MIGUEL TANFELIX Shares His San Diego Comic Convention Experience

Friday, August 04, 2023

I've had the chance to interview Miguel Tanfelix a couple of times in this site since I've covered a few of his birthdays, endorsements and shows in the past. To say the least, I've seen him grow up in person and on screen and in real life. He's had many achievements, awards and yes, he deserved all of that and more. This interview was something that I did look forward to because aside from his stint in Voltes V: Legacy (which btw I religiously watched when I was a kid) and now, something big happened recently that must be known.

You see, for geeks like me, it's a dream to be in the biggest comic convention in the world called "San Diego Comic Con". It's the largest one, even stamped by Guinness World Records. It's also where much of your DC and Marvel movies are announced before they come out of theaters. It's a big deal to just attend it, but if you're part of the show, that's a whole different level!

The Voltes V Legacy 's Steve Armstrong was asked to fix his US Visa a couple months back, but then he got word that it wouldn't be pushing through. So he kinda relaxed and worked a lot in the series and planned to go to the GMA GALA. Then a little over two weeks before the actual flight, they told him they were flying to San Diego. Imagine how he panicked because he didn't really work on his Visa. He was approved a few days before the actual flight. He also traveled with a couple of GMA Executives and his loveteam Ysabelle Ortega who plays Jamie Robinson in the same show. Miguel being in this comic con means he had to represent not just GMA or the show, but the Philippines in the biggest comic convention in the world! Here's our really long chat with him a few days ago, please enjoy!


Then he gave us the story of why he wasn't at the GMA Gala, and why he wasn't online that time... he was sleeping!

Miguel also told us about the little trip they had in Sta Monica and the proposal they saw while the sun was setting. It was romantic!

 In the event, there was a panel discussion that happened and they thought it wasn't going to be well attended. The place was actually filled up to the brim and still had people outside in the line. They went to the people that were not able to go inside and thanked them for their support.

I am so happy about Miguel and the whole Voltes V: Legacy cast's achievement (and you should be too), plus the fact that he represented the country well in the biggest comic convention and pop culture event in the world. The event will be shown soon online (I think), so stay tuned for updates about that. If you're a fan of Miguel and Ysabel, I hope you continue to support them especially now that this happened. It's a win not just for them as actors, but for what they've done for the Philippines. 

I hope this isn't the last time they'll be going to SDCC, and I think they're working out something so they'll be able to bring the whole Voltes V Legacy cast to the US soon.  That would be an awesome opportunity no?

Congratulations Miguel!

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