ONE UP's Prince Clemente Goes Sexy for Boardwalk

Friday, January 04, 2019

ONE UP, GMA's home grown boy group has always been so nice to me and I adore them as individuals. They have been scouring provinces through shows, singing and dancing gigs which has occupied most of their schedules last 2018.

For those who don't know, the guys actually don't perform as a complete group sometimes as they are quite a lot. They love singing so in a way they can hold their own horse if they need to perform individually. No, they won't be breaking up soon but Prince Clemente got a big break as he does the underwear line for Boardwalk, so this would be something more matured than usual. As he mentions this wouldn't be a success that he wouldn't be sharing with his group because they will all be part of the Boardwalk family once again this year as they go around the country with their special campaigns and tours. They are all excited about it so listen in to our interview with the boy group.

Suffice to say, he has it!

So make sure you watch out for more things with Ralph King, Brent Valdez, Yasser Marta, Kevin Sagra, Jay Arcilla, Dave Bornea, Nikki Co, Prince Clemente and Joemarie Nielsen because they'll be bringing their A game whenever there's a need to do so for ONE UP this 2019! Follow GMA Artist Center's social media channels to keep updated with the group's activities.

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