated and arranged this project like the National Parks Development Committee, Concert at the Park, Archiestic Events Production, Office of the Vice Mayor of Manila, Department of Tourism, the National Center for Culture and the Arts, Verde Creatives, and the City of Manila who will fully support this much awaited event and prestigious dance festival in the region. We will also be holding the "Mr. Manila" pageant, which is now a separate entity from the previous Mr. and Ms. Manila pageant where talented Manilenos who work, live and study in the city could join and represent Manila in international tilts. We sincerely thank our Mayor Honey Lacuna for her full support on these endeavors."

Here's our interview with Festival Director Archie Dema-ala who also shared some details about the upcoming MIDFestival:

MIDFestival is also supported by the honorable Senator Loren Legarda, Hotel Sogo, Lyf Hotel, and the City of Manila. If you want to become part of the celebrations (for partnerships) you may email them at or through their social channels

The sheer number of participants just make me feel so excited for what's about to happen. This is a big event for the city of Manila, we can't wait to see this in the coming weeks!


KATHRYN BERNARDO at the realme 11 Pro 5G Series Launch

Thursday, August 24, 2023

realme just launched the new realme 11 Pro 5G Series with the one and only Queen Kathryn Bernardo. This includes the realme 11 Pro+ 5G and the realme 11 Pro 5G.

Kathryn's been very busy these couple of months as she's doing a film called "A Very Good Girl" with famed actress Dolly De Leon. Shooting was tough but Kath was thankful she got to spend the days after with the realme family just to launch these special phones in the Philippines.

If you haven't seen it, the realme 11 Pro+ 5G has a 200MP OIS SuperZoom Camera and a 120Hz Curved OLED Display. It uses a MediaTek Dimensity 7050 processor and utilizes a 100W SUPERVOOC Charge to fill up a 5000mAh battery. The realme 11 Pro 5G on the other hand uses a 100MP ProLight Camera and a 67W instead for the charger. Dolby Atmos Dual Stereo Speakers means you've got entertainment handled by it easily. If you haven't tried it yet, go visit their TikTok Shop, or their main E-Store to get discounts when available.

Neil Zou the CEO of realme Philippines says "From websites to magazines and broadsheets, we love our partners and the things we achieved together. We are announcing this new series for the realme brand."

Jane Yan VP for Marketing adds "The realme number series started since 2019 and we want to bring this flagship features to be enjoyed by everyone. No leap, no launch, so if there is no design or technology advancement, there would be no launch. The Pro variants all carry the realme master design, this is why we have the best in class realme 11 Pro Series 5G. This August we will have the realme fanfest in different parts of the country until this September. I hope you guys are ready, because we want you to see the world up close!"

Jimclaude Gayo the product manager details "The realme 11 Pro Series 5G encourages you to do more as it is designed by Matteo Menotto. He wanted to pay tribute to Milan in its overall design. The look is contemporary, the rising sun (the lens) and the beige color is the sunlight spilling hence the very aesthetic look. He combined architecture, natural light, and is made of premium Lychee Vegan leather. This makes it sophisticated and stylish, with a metallic feel, high gloss, and is also available in Oasis Green. It's got 120Hz Curved OLED Display, high refresh rate so you get less strained eyes. It also has best color accuracy, double reinforced glass, and a Mediatek Dimensity Processor. It boasts a 200MP Camera and has OIS for those unstable shots you often post on social media. They also employ Super Nightscape mode, 4K video, smart long exposure or dual video for those into vlogging. The front cam is 32MP from Sony, and can charge fast with a 100W SUPERVOOC Charge and it's 5000 mAh battery. It's still slim and lightweight, available in 12GB+512GB Storage."

The phone is available in Astral Black, and has filters from Lonely Planet that looks like polaroids when you're doing filters. Try it out when you're in the area.

Don't tell me I didn't tell you!


Whoscall Launched in the Philippines

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Have you been scammed online or through calls? Well, you're not alone. There are thousands of people who fall victim to these unscrupulous individuals every day. Yes, you can block numbers one by one, but it isn't a permanent solution. They can call you using a different number, or use a link to trick you into thinking it's a legitimate website.

Popular app "WhosCall" is now in the Philippines and is pushing for a Scam Free Pilipinas, a movement to put a stop to these scams. Their app is free to download (on Google Play and the App Store) and use database comparison for those unknown calls, with the aim to trustworthy communication wherever you are in the world. Aside from that, those unnecessary telemarketing and non business related calls could be identified, to of course, have less anxiety if someone calls you out of the blue. Scammers are also being so creative, but with Whoscall AI features, you can up your security.

At the New World Hotel in Makati, broadcaster Karen Davila, tech blogger Gian Viterbo, and youth leader Aileen Montalbo shared their real life experiences about being scammed. Albeit a bit on the techie side, they still fall prey, and this threat is real for a lot of Filipinos. For a safer mobile space, Whoscall was developed by Gogolook.

Jeff Kuo the CEO of Gogolook says "Our company was built by 3 college friends 3 years ago. We tried to raised funds to see our vision. We tried to explain the differences between communication types, and whoscall reveals the names of people behind numbers, to empower everyone on the internet. This is a community and partnership, with this, we can assure a scam free Pilipinas!"

COO of Gogolook Manwoo Joo says "We are happy to introduce Whoscall in Taiwan, HK, Thailand and other areas, we are excited to introduce it to the Philippine market. It's getting more high tech lately even after the pandemic. This will be one of the options to keep people from scams, our first campaign is about Scam Free Pilipinas, where our database will team up with telecom and government agencies, not only for metro areas but provinces too. Hope the things we did in other countries would be implemented well in the Philippines."

Gian also adds "You need to enable to block spam, Whoscall is a layer of security. I also advice to not to connect to public networks unless it's an emergency. I have installed it on iOS and my Android devices, it checks numbers, tells me when it's a scam and add new ones if needed."

Col. Joey Fontiveros of the Philippine Army says "The internet has been a source of vulnerability, complexity and criminals have been stealing information and do scams, frauds. It's a major concern for the military, by experience, you can often know how scams work. Even charities, trouble with the government, your family, a virus on your computer, could be something that scammers would say to get your account compromised. They want you to pay through crypto currency, electronic payment systems, and hackers can see what you do. We need to limit sharing of data, and this innovation is useful for all consumers whether you are connected to the internet or not."

With over 2.6 Billion numbers in their database, they can show you who's calling or sending the sms. You can also search for it, and see if there's a url or fraud links which you can do for free. They have collaborated with law enforcement and government agencies. Go download the app today and get yourself protected.


Globe Group Optimistic on Growth Despite Economic Challenges

Sunday, August 20, 2023

lobe is now officially running their business into more of a Tech-co rather than a pure telecommunications company. In recent announcements from the group, there has been strong growth on data and non telco revenues in recent months (first half of 2023) compared to last year. This brings their non telco revenues to 52% year on year amounting to 2.8 Billion pesos. Aside from that, they are optimistic about the impact of the new ST Telemedia Global Data Centres Philippines that broke ground plus Mynt's earnings on GCASH. Growth is also seen on the mobile business, reaching pre-pandemic numbers during the second quarter of 2023 despite extended macroeconomic pressures in PH business conditions and lower voice and text usage in the country.  

Globe also announced their succesful SIM registration efforts getting 99% of their revenue generating base. That's over 53.7 Million registrants since the government implemented it. This is 62 percent of their total number of subscribers, which is already high than their expected turnout and last ditch efforts last month.

Their Fiber business for home got 12.8 Billion Pesos in revenue, but is expecting to have 10% decline on fixed wireless lines. Globe also launched the GFiber Prepaid lines to cushion this impact, and will service a lot of Filipinos with the no tie up and unlimited data use promotions they are implementing for it. They also have a buy now pay later option (on GCash) to make sure it reaches an even wider demographic to serviceable areas in the country. All of these are being managed through the Globe One App, which proved convenient for me (used as a backup).

They are also ramping up corporate data services and are already seeing a 9.1 Billion Peso Data Revenue during the first half of 2023. This includes cloud, business apps, cybersecurity, data center and IOT services that they also offer.   

This event was attended by Ernest Cu the CEO of Globe, Globe's Chief Commercial Officer Issa Guevarra-Cabrera, Globe's Chief Transformation and Customer Experience Officer Rebecca Eclipse, Head of Consumer Mobile Officer Darius Delgado, Globe Group General Counsel Atty. Froilan Castelo, the VP Corporate Finance Carlo Uno, their Head of Network Technical Group Joel Agustin, VP Broadband Business Raymond Policarpio, President of Mynt - GCash Ms. Martha Sazon, CFO of Mynt Tek Olanio, Managing Director of 917Ventures Vince Gamat, CEO and President of ST Telemedia Global Data Centres (STT GDC) Philippines Carlo Malana.

Globe is continuing their commitment in delivering the best and reliable connectivity to all their customers, whether wireless or fixed lines. They remain optimistic in spite of expected slow down in the economy this year, and in 2024.


Her Time to Shine: GELA ATAYDE

It is her time to shine!

Gela Atayde just got back from battling at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships together with their crew "Legit Status" for the MegaCrew division. They emerged CHAMPIONS and represented the country well in the US (Phoenix, Arizona) versus 54 other groups in the prestigious tilt.

Talking to her, I felt how Gela knows herself. She isn't pressured about her status in show business being part of the Atayde family. Her Mom Ms. Sylvia Sanchez was always someone who pushed her to go after her passions, and not be persuaded to prove herself. Seeing her brother Congressman Arjo and sister Ria to have to do that during their start was a learning experience, that she didn't have to do that and just do things at her own pace. When she saw her Mom giving a message about her recent achievements, she immediately looked at her back, and we saw her cry. She was just reminded on how much her Mom and Dad supported her all these years. Her Mom never forced her into show business, but always was there to encourage her in any thing she wants to do with the words "Kaya Mo Yan Nak!".  She also said how even if her Dad wasn't much of a talker, he was on camera this time and really said things that moved her. Her new Sister in Law Maine Mendoza was also so happy about her recent achievements, and felt the love when they were featured in a video prepared for her during the press conference.

Here's a few scenes from the presser a few days ago:

She was actually okay if fitted with a title especially if it's about dance because she wants this particular art form to be something that Filipinos would love. As for love teams, she's okay to be paired up for a show but rather not a permanent one. She can do it much like what Congressman Arjo and Ria did, and if the time comes to have a very serious relationship, we got the gist that she prefers to do it in proper time... and with someone non-showbiz. 

Gela is also part of the cast of the new ABSCBN youth oriented show Senior High which stars Andrea Brillantes (doing a dual role). The show will premiere on August 28th, so make sure you check out what Gela has up her sleeves in this new series. Together with them are former child stars Zaijian Jaranilla, Xyriel Manabat, Gameboy's Elijah Canlas, Gold Squad's Kyle Echarri, singer-rocker Juan Karlos, Daniela Stranner, and her mom Ms. Sylvia Sanchez. 

This is Gela's time to shine, make sure you watch her shows because she's just starting! Congratulations Gela and the whole Legit Status crew for being hailed champs!


Congressman SAM VERZOSA Promises More Inspiring Stories on Season 3 of "Dear SV" at CNN Philippines

Friday, August 18, 2023


I've been looking forward to see Congressman Sam Verzosa who represents the indigents, of those residing in urban locations, the youth and the elderly through the party list "Tutok To Win". He's starting the third season of his public affairs show "Dear SV" shown on CNN Philippines during his birth month, and is quite excited about the plans they have for future episodes.

The show plans to put the young Congressman in immersions, to live with the actual people they plan to help. To give you an idea, they meet people from all walks of life. The goal is, to feature their inspiring stories on why they continue to make a living despite life's challenges. Cong SV says "If the old, the kids work hard doing these things, I'm sure the most able bodied ones would be inspired to do the same and help others."

Here's part of our little chat that afternoon

He treats all these as blessings and shares "My family keeps me grounded, they keep me focused on my goals, my advocacies and purpose. I have a lot on my plate, I am just lucky to have been able to do a lot of these because I believe God put me here. He gave me opportunities to be able to share these to the world, and help others,to also change lives. I am happy to see that people are also doing the same after seeing the show. From our company alone, I've seen them on the road, going out there and helping too. I want to do this for the rest of my life. I'm just maximizing what I can do for my community and also make changes in laws, I have a duty to make a movement because I know my purpose."

When asked about his stint at "Tutok To Win" a few years ago, he says "Kuya Wil actually trained me, he asked me to sit with him during one show, that's where I learned and practiced at home. Everyday is an experience, you can feel what they feel when you are there. I get to see their happiness, their sadness, hosting my own show had me ask people about their struggles and get to know them."
About his motivation, he adds "I am happy about what I'm doing, aside from doing business, I help people, I get to change lives, I've been given a platform to be able to be heard even with a wider audience. I'll try doing this to change not just communities, but bigger ones and the country. As for now, I'll do this because I found my purpose, in life you always ask that question, there are tons of people that have more work ethic and because I have the capacity to help, I'll do it."

If you want to learn more about the causes he supports and foundations he's helping, make sure to watch "Dear SV" startiing Saturday night of September, at 7:30PM. This will also be replayed on CNN Philippines the next day so make sure you catch it!

I'd like to take this bit to thank Congressman Sam Verzosa (who also Co-chairs Poverty Alleviation) for being so nice earlier. He gamely answered questions even after the presser, to say the least, it was refreshing to talk to someone albeit super successful but still remained so grounded. Again, thank you!


Midrange Phone with Flagship Features: HONOR 90 5G

My HONOR 90 5G shot, image compressed by FB, but still stunning no?

HONOR Philippines just set the bar high as far in phone launches. This statement remains true until the next one happens.

Took the trip to Bataan to shoot a couple of photos and videos to showcase the new HONOR 90 5G. It's a mid range phone built with flagship features. You kinda immediately wonder if they're still earning from putting in a 200MP Matrix Camera in this thin body, but it all did fit and even got several features included, all for the price of Php 24,999. So the question in your head probably is thinking, is it all worth it?

A flyby surprised us during the launch. Took a shot of it from the front of our villa.

It's got a 12GB + 512 GB capacity, 5000mAh battery, a new system in eye protection, a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accelerated Edition processor, NFC capable, GPU Turbo X for your games, a 50 MP Selfie camera, and a 200 MP Main one that can rival the best phones out there for photos. So we ventured on a day of taking shots in broad daylight, during play (Basketball and ATV's), on a Speedboat, during Sunset and lastly on the fireworks which they lit up beach side. This was quite a challenge, and much of the folks there weren't professional photographers, yet there were a lot of the shots that ended up quite amazing!

Here's part of what happened during the launch last August 15!


Yes, all those features for the medium range price. I even saw some of your favorite stars (hi EA Guzman, Shaira Diaz, Pauline Amelinckx, Brent Valdez, Kate Valdez, Klea Pineda + Katrice Kierulf, Bruce Roeland, Matthew Uy, and several of HONOR's influencers carrying the same phone and doing good work with it.

What's good is that they're making this available in the market for Php 24,999 and throwing in a JBL Flip 6 Speaker worth Php 7,499 (where available) if you pre-order til the 25th of this month. So make sure you do get one if you're in the look for a new photo centric phone. Aside from that, HOME CREDIT is offering this at 0% interest, so really, there's no excuse for not having it.

I'd like to take this bit of thanking the men and women from HONOR Philippines who made this experience possible. I had so much fun! Again, congratulations HONOR Philippines! You've outdone yourselves!


Globe's Irresistable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Offers

Monday, August 14, 2023

Good deals are coming for those looking for their first Samsung device, or for those contemplating on switching to Android because the best deals on postpaid devices are now with Globe.

I distinctly remember have a really fun time carrying around a flip phone in the 90's and it was not just praised for it's design, but the ability of it to fold up and be handy anytime of the day was it's primary reason to be both useful and trendy. The new Galaxy Z Fold is this generation's most advanced Flip and Fold device that can even work hard like an actual PC. These days, we all need something that can do multi-tasking to not just provide entertainment, but also do work, be productive while being handy.

Globe is offering the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 in a 1TB storage option, no more thinking if you need to delete that first photo you've been contemplating on. It's slim design and simple twist (to take selfies) make you a whole lot less cluttered as it fits on your pocket, your small pouch or bags. Aside from that, they also have the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus! If you prefer a wider screen, lots of places to work on and use an S-Pen, then get the tablet instead. With the Globe Postpaid plan, you can get these multi function tablet that works like a phone and PC all in one. If you're an accessory freak, fret not because there's also the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 640mm LTE. It's sleek, very fashionable and is available in different colors. The face is also customizable, so you can put in your personal touch. It's quite useful to show your fitness measurements, guide you with different workouts whether you run, bike, sleep, it gets you useful data especially if you're very involved in monitoring your health. Globe gives you these with an ecosystem that is easy to go from one device to the other without the need of transferring data because it's all seamless and integrated.

Globe also is offering these in flexible plans like the 512GB Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 for Php 3,395 a month (for 2 years) at the GPlan Php 1799 + Php 1596 device cash out. You can opt for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 on the 512GB version at Php 5,082 a month for 2 years via the GPlan Php 2,499 + Php 2,583 a month. There are tons of perks that also are part of the other plans like unlimited 5G connection for 6 months, a year of Disney subscription or Prime Video, mobile accessories, Globe Reward points, and a lot of other plan inclusions if you get it from Globe postpaid. There's also a 0% installment promo from 24/36 months, really no excuse no?

Well that's not all, there's a Globe Double the Storage offer if you order til August 17. There's also Samsung Care on these devices, discounts and trade in offers too. If you're an existing Samsung owner, the trade in option certainly looks a better option since you can get up to Php 10,000 off on the new device (depends on trade-in value assessed by their people).

Time to get this Samsung plans from Globe no?



Sunday, August 13, 2023

I'm sure you're a little sad that National Fries Day has ended, but don't worry because your favorite people from POTATO CORNER has got you covered. This coming August 15 to 17, they're doing a NATIONAL FRIES PAYDAY promo which means YOU can get free fries on top of what you already purchased at every POTATO CORNER branch.

If you get a MEGA, GIGA or TERA sized fries from Potato Corner, you automatically get Free LARGE fries (except Truffle, Tteokbokki or Golden Sweet Corn). Remember, this only will happen from August 15-17, and no longer than that. So if you're craving for those hot crispy fries with the irresistible flavors you love, this is the best day to have it! (Not available for delivery apps, but I heard Grab has their own promo).

If you want to know more about it, follow Potato Corner on Facebook and IG, as this Payday Treat won't last that long I'm sure!


TCL Announces Unbelievable "C the Winning Moments" Promo

Saturday, August 12, 2023


After taking part in FIBA festivities, TCL isn't stopping with just the global partner for the tournament happening in 3 nations. FIBA Basketball Cup 2023 is a big thing, so TCL is making their presence even more felt by putting out a big promo.

If you have seen the newest TCL C648 55 inch QLED TV, they are now offering it for only Php 24,995. A TV of this size usually cost a LOT, but instead of burdening you with a six digit figure, they've managed to price it this low so everyone gets the chance to own one.

 This TCL C648 55” QLED TV is quite nice because it is immersive and has really good video quality. It also has vivid colors, which you can also modify so you too could set your own preferred outputs. It's also got Dolby Vision, so the standard is just high so imagine what you will feel while watching at your home.

It's got HDR in it, so if you're video is a little blurry, you'll get more details than usual because it takes care of that. Even if the FIBA basketball games was fast paced, you can get those scenes seen because of the Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation it employs when you watch a show on the C648. The promo though will only last until September 17th, so if you haven't had the chance to experience it, go to the FIBA venues because they also have experience booths there. There are other appliances too but go try the TV first!

Visit to know more about it!