Midrange Phone with Flagship Features: HONOR 90 5G

Friday, August 18, 2023

My HONOR 90 5G shot, image compressed by FB, but still stunning no?

HONOR Philippines just set the bar high as far in phone launches. This statement remains true until the next one happens.

Took the trip to Bataan to shoot a couple of photos and videos to showcase the new HONOR 90 5G. It's a mid range phone built with flagship features. You kinda immediately wonder if they're still earning from putting in a 200MP Matrix Camera in this thin body, but it all did fit and even got several features included, all for the price of Php 24,999. So the question in your head probably is thinking, is it all worth it?

A flyby surprised us during the launch. Took a shot of it from the front of our villa.

It's got a 12GB + 512 GB capacity, 5000mAh battery, a new system in eye protection, a Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Accelerated Edition processor, NFC capable, GPU Turbo X for your games, a 50 MP Selfie camera, and a 200 MP Main one that can rival the best phones out there for photos. So we ventured on a day of taking shots in broad daylight, during play (Basketball and ATV's), on a Speedboat, during Sunset and lastly on the fireworks which they lit up beach side. This was quite a challenge, and much of the folks there weren't professional photographers, yet there were a lot of the shots that ended up quite amazing!

Here's part of what happened during the launch last August 15!


Yes, all those features for the medium range price. I even saw some of your favorite stars (hi EA Guzman, Shaira Diaz, Pauline Amelinckx, Brent Valdez, Kate Valdez, Klea Pineda + Katrice Kierulf, Bruce Roeland, Matthew Uy, and several of HONOR's influencers carrying the same phone and doing good work with it.

What's good is that they're making this available in the market for Php 24,999 and throwing in a JBL Flip 6 Speaker worth Php 7,499 (where available) if you pre-order til the 25th of this month. So make sure you do get one if you're in the look for a new photo centric phone. Aside from that, HOME CREDIT is offering this at 0% interest, so really, there's no excuse for not having it.

I'd like to take this bit of thanking the men and women from HONOR Philippines who made this experience possible. I had so much fun! Again, congratulations HONOR Philippines! You've outdone yourselves!


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