Fisher Mall Malabon Officialy Opens!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fisher Mall Malabon just gave us a glimpse of what’s about to happen in Dagat Dagatan Malabon. This is the owner’s turf, Ray Del Rosario who comes from a long line of people who worked with Irma Fishing, hence the name of the mall. They also supply the supermarket with fresh seafood everyday and I have always frequented their mall because of it. This is their second branch, the first one of which is currently at Quezon Avenue (former Pantranco station). They initially wanted to put up a hotel but the complex now has UNIQLO, tons of restaurants and a VIP Movie theatre in it. The Fisher Mall Malabon branch even more huge. 6 floors of retail spaces and food area. The country’s top and international brands, fast food giants, even a multitude of movie theaters that will all soon open.

The blessing of the mall took place at the mall’s event area (4th Floor) which sits opposite The Galley (which they call their food court). We checked out the space and retail outlets they had with a short tour of the property. They also have ample amount of parking space at the mall’s basement.

To show you around, we made a short video tour. Enjoy!

Fisher Mall has got everything you need and more. If you want to have a great time with family and friends up north, go take the trip to C4-Dagat Dagatan Avenue area in Malabon City. They’ve got fish and more!


GMA Offers DRAGON LADY on Afternoon Prime

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It looks like GMA is banking on a new fantasy series in the afternoon. They treat all their timeslots equal and if this is morning or night, it will all be like primetime, every time.

Tom Rodriguez says “I hope I could live up to her expectations. Janine makes it easy to jump into the scene, I am lucky to have experienced that with other actresses but the work we have done before felt like I was a little spoiled and if that was indicative of what is about to happen then I am afraid how we will have fun in this show. I am not nervous because the people we work with are very collaborative. We always try to get to the same page, we spent an entire afternoon as a group plus a familiarity workshop with each other. Even when I was starting I didn’t really stick to one partner and I get to experience working with other actors and actresses so there is a bit of a lucky thing to so that. I sometimes get too scared to share things but I did that when we talked so now we’re more of a team and that’s a good thing.”

Janine Gutierrez says “I can’t really show what the Dragon Lady looks like but it takes me three hours to do makeup and prosthetics. In the beginning she really was born with it, but not to spoil anything, it wouldn’t be told in the story yet. I have seen the heavy prosthetics and it was a little effort to do it, it made me nervous. When I saw the final product, it was something different. In real life, I am a little strict, some people may tell me I am like a dragon lady in real life. What is good about Celestina is that she is fighting for something, to standup for her family, to standup for herself. As an artist, if it’s a good story, we are game for that. This will break things that may imply I am just a sweet girl, it’s on a whole other level, it will literally be something that I haven’t done in any role. This literally will have me breathing fire, figuratively too.”

Watch out for the story of Michael Chan and Celestina as they introduce you to the Dragon Lady as their love story unfolds on GMA Afternoon Primetime.


TODA One I Love with Ruru Madrid and Kylie Padilla

I have been watching their early teasers early January and these upcoming shows about elections caught my eye. The show TODA One I Love stars Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid who also made their mark during Encantadia where their pairing KyRu started. It begs for a show especially for the fans who seem to have affinity with the teamup, it was bound to happen and it did in this very socially relevant show.

Ruru says “Nagka work ulit kami ni Kylie and I am so happy to see even KYRU fans didn’t give up on us. I do drive bikes and driving tricycles are different, it is heavier and it helped because we have experience. The way we vote in Iglesia is different, we only usually know two days before the elections who we have to vote and the system is different.”

Kylie adds “This is my comeback show and I want someone who has been in a working relationship with me, we already have a following so it is so much easy. I think real change depends on us, whoever leaders are it won’t be good if we do not have that in us. Things that we want to say, I have already said it in my lines on the show. I have experience in driving motorcycles and I had to adjust, I am a little boyish and I had to just over act a bit.”

David Licauco says “It is on people, I believe what Kylie said. My character is not evil, they are both respected leading men, so it is up to her character.”

Gladys Reyes says “We are on a blocked vote in Iglesia and it is a sacred right for us to vote. People spend time to actually learn about the ones we would write on our ballots. This character is very political, all smiles when there are people, but clash when in private so I can play with the character. It is fun to see because it is more situational, dead people, graduation, birthdays, the mayor’s tarpaulins is going to be there. It’s inspired from a mix of different people.”

Kimpoy says “It is a reminder for Filipinos to still instill principles whenever we choose leaders.”

Director Jeffrey Hidalgo says “There will be scenes to be seen especially on issues that happen in real life. It is going to be delivered funny but it is serious. You will get to connect personalities but it is more talked about on scenes, you will fall in love, you will see action, you will see Kimpoy also do drama. This is very grounded, tricycles haven’t been seen on tv to be a lead in the community. The politics, the talk between afternoon moms, it will all be seen. There would be no real politicians in the show because if there is a need to we have characters to do that. Also, politicians won’t be able to campaign and appear as a rule indicated by comelec. It may be TODA but it reflects society as a whole. There is corruption, funds go somewhere, politicians using them, things like that affect us all.”

TODA One I Love will start airing on February 4 on GMA Telebabad and will replace a Korean series.


Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano for Alone/Together

Today is such a good day for #LizQuen fans as Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil star in their more matured BlackSheep (indie arm of Star Cinema) produced movie called Alone/Together. This is directed by Antoinette Jadaone which has several hits in her belt. First impressions on the trailer had everyone talking, it was cerebral, definitely more matured take on the pairing.

I’m sure I am not alone thinking about the movies plot, because until now the teasers only give us vague storylines depicting a relationship that didn’t work out, or did it?

Antoinette Jadaone says “Yes it was intentional to actually keep that a mystery because it is just a teaser. We will be coming out with a trailer that will contain more sense in the premise of the story. The first five sequences were done 5 years ago and I adjusted it to something to be told now. Not really millennial but the overall treatment. I think the hardest part is bringing life to the story, it is something close to my heart because it is about UP, it’s a about my youth and how I could get my feelings out how I wrote it. This is like a love letter to my young self. I am so grateful how committed Christine and Raf even before we started shooting. I only wanted to tell the story, but during workshops, they would ask me for more how eager they were to learn about their character. As a movie fan, I have seen their romcoms but when I worked with them, they are very young actors, but very smart when they ask questions doing scenes. For young people who need to play matured characters, it’s a gift and they could do it. They know the characters and I trust them. It’s not just based on what the director wants them to do. Every movie requires a different process, the way I work is different and since it is my first time to work with them, I included them on my research, she needed to be with UP students. Enrique had to work real doctors and it wasn’t simple.”

Liza says “I would observe how UP students would talk, we ate at Area 2, went around IKOT, even had scenes with real UP students. You know I don’t even think of how it would go viral but in that particular scene it was really sincere. You will find out what it means when you get to watch the movie. The biggest challenge was maturity, I am not that point yet to have experience that level of pain and I had to think of how it were to happen to me. Magaling sya magtagalog sobra. Handa na akong masaktan this February. I really thought she was giving us freedom, but she was just trusting us. I worked with other directors but I felt it was more of a collaboration, fun and exciting to work with Direk. She was so sweet. It was even so cold in New York but she even made us feel warm. I interviewed art study students, I had to relate it with how hey do it in real life and they will be disappointed if it doesn’t become believable on screen, I always had that in mind when they talked to me. This had a risk in it, it is completely different from what we have been doing in the past. We did romcoms and lighter ones, I am proud to have said yes even if we knew how difficult this would be. Medyo may takot since it is a comeback film, I am also afraid how this would be accepted by the fans and people if they will still watch this film. They will remember their struggles in college days, I hope they realize they are more than their mistakes and there is always a way to turn it around, into something even better.”

Enrique says “I am a doctor here, I do work with doctors in the barrios, it made me change my mind about them, going through school, it helped a lot seeing students and shooting in campus. Being a doctor was a challenge, I am not really good with seeing blood, the switching of Raf from different timelines. I think there is some hope, I think it is why she is my great love. Direk is so cool because she lets you feel the scene, she gives inputs and understand things as we go. It was a different experience working with her but I really like it. We had three scripts and when we read this we really wanted to know the story. The slides we were shown had what people go through everyday. I think the crucial timeline and moments in between, it is in this movie. A lot of young adults do not know what to do with their lives about what they want to do and what their parents do. It’s a little taste of that past memory.

This shows February 13, the perfect Valentines Day movie, single or not lol!


Kathryn Bernardo Sweetens MAXI MANGO

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

You’ve seen the long lines, see people have it, enjoy the sweetest mangoes in the world. Yes, these mangoes are from the Philippines, but we are celebrating something monumental with popular brand MAXI MANGO as they introduce their celebrity endorser, Ms. Kathryn Bernardo. 

Kathryn is that fun loving girl, confident and loving, not just to DJ, but all her friends and family. She also loves food and looks forward to snacks and desserts, MAXI MANGO takes the hardships of actually prepping Mango Float because this comes without hassle, convenient to also take away from the store. Sales sky rocketed these past few months, thanks to their attention to detail and quality control on something simple as their soft serve ice cream. 




Kathryn's current favorite the MAXI MANGO CHEESE

Owner Ms. Miki Velasquez says "We want to thank everyone and I know you guys are busy, we appreciate you took time to come here to welcome our growing family. Thank you for the opportunity to be with Kathryn, it is an honor for us to be trusted with her name too."

MAXI MANGO currently has Mango Float, Maxi Mango, Mango Juice Float and Mango Shake available at their stores. During the press conference, they let us try their planned new items on the menu. I love the MAXI MANGO Fruit Salad flavor because of the variety of fruits in it. The MAXI MANGO Ube would be good for those who love that Ube flavor we all love from Baguio. The MAXI MANGO CHEESE on the other hand was sweet and salty, Kathryn loves that a lot. They also have a MAXI MANGO Strawberry and I have yet to love that  flavor. There be more innovations in the coming years so if you think these flavors are wild, you better be ready to try more soon! Mind you they started in popup stores before they grew like this so imagine the potential if you plan to franchise.

MAXI MANGO is owned by VQZ Maxi Mango and is available in Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Manila, Robinsons Metroeast, SM Bacoor, SM Fairview, SM North, UP Town Center, Trinoma, Gateway Mall, Market! Market!, SM Megamall, SM Lipa, SM Bicutan, Greenbelt, SM Southmall, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Sucat, SM Iloilo, SM Bacolod, SM Seaside Cebu, Gaisano Mall Davao, Gaisano Tagum, SM CDO, Abreeza Mall Davao, SM GenSan and SM City Ecoland.

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Ice Seguerra and Nyoy Volante at Palacio De Maynila

It has been a while since I’ve watched an acoustic concert but it has always been a staple for Filipinos especially as it patterns on our love for “harana” in ways to woo those who we love and perhaps get that special YES we always looked forward to. Ice Seguerra has had a number of hits and has always had that voice unique to her, you would want to get her songs played over and over again. Nyoy Volante on the other hand may have been super good on musicals lately but even before that, he’s always taken us on acoustic trips in gigs here and around the country, so seeing them together in one occasion may be the perfect pre valentines gift to get your romance going. It is called Acoustic Love Journey which is to be held at Palacio De Maynila in Roxas Boulevard, a good jump off point to anything romantic in the charming historic city of Manila.

Ice Seguerra says “My style has always been fit for Valentines shows and it gives me joy when you see people enjoy the music. I don’t like what ifs, I want to always try things and in politics and show business you learn to be immune, but I always miss my wife and I have to take care of my relationship, my family. I like it in Palacio De Maynila because it is very intimate, there are no bad seats, although Lisa couldn’t go to some of my shows, she will be here."

She reveals “I really am planning to have a child and on January we started doing injections because we need the quality of the eggs to be really good, we had to go through the process and after harvesting and freezing, I had to choose profiles of Dads and when we Lisa and I have to talk about it all. It’s really nature taking its course, it is from me, we just got help. I didn’t have to pay myself, or have surrogates, we have a chance and I hope we get lucky. In his profile he says he looks like Liam Hemsworth, 6ft (we need to compensate), blue eyes, and his profile was almost the same traits as Lisa, I hope he is.”

Make sure you get tickets via SM TICKETS or via Palacio 5247606 / 5273239. Their concert starts promptly at 8pm, so let your special someone enjoy the evening of acoustic love with Ice and Nyoy. You will definitely enjoy this!


Martin and Lani Does TIMELESS CLASSICS

February 14 seems to be a good day in the Philippines as it always seems to be filled with love. Valentines day is no excuse but Martin Nievera and Lani Misalucha is dishing out TIMING CLASSICS at the PICC produced by Starmedia Entertainment and co presented by Global Police Community Relations, PLDT and Belo. This will be under the musical direction of Louie Ocampo.

The Concert King and Asia’s Nightingale has always been a staple during this season because of their long standing love songs, opm hits and just about any song they can get their hands to because they can sing a dictionary and get away with it, they’re that good.

Lani says “Martin and I always do something different even if I don’t rehearse because he doesn’t just perform, he makes sure it comes out well, he has always been hands on. He is OC, a control freak, but he wants that. He and I want people to have a good time. He is an appetizer for that Valentines night, he sets the mood. The songs will be beautiful, it won’t be the songs we did in the past, better bigger song numbers.”

Martin adds “We are going to do songs that are timeless, give you our renditions, all timeless classics and I always put things around Lani and it will be a good night. We won’t be putting in too much songs you would get tired. There will be motown, feel good type of songs. She will also sing a new Lani song called Timeless. It’s a great song.”

If you’re up for a good time, go get tickets now at Ticketworld via 8919999 or


Second Act Mirrors Workforce Issues

Who says life is fair? It really isn’t.

Now how far would you go to really fix your life!? Would you be okay living simply or would you rather go ahead of the pack and live a life of lies?

These are the questions that will be asked in the movie Second Act which stars Jennifer Lopez and Vanessa Hudgens. Yes, this movie felt it was much like the second coming of Maid in Manhattan but it was more of women empowerment, less the drama and stress because everyone was so accepting. The film also discusses the reality of teen pregnancy, adoption, being homeless and how opportunities only usually go to booksmarts and not street smarts. Jennifer Lopez is always endearing, you will always root for her and the reason I mentioned it is not stressful is because it falls into place and it makes her life susceptible to misfortunes, but she gets to still fix it with second chances. Vanessa Hudgens on the other hand was brought up well, aggressive but not to the point of hating, not to the point of being a b!tch, she really isn’t.

If you do love Maid in Manhattan on some level, this will surely be something you would love too. This is also distributed by Viva Entertainment in the Philippines. Go watch it on January 30!

Joshua Garcia Cries Over Hotdogs

Monday, January 28, 2019

When Joshua Garcia arrived at his house, he saw his friends from a distance, laughing, enjoying their time together, holding in their hands one thing. It’s the Classic Cheesy Jolly Hotdog. It’s made of beef, enveloped in a soft bun then smothered with their special dressing, grated cheese and ketchup. Yes he feels betrayed because they started eating first, but for sure his friends made an effort to make it up to him by serving him the same Classic Jolly Hotdog, who wouldn’t be happy about that!

Ria Castillo the brand manager of Jolly Hotdog says “In behalf of Jollibee, welcome. For such a todo performance, only Jolly Hotdog can compare. What more can you ask for? It’s doesn’t only taste good, it’s delivered through a one of a kind campaign. We are happy to see Joshua Garcia be part of our Jolly Hotdog campaign, todo toppings, todo sarap!”

Joshua says “I’m really happy that Jollibee trusted me with this, I remember I always had a dream or having a Jollibee birthday party. Back then, it was considered not a complete childhood if you didn’t do it here. How I wish I had my own party in this place and have my friends over. It’s todo sarap, todo toppings! I wonder where my Jolly Hotdog is? (Then they served it to us).”

You will be seeing this new video with him and the rest of the gang through Jollibee’s official social media channels, Jollibee Studios on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. The Classic Jollibee Hotdog only costs 50 pesos in all Jollibee stores, if you want one, you don’t have to cry.


Robin Padilla Does BATO: The General Ronald Dela Rosa Story

Robin Padilla is doing the movie Bato The General Ronald Dela Rosa Story. This is also Directed by Adolfo Alix Jr. and produced by ALV Films, Benchingko Films (Bench) and distributed by Regal Films.

Robin Padilla says “I have portrayed other police personnel but not as much of a hero like General. I am a tougher, bigger police, action films now have different executions. In the past we only had 3 months to make a film, but now pre prod takes that same amount of time. We now have Hollywood level things in the Philippines and it’s a different message in this story, people who worked hard, followed the law to get where they are. He is also a family man. There are a lot of things I had to learn, as General is a sharpshooter. Holding it the right way, trained, different from criminals and you would see that on screen. It is very difficult not to give in to scenes, as General is a loving husband. This role came to me in a long way, it went to Senator Manny Pacquiao, I got invited to a basketball event and I asked him to do the General Bato story, we went to Viva, Star Cinema, months passed and it didn’t bear fruit. I was kidnapped by ALV and brought to Shangrila, I was surprised because they fixed things but I had to finish BOL duties first, then we got to talk personally about it, with General there, we got to rap up, finish things, shoot and now we are here.”

Beauty Gonzales says “I just got notes from my director and I find their love story very cute, lahi ug under kag masunurin. Though I haven’t met the real wife, I could tell how they’re very grounded as a couple.”

General Bato Dela Rosa says “I couldn’t believe Robin was going to play me in the film, it was unexpected, but they helped, this is a dream for him to portray me. It was from bad boy to this god fearing man and leader, he to me is a good example for the youth and he is my idol. One thing I could tell was a hurdle was going about firing people in my own turf, the PNP. People will know what I’ve been through as a person, I wish to revive or to regenerate hope, love, faith in all the hearts of people so they too would have hope in life. Robin is one of the greatest actors in the Philippines, he read the story line and talked to me and I didn’t know he was already researching. When I saw the trailer I found my self in him. If he’s in the police force he would be good in intelligence because he knows how to research, I didn’t give any extra. I have done a lot of hard things, spent times to sometimes kill in hostage situations and I have to do it. You wouldn’t be able to shake it off your mind sometimes where I think PTSD is needed sometimes. Those are lives too and if you think too much of it you’ll go crazy, you just have to ask God for help just to help more i innocent people. Davao is different from Manila, in Davao you feel the support of the local government, in Manila it’s a bit of a mix, even the media, there is some sense of ownership in law and order so it is a better situation there. I have served almost 36 years there, I hope it doesn’t show. When I graduated in PMA, graduated on top of class, I was like Tarzan, I could lift heavy things, I could swim for hours, it’s why they called me Bato. I was also born in Bato Sta Cruz and it just carried on. Just in case I win I would like to be part of committees that have to do with law and order. I want to have tougher laws on drug traffickers, death penalty, hope I could do that in order to save people. General Lacson was my boss back then, I will consult with him too. I am a General and I admit there are a lot of women who approach me but my wife always catches it, it is difficult to fight a tougher wife trust me so I always refer them to my wife if they send text messages.”

This is rated PG according to MTRCB. This movie will show January 30, 2019.


The Predator Thronos + Asia Pacific Predator League 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Asia Pacific Predator League 2019 for Player Unknown Battle Grounds just concluded at the Glorietta 2 in Makati City. Up on top is Team ArkAngel who will be representing the country in Thailand for the Pan Asia Pacific PUBG Finals. They actually did an overwhelming run scoring 104 Kills in 12 rounds so I am optimistic they will be able to do well against other countries. If they win that, it spells 400,000 dollars so it’s really no joke. Third Runner Up went to Team No Future, Second Runner Up went to NCGC Vortex, First Runner up is Vortex Farm. Aside from them winning, Predator also introduced their newest gaming chair, the Predator Thronos. 

The Predator Thronos is 1.5 meters tall, motorized, with black on black or blue on white accents. This thing also vibrates while you’re on the game as it syncs with the sounds the game produces. It also has a massage feature and it also reclines 140 degrees. This costs a whopping Php 699,999. It will be displayed at their first Predator concept store in SM North Edsa. 

Ms. Sue Ong Lim of Predator says “Predator has a whole line of products to meet your gaming needs and we are still coming out with the best as you can see. Today we have launched the Predator Thronos and it can be experienced first hand in SM North Edsa.” 
Congratulations Predator! That chair is drool worthy, pretty much a scifi turned reality. It’s sickening!