TCL Announces Unbelievable "C the Winning Moments" Promo

Saturday, August 12, 2023


After taking part in FIBA festivities, TCL isn't stopping with just the global partner for the tournament happening in 3 nations. FIBA Basketball Cup 2023 is a big thing, so TCL is making their presence even more felt by putting out a big promo.

If you have seen the newest TCL C648 55 inch QLED TV, they are now offering it for only Php 24,995. A TV of this size usually cost a LOT, but instead of burdening you with a six digit figure, they've managed to price it this low so everyone gets the chance to own one.

 This TCL C648 55” QLED TV is quite nice because it is immersive and has really good video quality. It also has vivid colors, which you can also modify so you too could set your own preferred outputs. It's also got Dolby Vision, so the standard is just high so imagine what you will feel while watching at your home.

It's got HDR in it, so if you're video is a little blurry, you'll get more details than usual because it takes care of that. Even if the FIBA basketball games was fast paced, you can get those scenes seen because of the Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation it employs when you watch a show on the C648. The promo though will only last until September 17th, so if you haven't had the chance to experience it, go to the FIBA venues because they also have experience booths there. There are other appliances too but go try the TV first!

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