Chef Laudicos x Kitchen Mafia at Guevarras

Friday, January 18, 2019

I've been following their careers as restaurateurs, chefs, in and out of TV. Husband and wife Chef Roland and Chef Jac are no strangers in Philippine kitchens, and they've been doing a good job doing what they do best, showcase our cuisine in their restaurants and to the rest of the world. I have also been able to see them on Asian Food Channel a couple of times, plus form friendships with chefs from other ASEAN countries. Remember AFC's Amazing Food Challenge: Fun in the Philippines? That's where the Laudicos met Malaysian Celebrity Chef Sherson Lian. Well he was in the country last December together with his Kitchen Mafia business partner Chef Johnny Fua. They figured they're already here so what better way to give back their time learning Filipino cuisine from the Laudicos by working with them again this 2018, to introduce a whole line of dishes in hopes of getting them be a part of the menu featured in Chef Laudico's very own restaurant GUEVARRAS.

Filipino Breads with Adobo Pate, Dried Mango Chutney, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Sinamak

Chef Sherson finds a lot of similarities between ours and Malaysian cuisine. The produce may be a little different but the functions are the same. The goal is, to get what they usually cook in their home turf but use Filipino ingredients. He finds this a most exciting opportunity. Chef Johnny on the other hand thinks this is a good way to learn, to learn ideas from other chefs and be in someone else's kitchen so they can cook with Filipino ingredients and still find balance in its flavors.

Tanigue and Kerabu

This is Tanigue and Kerabu made of flour breaded Spanish Mackerel with Green Mango Kerabu in Coconut vinegar and crushed roasted cashews. Golden fried stuff with crunchy and tangy green mangoes and carrots, it's a play on textures and temperatures. They usually use calamansi in Malaysia buy used Vinegar this time as souring agent. Delish!

Kuah Lodeh

This is their Kuah Lodeh, a light coconut and turmeric based soup with Suahe as protein and slivers of Kamias fruit, crispy bean curd skin, Alamang Sambal and Pako. This had a light refreshing taste even with the intense spices used in the dish. They also air dried bagoong Alamang for the Sambal which you can use to mix in the soup if you want a more spicy kick. 

Beef Rendang

The main course was phenomenal. This is their Beef Rendang made of slow roasted Angus beef in Rendang sauce with an enveloped black rice with Gata and Pechay. This made me full in minutes. They used intense pungent flavors on the almost fall off the bone beef chunk. You can try to resist the black rice, but you will also fail. Give in and nourish yourself with this Malaysian staple.

Cendol Leche Flan Cake

Chef Jac whipped up her version of the popular Malaysian Cendol. Pandan sponge layers, rice flour jelly, Cendol mixed in coconut Pana cotta and layers of Leche Flan and Pandan cake. It was the perfect way to end the meal. 

This is now officially part of GUEVARRAS menu until February 3 so for those who would want to check out these masterpieces from the chefs, go run to Chef Laudico Guevarra's at 387 P. Guevarra corner Argonne Streets, Addition Hills San Juan City. Their buffet rates only cost PHP 599 per person on weekdays, PHP 699 on weekends and holidays. The experience seeing two chefs from different countries appreciate our produce and cooking it in their style made me want to experience more of these fusions, I can't wait to be there again soon!

Take the trip, I'll be there to celebrate my Sister's birthday a few days from now. Food is good, prepared from scratch, no msg too.

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