Belman Laboratories Launch "Laking V-22" Line

Friday, August 25, 2023

If you're a "sabong" enthusiast or have been in it for the longest time, I bare good news for you and your buddy rooster. Belman Laboratories is celebrating their 50th year and with it is the launch of their newest product line called "Laking V-22" to enhance the performance of their fighters, all 11 of which is available now in specialty stores nationwide!

Included in these are the Laking V-22 VitaTablets (vitamins and minerals), SakitBuster (for chronic pulmonary disease), Purgaling (for worms), Kasado (B Complex), Bone Builder (for muscles and calcium),  Siglakas (vitamin B12), Pulmotect (for respiratory issues), Hydrolite (electrolyte and vitamins), VitaPowder Jr. (for balanced growth), Bone Builder Jr. (Strong Bones), and Pulmotect Jr. (to stop respiratory disease).

Nicolas Crisostomo the President of LGBA says "This is a form sport and entertainment for a lot of people and it has helped a lot of industries including farms, veterinarians, those who create supplements, farm equipments and even sports. It's a thriving industry in the country and Laking V-22 can help you from day 1 til the day of the actual fight."

Belman Laboratories is driven to make sure you get what you need when the day comes especially for those who want the "Subok Sa Lakas Todo!" effect it gives on animals and their health.

VP Renee King Rodriguez of Belman Laboratories says "I'd like to introduce our team, our CEO Ma'am Belle, Cris Alonso our Chief of Commercial Strategy, and our legacy employees who have stayed with us through the years and helped make what Belmant Laboratories is today. These new products we are launching was planned about 4 years ago. We focused on operational efficiency and did industry studies in the animal care segment. Our master brand has seen a big opportunity in the sabong industry. It is growing, and is part of our culture. There are new generation of people in it and we talked to them in person. They have different stories and it was awesome to know how their interest in this sport started. Today we have a range of products which we over deliver in quality. We needed to communicate this to stakeholders so more people would be able to try it. We re-designed our packaging, and make it also be attractive to the new generation of people who use our products, all of which have been tested by three generations of sabungeros. This is our service to them."

Cris Alonso the Chief of Commercial Strategy for Belman Laboratories says "Today is a culmination of hard work, and our commitment is to deliver products that resonates with our consumers. Our team has poured passion, to elevate the lives of breeders, and see what we have done in health, and we are immensely grateful to our partners and customers as we grow our community. Thank for your presence, let's embrace the future of our industry."

Nicolas Crisostomo adds "This is a 50 Billion peso industry and currently we are plateauing. It was higher during pre-pandemic times and are slowly recovering. The trend is slow, but what is good is that we are seeing a future in this industry and how they are creating new livestock medicines because they see something good in it. Everyone may have been in hard times, especially the backyard breeders, but the passion is there and with it is room to grow. Feeds, medicine, labor is affected especially the small ones, there is less demand for it but these activities can go places and investments may increase in the long run. Automation is also being done for production, better for business in some ways and hopefully makes it efficient."

Carlo Dimayuga the National Sales Manager for Belman Laboratories compared things to racing pigeons and said "You need Dedication, to make sure you take care of your fowls. Attention to detail, so in their race day you are assured to be with full wings. You also need Constant Improvement, to breed the best out of the bunch without a common bird in 4 generations. I've been doing this since 1985 when I joined the company, and we will level up starting now. Thank you!"

Mr. Matthew"Boknoy" Torno WPC LATE BORN 22 Champion says "I've been using V-22 products for years now, I give them vita tablets, before a grand fight. I combine then 3 days before and the actual day which is part of the reason why I have champions."

If you are raring to start a business or doing it for passion, you can now use Belmam Laboratories "Laking V-22" line from day 1 to the fight day, so they too become "Subok Na Lakas Todo!"


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