TODA One I Love with Ruru Madrid and Kylie Padilla

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

I have been watching their early teasers early January and these upcoming shows about elections caught my eye. The show TODA One I Love stars Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid who also made their mark during Encantadia where their pairing KyRu started. It begs for a show especially for the fans who seem to have affinity with the teamup, it was bound to happen and it did in this very socially relevant show.

Ruru says “Nagka work ulit kami ni Kylie and I am so happy to see even KYRU fans didn’t give up on us. I do drive bikes and driving tricycles are different, it is heavier and it helped because we have experience. The way we vote in Iglesia is different, we only usually know two days before the elections who we have to vote and the system is different.”

Kylie adds “This is my comeback show and I want someone who has been in a working relationship with me, we already have a following so it is so much easy. I think real change depends on us, whoever leaders are it won’t be good if we do not have that in us. Things that we want to say, I have already said it in my lines on the show. I have experience in driving motorcycles and I had to adjust, I am a little boyish and I had to just over act a bit.”

David Licauco says “It is on people, I believe what Kylie said. My character is not evil, they are both respected leading men, so it is up to her character.”

Gladys Reyes says “We are on a blocked vote in Iglesia and it is a sacred right for us to vote. People spend time to actually learn about the ones we would write on our ballots. This character is very political, all smiles when there are people, but clash when in private so I can play with the character. It is fun to see because it is more situational, dead people, graduation, birthdays, the mayor’s tarpaulins is going to be there. It’s inspired from a mix of different people.”

Kimpoy says “It is a reminder for Filipinos to still instill principles whenever we choose leaders.”

Director Jeffrey Hidalgo says “There will be scenes to be seen especially on issues that happen in real life. It is going to be delivered funny but it is serious. You will get to connect personalities but it is more talked about on scenes, you will fall in love, you will see action, you will see Kimpoy also do drama. This is very grounded, tricycles haven’t been seen on tv to be a lead in the community. The politics, the talk between afternoon moms, it will all be seen. There would be no real politicians in the show because if there is a need to we have characters to do that. Also, politicians won’t be able to campaign and appear as a rule indicated by comelec. It may be TODA but it reflects society as a whole. There is corruption, funds go somewhere, politicians using them, things like that affect us all.”

TODA One I Love will start airing on February 4 on GMA Telebabad and will replace a Korean series.


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