Ice Seguerra and Nyoy Volante at Palacio De Maynila

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

It has been a while since I’ve watched an acoustic concert but it has always been a staple for Filipinos especially as it patterns on our love for “harana” in ways to woo those who we love and perhaps get that special YES we always looked forward to. Ice Seguerra has had a number of hits and has always had that voice unique to her, you would want to get her songs played over and over again. Nyoy Volante on the other hand may have been super good on musicals lately but even before that, he’s always taken us on acoustic trips in gigs here and around the country, so seeing them together in one occasion may be the perfect pre valentines gift to get your romance going. It is called Acoustic Love Journey which is to be held at Palacio De Maynila in Roxas Boulevard, a good jump off point to anything romantic in the charming historic city of Manila.

Ice Seguerra says “My style has always been fit for Valentines shows and it gives me joy when you see people enjoy the music. I don’t like what ifs, I want to always try things and in politics and show business you learn to be immune, but I always miss my wife and I have to take care of my relationship, my family. I like it in Palacio De Maynila because it is very intimate, there are no bad seats, although Lisa couldn’t go to some of my shows, she will be here."

She reveals “I really am planning to have a child and on January we started doing injections because we need the quality of the eggs to be really good, we had to go through the process and after harvesting and freezing, I had to choose profiles of Dads and when we Lisa and I have to talk about it all. It’s really nature taking its course, it is from me, we just got help. I didn’t have to pay myself, or have surrogates, we have a chance and I hope we get lucky. In his profile he says he looks like Liam Hemsworth, 6ft (we need to compensate), blue eyes, and his profile was almost the same traits as Lisa, I hope he is.”

Make sure you get tickets via SM TICKETS or via Palacio 5247606 / 5273239. Their concert starts promptly at 8pm, so let your special someone enjoy the evening of acoustic love with Ice and Nyoy. You will definitely enjoy this!


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