Congressman SAM VERZOSA Promises More Inspiring Stories on Season 3 of "Dear SV" at CNN Philippines

Friday, August 18, 2023


I've been looking forward to see Congressman Sam Verzosa who represents the indigents, of those residing in urban locations, the youth and the elderly through the party list "Tutok To Win". He's starting the third season of his public affairs show "Dear SV" shown on CNN Philippines during his birth month, and is quite excited about the plans they have for future episodes.

The show plans to put the young Congressman in immersions, to live with the actual people they plan to help. To give you an idea, they meet people from all walks of life. The goal is, to feature their inspiring stories on why they continue to make a living despite life's challenges. Cong SV says "If the old, the kids work hard doing these things, I'm sure the most able bodied ones would be inspired to do the same and help others."

Here's part of our little chat that afternoon

He treats all these as blessings and shares "My family keeps me grounded, they keep me focused on my goals, my advocacies and purpose. I have a lot on my plate, I am just lucky to have been able to do a lot of these because I believe God put me here. He gave me opportunities to be able to share these to the world, and help others,to also change lives. I am happy to see that people are also doing the same after seeing the show. From our company alone, I've seen them on the road, going out there and helping too. I want to do this for the rest of my life. I'm just maximizing what I can do for my community and also make changes in laws, I have a duty to make a movement because I know my purpose."

When asked about his stint at "Tutok To Win" a few years ago, he says "Kuya Wil actually trained me, he asked me to sit with him during one show, that's where I learned and practiced at home. Everyday is an experience, you can feel what they feel when you are there. I get to see their happiness, their sadness, hosting my own show had me ask people about their struggles and get to know them."
About his motivation, he adds "I am happy about what I'm doing, aside from doing business, I help people, I get to change lives, I've been given a platform to be able to be heard even with a wider audience. I'll try doing this to change not just communities, but bigger ones and the country. As for now, I'll do this because I found my purpose, in life you always ask that question, there are tons of people that have more work ethic and because I have the capacity to help, I'll do it."

If you want to learn more about the causes he supports and foundations he's helping, make sure to watch "Dear SV" startiing Saturday night of September, at 7:30PM. This will also be replayed on CNN Philippines the next day so make sure you catch it!

I'd like to take this bit to thank Congressman Sam Verzosa (who also Co-chairs Poverty Alleviation) for being so nice earlier. He gamely answered questions even after the presser, to say the least, it was refreshing to talk to someone albeit super successful but still remained so grounded. Again, thank you!


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